Biker Mice From Mars Set To Return In New Animated Series Co-Produced By Ryan Reynolds

Biker Mice from Mars

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Maximum Effort, the production company owned by Ryan Reynolds, is developing a brand new Biker Mice from Mars animated series.

Yes, the same studio that brought us Deadpool is now working on the return of our beloved extraterrestrial rodents that debuted 30 years ago!

Biker Mice from Mars – Television Series

Biker Mice from Mars

The original Biker Mice from Mars television cartoon series ran from September 1993 to February 1996.

There were three seasons and sixty-five total episodes in that original run that introduced the world to Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie.

The IP, which was created by Rick Unger, became a Disney property in 2001 when they acquired Fox Kids.

A subsequent twenty-eight episode series was introduced in the UK on Toonattik in 2006. But the revival ultimately failed due to complications with the international production studio.

There was also a short comic book series created alongside the original TV series too.

But it should go without saying that my own introduction to the Biker Mice from Mars came through a retro video game.

Biker Mice from Mars – Video Game

Biker Mice from Mars

My favorite complementary BMFM content would be the awesome video game created for the Super Nintendo in 1994.

This isometric racing game was created by Konami. And it featured a comical amount of in-game sponsor placement from Snickers in the PAL version.

The game also reminds me a lot of another animal/alien themed franchise, Battletoads, one of the best NES games.

And needless to say, Biker Mice From Mars made its own appearance on our list of the best SNES racing games of all time.

New Animated Series

News of a new Biker Mice From Mars animated series was broken by Deadline and excited a lot of retro animation and game fans.

No matter how you were introduced to the franchise, you surely grew to love those dang mice. So any new content after a (mostly) quiet 15+ years would be quite interesting.

Maximum Effort, Nacelle and Fubo will be producing a new series, with actor Ryan Reynolds saying that he is looking forward to “putting a new spin on this cult classic”.

A pilot is being developed with director Brian Volk-Wiess (The Toys That Made Us), who is also serving as executive producer.

It is still way too early to know what exactly to expect from the new series. We do not know anything about the story, animation style, or if it is a continuation or re-imagining.

But we are very excited to see where this new animated series goes and will absolutely be keeping our eyes and ears open to any news.

Obviously, we are really hoping for greatness. And surely if they get this right, it can earn future iterations of the series and possibly new game adaptations.

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