BladeGC Is 2021’s New Wireless Gamecube Controller


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You may not be aware but this year is Gamecube’s 20th birthday and the good guys at Retro Fighters have decided to release a brand new BladeGC controller in order to pay their respects.

This new controller is called the BladeGC and has took many of the classic controllers design features into play when developing it.

Some may even say it’s the Wavebird on steroids!

Retro Fighters are well known for releasing newer variations of classic controllers, for example recently they released the Retro Fighters Duelist which is a pimped Gamecube controller for your Switch, their new Playstation controllers and they’ve also worked on Dreamcast controllers too.

Credit: Retro Fighters

The BladeGC is an ergonomically designed controller made to look like a modern version of the classic and it’s compatible with the classic Nintendo Gamecube, Switch and PC.

On the back it features pressure sensitive analog triggers, comfortable and accurate directional pads plus, responsive analog sticks that again, are taken from the classic Gamecube controller.

It has 2.4GHz wireless technology and allows you to play your best Gamecube games for up to 10 hours on a single charge!

BladeGC gamecube controller black
Credit: Retro Fighters

Not only can you play this on your classic and new games consoles, you can also stick this into the classic Gameboy player, allowing you to play your best Gameboy games with a modern Gamecube controller!

It comes with a Gamecube wireless adapter that sticks into your controller port and connects to your BladeGC from up up to 30 meters away.

The box comes with a USB-C charging cable, allowing you to charge the internal rechargeable battery on the go.

BladeGC Specifications

  • Ergonomically designed GameCube wireless controller
  • Compatible with GameCube, Game Boy Player, Switch & PC
  • Pressure sensitive analog triggers
  • Comfortable and accurate D-pad
  • Responsive analog sticks
  • Dual “Z” shoulder buttons
  • 2.4 Wireless GHz technology
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 30 foot wireless range
  • 10+ hours of battery life per charge
  • USB-C charging port

Overall the BladeGC controller by Retro Fighters looks like a great addition to their product line and allows those with interest in Gamecube controllers the ability to play it not just on the classic console, but on their PC and Nintendo Switch too!

Retro Fighters mention: “from its ergonomic shape, feel and placement of buttons to its colors and high-tech internal components, every part of the BladeGC has been thoughtfully engineered to bring you the best gaming experience”.

The BladeGC will cost you $39.99 and will launch in April 2022. The first batch of pre-orders are live now and close on the 4th October 2021. There has been no information when they next batch will open.

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