Beyond Good & Evil Remaster Could Be With Us Imminently

beyond good and evil gamecube

Beyond Good & Evil is one of the many games we remember fondly from our teenage gaming years. I was 13 when it first dropped in 2003 and enjoyed playing it alongside other platforming games of the same style and release date like Sphinx & The Cursed Mummy and Star Fox Adventures, games with action, adventure, and puzzle-solving all fuelled into one.

As a protagonist, Jade was amazing too. Saving captured orphans from enemies with her combat staff and using her photography skills to earn money throughout the game made for great gameplay. And thankfully, female protagonists are taking the forefront in gaming now more than ever which is great to see, which means that the time is right for this game to be remastered for new audiences.

In fact, thanks to a leak that we covered back in November, we’ve already known for some time that Ubisoft was planning to make a 20th-anniversary edition of this game. Sadly, 2023 has been and gone, but we’re fine with a 21st-anniversary edition all the same. Ubisoft has since stated that the game would be dropping in early 2024 which hasn’t yet happened, but it’s a recent development on digital stores that has us feeling pretty excited about an imminent release.

Thanks to VGC, we now know that Ubisoft is taking Beyond Good & Evil off digital stores. The 2011 console remaster on the Xbox store has vanished, and the Steam store now bears a message saying “At the request of the publisher, Beyond Good and Evil is unlisted on the Steam store and will not appear in search.”

There’s a whisper that we’re all going to hear more information about the impending remaster from Ubisoft Today (that’s Thursday 20th June if you’re reading this in the future). I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled on the Limited Run Games Showcase on Youtube tonight at 7pm BST / 11am PT / 2pm ET for more information, as well as an incredibly long wait for the game to drop through my door if previous LRG titles are anything to go by!

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