30 Best Nintendo Wii U Games Of All Time

Dust off that Game Pad touchscreen; it’s time to check out the best Wii U games of all time!

The Wii U might have been short lived, but it had some absolutely classic games. More importantly, it acted as a precursor to the Nintendo Switch and proved an important stepping stone in Nintendo gaming history…

… it’s just a shame that the Wii U wasn’t advertised better and given a better name.

Nintendo tend to do this from time to time; look how poorly the Gameboy Micro was marketed. Sadly, the Wii U just came out at the wrong place at the wrong time, and that’s a cold hard fact.

Still, the idea of the console and having the ability to play while someone else watched the TV was genius. And, the games that came out during the consoles lifetime are still super fun to play today.

It’s not as if the graphics are hard to look at – this is still 100% a playable console!

So, which are the best Wii U games that you should be seeking out? Which are the stand out titles, and which ones helped to shape Nintendo history?

Scroll down to find out!

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (2017)

It’s official – The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is the best Wii U game of all time.

Not only that, but Breath of the Wild is also the best of the best Zelda games ever too. I know it, you know it, and so does everyone.

An open world Zelda adventure; sure, we’d all dreamt of it, but was it ever going to happen?

I’ve spent years wishing I could climb mountains and go beyond the map, and when it finally happened, I lost my freakin’ mind.

Rain, seasons, quick changes in geography and a map that takes 45 mins to run from one side to the other. Yeah, this is the greatest game of al time, period.

Credit: NIntendo

BOTW took the Zelda rule book and burnt it right in front of our eyes. Twilight Princess might have been the last classic Zelda game, but BOTW reinvented the wheel.

Hunting for food instead of collecting hearts, finding weapons that break after use, new enemies to fight… I could go on and on.

I’m still playing BOTW four years later and finding things that I never uncovered. That’s how massive this game is. Warping horses, riding bears, and secret quests galore… you just can’t beat it!

I know we all think of BOTW as being one of the best Nintendo Switch games, but this epic Zelda tale remains the greatest Wii U game ever made, and it more than deserves the top spot in our Nintendolicious compendium!

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (2016)

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD was always going to score highly in this list, and it more than deserves the accolade of the 2nd best Wii U game of al time.

Let’s be honest; Twilight Princess was the last classic Zelda game in the canon. Skyward Sword was great, but as the prequel to the whole series, it didn’t have the same feel.

It lacked the quintessential ‘Hyruleness’ that makes a Zelda game… well, a Zelda game!

In many ways, Twilight Princess is like an updated version of Ocarina. So much so, in fact, that many of the same style bosses appear in both… which can only be a good thing in my opinion!

Credit: Nintendo

Like the HD Wind Waker game, Twilight Princess HD received the ultimate HD treatment. From Midna to Hyrule Castle, everything looks spectacular up on the Wii U. Heck, this was the reason why most people even bought a Wii U.

And, I know I compared it to Ocarina, but it actually outsold my favourite N64 game by a mammoth 900K copies. It was the most successful Zelda game ever made until BOTW dropped in 2017.

No surprises for guessing what’s at the Number 1 spot then, eh?

Midna is an incredible guide, and the Wolf feature adds a whole new way of playing unseen in any other Zelda game. It’s a truly unique story and one of my all time favourite titles.

That’s high praise, and it’s more than deserved!

3. Super Mario 3D World (2013)

Super Mario 3D World takes the bronze medal in this list of the best Wii U games ever made.

I know we’ve all got copies of the new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, but it pays to go back to basics and see where the original started it’s life on the Wii U.

As the Wii U isn’t an old console, the game still holds up really well. It brings new and exciting features to the Mushroom Kingdom such as Cat Mario powerups and the ability to scratch enemies into oblivion.

Sometimes Mario games can feel a little stale when they use the same items, but not 3D world. There’s so much going on in this side-scrolling adventure that you won’t have time to compare it to any other Mazza game, especially when teaming up with friends.

Credit: Nintendo

That’s right; up four people can play either in the same room or online. Teamwork never looked so good.

But which characters take the stage in this game? Well, players can choose from Mario, Toad, Luigi, and Peach.

Yes, Peach. She isn’t the damsel in distress for once and actually joins the gang for all of the coin-collecting, warp pipe shooting action! Finally, Nintendo have given her a chance to shine!

4. The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (2013)

It’s time for The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker to take to the stage!

I, and many others, were initially sceptical about Link becoming a cel-shaded toon back in the GameCube days. Still, after 30 seconds of gameplay, we were hooked, and the Wii U supercharged all the cartoon action to 11.

The most important thing about the Wind Waker is that it’s a true Zelda game at its core, and it was a humongous success. The original version sold out everywhere, and now second-hand copies of the Wii U version sell for the same as the original retail price!

Because the game is basically a big cartoon, upgrading and making the colours brighter and higher definition must have been a doddle for Nintendo. It turned a great game into a legendary one, and all of the enemy-dying effects and moves looked super slick in glorious HD.

For those of you that haven’t ever played a Zelda title, go take a long look in the mirror. The green guy is Link, Zelda is the Princess, and there’s also a talking boat that ferries you around.

Ganondorf returns once more to cause havoc along with a whole host of evil enemies. There’s treasure galore to find on the ocean floor, and all of the many islands will leave you longing for that cruise that you keep meaning to book.

Seriously, if this game isn’t in your collection, then you MUST right that wrong immediately before continuing…

… this isn’t a suggestion, it’s the law!

5. Mario Kart 8 (2014)

Another game on this list that doesn’t need an introduction is Mario Kart 8. This game blew me away and was one of the main reasons I bought the console in the first place!

Let’s talk about Mario Kart as a whole for a second.

This iconic series is so easy to get to grips with that even my Granny used to have a bash at it. Still, flying cars might have proved to be a little bit too intense for her if she were around today; she found driving confusing enough as it is on four wheels!

The 1080p graphics on this game still look absolutely fantastic. Everything has a sparkly gleam that makes it look superbly new and almost space age.

Plus, the course are so much more detailed thanks to flashing lights, branding, and other cool features to gawp at while trying to hold onto first place!

Credit: Nintendo

For those of you who remember being bored playing Mario Kart Wii over and over again, then having sixteen new tracks to race around must have been like experiencing Christmas Day all over again.

Having the option to customise karts and bikes and unlocking new parts brought a new dynamic to the series too. It allowed users to really get into the nitty gritty of their machines and make some changes to give them that winning edge.

And of course, the battle modes are just as fun as ever. If anything, they’re got more brutal, with courses trying to attack you as well as the players!

Chose from favourites such as Mario, Yoshi, DK, and Bowser. New faces such as Iggy Koopa and Baby Rosalina join the party too, as do lots of new and exciting powerups for you to try!

6. Super Mario Maker (2015)

Super Mario Maker takes the 4th spot in our list of the best Wii U games ever made. It’s one of the most creative titles Nintendo have ever created (apart from Super Mario Maker 2, of course) and allows gamers to try their hand at creating their very own Mario game!

I mean… do you need to know any more?

If you loved Little Big Planet but wished it had more Mario and less Sackboy, then this is the game for you. It was an instant success on the Wii U and allowed users to play each others courses.

Yeah, we’re talking a global network of Mario courses to play through. Endless levels!

Credit: Nintendo

The game first came out in September 2015. It only took eight months for gamers to amass seven-million different courses for us all to play through.

And that was 2015-2016. Imagine how many there are now!!

There are so many styles to choose from, with stages, characters, and scenery backdrops from Mario’s illustrious gaming career available for players to use.

And the sky really is the limit in this game. Set your own enemies and bosses, make Goomba towers, have an enormous Shy Guy to take down, and make levels as easy or difficult as you please!

7. Pikmin 3 (2013)

Best Wii U Games - Pikmin 3 game case cover art

The 7th spot in our list of the best Wii U games goes to the one and only Pikmin 3, one of the only games that I love and hate in equal measure.

Why am I putting a game that I have some ‘hate’ for at Number 6?

Well, it’s an unbelievable title, there’s no denying that. The story is so engaging that I end up dreaming about it when I go to sleep, and I become so invested in these little Pikmin’s lives that when one of them dies it feels like a real loss.

Maybe I should get out more…

Credit: Nintendo

For those of you that played the first Pikmin game, you’ll be glad to know that the annoying time limit has been removed. Players don’t have to worry about wasting time exploring now and can truly enjoy the planet PN4-404.

Newbies might be wondering what on earth a Pikmin is. Well, earth has a lot to do with it, as Pikmin are plant creatures that are pulled out of the ground. Their colour dictates what abilities they have, with red being resistant to fire and blue being waterproof.

Two new Pikmin, rock and winged, join the party too, giving players lots of choice when tackling the game’s many intricate problems.

Pikmin is all about scavenging and using your resources wisely. If you’ve ever been stranded on a island, then this game will probably be easy as pie.

Still, I guess most of us have had a pretty easy life where squeezing fruit to survive isn’t an every day occurrence, so it should prove to be a tough but rewarding challenge for most!

8. Need For Speed Most Wanted U (2012)

Credit: Nintendo/EA

I’m going to assume that every one of you out there will have played Need for Speed: Most Wanted at some point in your lives, and Need For Speed Most Wanted U is an updated version for the Wii U.

I mean, the ‘U’ on the end of the name kind of gives it away once again, right?

Credit: Nintendo/EA

I’ve scored this game so highly because it’s an incredible racing game, not because of the extra features that come with the Wii U port of the game.

The graphics are superb, the driving gameplay is second to none, and it’s still one of the most exciting racers we’ve ever had the privilege of playing.

The Wii U Game Pad allows a co-op player to join the race by making specific changes and boosting. It’s weird and doesn’t really add much to the game, but using the Game Pad to carry on playing while your partner or friend watches TV does mean that you don’t have to stop the action any time soon.

Weapons are super customisable too, giving players the scope to pull off some epic moves using Bayonetta’s hands and feet as well as torture attacks…

… ok, maybe I’ll take that weird vibe comment back after all.

9. Mario Party 10 (2015)

Mario Party 10 takes the idea of travelling through the game in a vehicle first brought to the table back in Mario Party 9 and improves on the formula.

Weirdly, when you’re all together, it doesn’t feel like you’re actually competing with your opponents until the mini games arrive.

The best bit about this game, however, is the Bowser mode, where one player plays as Bowser using the Wii U Game Pad!

Credit: Nintendo

Just look at him go, chasing down the other players to steal their hearts (and not in a loving way).

I’m always Spike whenever I play this game; the little guy is just a legend!

As a gamer who spent a lot of time playing the early Mario Party games where the boards looked and played like board games, it’s nice to be working through courses that feel like actual Mushroom Kingdom levels.

If you have a Wii U, then you owe it to yourself to get this game. It’s perfect to pull out at parties or to kick back with the family on a Sunday to find out who the best player is!

10. New Super Mario Bros. U (2012)

I’m getting a little stalled of the ‘U’ after every game now. We get it, it’s not the Wii, but it doesn’t stop New Super Mario Bros. U continuing the theme.

In all honesty, it is a shame that this console was so poorly thought out and didn’t sell as many units, as this game is a cracking title.

I know most of you will have played the Deluxe version on the Switch by now, but I still have this game for the Wii U and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

Credit: Nintendo

Up to 4 players can join in with the action here, with Mario, Luigi, and the Toads going up against classic Mario enemies from the series.

It’s a Mario side-scroller, which means you already know the classic gameplay you’re going to get from it.

Does that mean it’s a little predictable at times? I suppose it does, yes, but for nostalgic gamers that like that comforting Mario feel, you really can’t go wrong here.

The graphics are crisp, the levels have lots going on in them, and the supporting characters help to drive the story faster than Sonic on a rush to the supermarket near closing time!

11. Rayman Legends (2013)

Rayman Legends is up next, a game that has appeared on pretty much every console since the PS3 dropped into our lives. It looks fantastic on the Wii U, and it’s a Rayman game, so we all known it’s an absolute cracker.

Legends follows directly on from Origins and brings all of the same epic side-scrolling action to our TV screens. Rayman and Globox, along with the Teensies, have been asleep for one-hundred years…

… that seems a tad excessive, even for a vide game character!

Credit: Nintendo

Unsurprisingly, some bad stuff has happened while everyone has been napping, and now it’s time to clean the world up again.

Here’s a tip, Rayman – maybe just sleep at night like most people next time, alright?

Four players can team up and tackle each of the games exciting levels, and man is there a lot to soak up. Each stage has a depth to it that leaves players leaning in to soak up their environment like a sponge, and the gameplay is so fast paced that hours can fly by without you even realising.

Use all of Rayman’s usual abilities such as gliding and running up walls, and use items in your surroundings to bash back enemies along the way.

12. Yoshi’s Wooly World (2015)

Yoshi’s Wooly World is as close to Yoshi’s Story as you’re ever going to get, and boy is it a beautiful game.

Beautiful isn’t a word that’s thrown around too much in the gaming world, but that’s the best word to describe Yoshi’s Wii U adventure.

Everything has been so carefully thought out, from the patterned woollen Yoshi’s to the secret pathways and hidden areas players must uncover.

It might look a little kiddy, but it’s a pure work of art!

Credit: Nintendo

Players discover the wonderful wooly world of Craft Island. Everything is going swimmingly until the evil Kamek turns our woolen Yoshi’s back into balls of wool. Two Yoshi’s survive, and it’s your job to rescue your unravelled friends and bring peace to the land.

Players can either go it alone or team up with a friend through the game’s 48 levels. Tackle bosses, solve problems, and explore stunning 2.5 worlds with some of the best scenery in a Yoshi game to date.

Players can also equip power badges to give them helpful abilities such as not dying when falling down a hole or skipping levels. Yoshi’s Wooly World is a game for all ages and player abilities, making it a must-have family friendly title!

13. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014)

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze takes the 13th spot in this list of the best Wii U games ever made!

So, we all love Donkey Kong Country, one of the best SNES games of all time. Well, DK and Diddy are back in brand new side-scrolling action along with the rest of the gang, and man does it make for one hard to put down title.

Kong Island might have hit a cold spell, but the graphics and gameplay are so hot you’ll have to cool your hands off in a bucket of ice before holding a loved one.

(I’m very proud of that last sentence…).

Credit: Nintendo

It’s the fifth game in the epic DK Country series, and this time DK has to deal with an invasion of Snowmads on his relaxing little island.

Dixie and Cranky Kong are playable characters this time too, each bringing their own spin to the game and their own unique abilities. Collect the iconic golden KONG letters and solve puzzles as you progress through each of the stunning levels.

Can you tell I love this game?

Some of you might have played DKC:TF on the Switch, but it will always be one of the original best Wii U games in my book!

14. Super Smash Bros For Wii U (2014)

Super Smash Bros for Wii U doesn’t need an introduction. We all know how ace this game is, and while it might not be as advanced as Super Smash Bros on the Switch, this game had all of the fast-paced, brawler action that we’ve come to expect from the series.

And man, was I rubbish at it!

I know it doesn’t look good for a games writer to say that they were rubbish at a game, but it’s true. I used to be the boss on Super Smash Bros on the N64… maybe I’d just lost my touch, or perhaps my mates just practiced more than me while I was off playing Zelda.

Yeah… let’s go with that one.

Credit: Nintendo

You know the drill by now. Pick from classic Nintendo fighters and some new faces such as Pac-Man, Mega Man, the Animal Crossing villager, and many more.

Play 2-8 players in the many different modes, creating a super brawl that the WWE would be proud of.

Mii fighters can also join the action, but when Captain Falcon and Bowser are available, is there really any point?

Play in Melee All-Star modes, or try the Wii U exclusive Smash Tour mode if you’re looking for something a little different.

It might be available on the 3DS and the Wii U, but the Wii U version will always be my favourite… even if I do die first and have to watch my mates having fun… (sigh).

15. Pokkèn Tournament (2015)

Pokkèn Tournament answers the question of what it would be like if Pokemon characters went up against each other in a Tekken-style battle fest.

I love Pokemon; I mean, who on this website right now doesn’t? Still, there’s something about seeing an arcade fighter featuring our favourite pocket monsters battling each other that hits differently than the normal RPGs.

A Pokemon fighting game with no trainers making choices and Pokemon just getting on with the beatdowns; sign me up!

Credit: Nintendo

Time moves, connect combos, and pull off epic specials to reduce your opponent’s health bar to zero.

The stadiums look amazing, the characters are perfectly defined, and the gameplay is more addictive than my mum’s lasagne.

Honestly, if you love Pokemon and fighting games, then you don’t really need me to say anything else to you right now apart from go and grab a copy!

16. Kirby And The Rainbow Curse (2015)

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse, known as Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush over here in the UK (which seems like a nicer name to be twinned with a rainbow), takes the 16th spot in our best Wii U games list.

Of course, the main reason for the name is because it’s the sequel to Kirby: Canvas Curse, a cracking Nintendo DS that came out 10 years before it.

In many ways, the game feels like a cross between Yoshi’s Wooly World and Ōkami. Player have to bring colour back to a drab world devoid of any hues or tones, all while drawing a path on the Wii U with their stylus.

Credit: Nintendo

One of the main elements in this game that people people either love or loathe is the fact that Kirby cannot be controlled directly. It’s up to players to be literally ‘on the ball’ to keep him on the right path.

Technically the right path is the one that you create with your stylus, and it means that the gameplay boasts fast paced action without much chance of a break.

I’m a fan of this game and love the treasure collecting elements and the fact that Kirby can become different objects throughout the adventure. It would have scored higher if not for the divisive control system, but we still have a lot of love for this Kirby outing!

17. Xenoblade Chronicles X (2015)

Credit: Nintendo

Xenoblade Chronicles X provides RPG lovers with a world they will never, ever want to leave. Yet again, I’m going to say that it’s such a shame the Wii U sank faster than a teapot made of stone thrown into an ocean.

If you played and loved Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, then you’re already prepared to play this spiritual sequel. The main elements of both games are very similar, meaning that getting into the groove of the battles and exploration will be a piece of cake.

And for those Pacific Rim fans out there, the world can also be explored by giant Mechs too. And you’ll need them if you want to reach the most remote parts of the map too; nobody has the time to run all that way!

Credit: Nintendo

Just look at the details in that still above too! The Wii U wasn’t ever going to be as powerful as the PS4 or PS5, but it definitely allowed for some slick visuals and epic monster battles.

That Duogill above wouldn’t look out of place in Elden Ring, for crying out loud!

If you love spending hours exploring every nook and cranny of every open-world RPG, then you’ll love Xenoblade Chronicles X from the moment you stick the disc in. It’s definitely amazing value for money, which is a good job as it’s more than kept its value over the years!

18. Shovel Knight (2014)

Shovel Knight takes the 18th spot in this list of the best Wii U games of all time!

Now, I know the title of this game doesn’t sound like the most inspiring adventure of all time, but it just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover!

Back in the day when knights roamed the land and heroes reigned supreme, a dude with a shovel and a guy with a shield were the greatest warriors of them all. They were the best team ever, but all that changed when Shield Knight tragically fell in battle…

…spare a moment to remember the fallen, readers.

Credit: Nintendo

Now, the time has come for Shovel Knight to protect the land once again. It’s a simple side scroller with so many exciting features that you’ll soon forget isn’t made by one of the big publishing companies!

Honestly, Mr Driller and Sandshrew don’t have anything on Shovel Knight. Imagine an up-to-date version of Castle of Illusion with Mickey dressed up as a knight with a shovel, and you’ll kind of get an idea as to what this game is like.

And, as you’ve probably guessed, digging everywhere is the key to success. There’s gold hidden in every nook and cranny, and you’ll need it to buy upgrades and to turn Shovel Knight into a Shovelling god!

I know the premise might sound a little weird, but give it a go. You’ll love it!

19. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2013)

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker puts Toad in the limelight for the very first time. He’s no longer hiding under Peach’s skirt folds or stumbling around in Mario’s shadow.

This time he’s the star of the show, and he’s in search of treasure!

Mario fans will undoubtedly know that Captain Toad made his debut back in one of the best Wii games of all time, Super Mario Galaxy. He’s a fearless little adventurer that has cropped up in multiple titles since, and his debut title certainly deserves your attention.

Remember the story tree from Yoshi’s Story? Well, each stage in this game takes the form of a page in a story book too.

It’s a very puzzle-orientated game with strong explorative elements. Characters must pick up collectibles, clear stages of enemies, and reach the golden star at the end of each level in one piece!

Credit: Nintendo

Getting from A to B isn’t a walk in the park, however.

The little mushroom head can’t jump, but like his plumber pal in Super Mario Advance, he can use Turnips to defeat critters.

There’s also a whole host of other nifty weapons and items hidden away in his backpack; he’s packing some serious heat!

Once again, the Wii U Game Pad has a whole set of snazzy functions that help to make the game even more exciting. Tilt the controller to get a better view of your surroundings and scout out treasure, and use it to rotate parts of levels to find hidden secrets!

Like every other Mario game in the history of the universe, mushrooms provide powerups from time to time.

Hang on… if Toad eats a mushroom, does that make him a cannibal?

20. Nintendo Land (2012)

Nintendo Land takes the 20th spot in this list of the best Wii U games of all time!

Ok, so it’s not as action packed as Batman or as immersive as Twilight Princess HD, but this game is seriously addictive.

In the same way that Wii Sports was an instant hit with pretty much everyone, Nintendo Land proved to be one of the most popular titles for the console.

In true Nintendo style (how many times am I gonna write that today?), Nintendo Land brings some epic mini games to the table, all of which show off the finer details of the snazzy Wii U Game Pad.

See, I mentioned it once above and now it’s cropping up all the time!

Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo Land is a little bit like a Mii version of Mario Party. The premise is simple; play 12 different games set inside a snazzy theme park.

6 are solo games, bringing exciting challenges such as Captain Falcon’s Twister Race and Yoshi’s Fruit Cart to the table.

Players can team up for The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, or go against each other in Luigi’s Ghost Mansions, amongst other epic little adventures!

The best bit is that your little Mii actually dresses up as characters from your favourite games in each instance. Seeing your character with Samus’ arm canon or in a little Pikmin outfit will really make your day too!

If you’re looking for a game that utilises all the Wii U’s features while keeping the original Wii peripherals alive, then grab Nintendo World and get it in your console ASAP.

What are you waiting for?

21. Batman: Arkham City – Armoured Edition (2011)

Everyone’s favourite rock hard rich man returns to the Wii U in Batman: Arkham City – Armoured Edition.

How is this edition different from the standard Arkham Asylum?

Well, it’s beefed up with all of the six available DLC packages available on the other consoles. Basically, it’s fully tanked and ready to roll with the maximum amount of content available, all without the faff.

Plus, the Wii U version has the added bonus of coming with the the aptly titles B.A.T mode, which happens to stand for Battle Armoured Tech.

Put simply, it supercharges Batman and Catwoman’s suits and gives them kinetic power ups.

Oh yeah, this just got real!

Credit: Nintendo/WB GAMES

You know, I haven’t talked about the role that the Wii U Game Pad plays in any of the games above yet.

I guess now’s as good a time as any to bring up the peripheral that spawned the Nintendo Switch, as the Game Pad screen can be used to display all sorts of things from current routes and objectives to sonar radar functions.

Oh, and the Game Pad screen follows the trajectory of the batarang as it hurtles towards enemies.

How cool is that!

22. Bayonetta 2 (2014)

Best Wii U Games - Bayonetta game case cover art
Credit: Nintendo

Bayonetta 2, unsurprisingly, is the sequel to the first Bayonetta game. If you’ve never come across the most powerful Umbran Witch in all of gaming history, then you really should be questioning your commitment to Nintendo…

The main game storyline occurs pretty much straight away after the events of the first title. If you’re into 3rd-person shooters where the main character fights multiple enemies at the same time with moves as fast as lightening, then this is the title for you.

We’re talking melee battles that will leave you with your jaw open and your eyes bulging out of your head!

Credit: Nintendo

Like Neo in the Matrix with his bullet time, Bayonetta has something called Witch Time. It’s exactly the same premise and does exactly the same thing, slowing down time so she can kick her opponents into next week.

As you can imagine, there’s a serious gothicy-castlevania style vibe going on here. There’s lots of witchcraft and dark magic, but don’t be worrying about any weird vibes being attached to the disc like an Alister Crowley book or anything!

23. Hyrule Warriors (2014)

Best Wii U Games -  Hyrule Warriors game case cover art
Credit: Nintendo

Hyrule Warriors takes the 23rd spot in this list of the best Wii U games of all time, and it’s one of my go-to games for blowing off steam whenever I’m feeling enraged.

Imagine a Zelda game where hordes of enemies fly at you again and again… and again.

We’re talking relentless waves of enemies, with Link and other epic characters from the series hacking and slashing to their hearts content.

That’s Hyrule Warriors alright!

Credit: Nintendo

I think the still above sums this game up perfectly. Work through key areas from the world of Hyrule and other legendary places from the LOZ canon.

Teaming up with Impa, Sheik, and lots of other famous faces, players must clear certain areas of enemies, recapture territories, complete objectives, and take down massive bosses in order to progress through the game.

The premise is so simple it hurts, but it’s one of those rare games that is super exciting even though it doesn’t take much brain power.

In other words, the perfect game!

24. Splatoon (2015)

Splatoon isn’t just one of the best Wii U games, it’s also one of the best multiplayer titles Nintendo have ever made!

This third-person shooter is one of the most random ideas ever, but boy does it make for epic gameplay. Players control Inklings, little fighters that can turn into squids…

… told you it was random!

Credit: Nintendo

Using paint guns, players splat each other, the surroundings, and pretty much any available surface while trying to rack up points.

And the best bit is that while in squid form, players can move around through their own colour paint to get to areas faster, or away from enemies when in a tight corner!

In true Nintendo fashion, Splatoon brings death match action from start to finish without any sort of peril or terror of any kind. That doesn’t make it any less fun though. I could play this game all-day-every-day with my mates without ever getting bored…

… and I often do!

25. Lego City Undercover (2013)

Best Wii U Games - Lego City Undercover game case cover art
Credit: Nintendo

Lego City: Undercover takes the 25th spot on this list of the best Wii U games of all time!

This is one of the best Lego games that exists in its own world and one doesn’t follow a specific movie franchise. We all love the Lego Star Wars and Lego Marvel games, but original adventures are where it’s at.

So what’s the score here?

Well, players take Chase McCain around on an adventure to try and stop the elusive gangster Rex Fury. The Lego World looks phenomenal. and with lots of undercover cop chases and secrets to discover, there’s so much for players to sink their teeth into!

Credit: Nintendo

I know you’re probably thinking ‘it’s just Lego!’. Well, over 1-million people bought a copy of this game, which makes it one of the Wii-U’s best selling games of all time.

And you know what, it’s a bloomin’ funny game as well! Lego games have a sense of humour that you just don’t find in any other title, making them a go-to title if you’re ever feeling blue!

In short, if you can imagine GTA with little lego people in a totally P.C world with no death, then you’ve got Lego City: Undercover.

That doesn’t mean that it’s a game for children though.

The missions, the undercover disguises, and the comedy make this title one of the best Wii U games ever to grace this short-lived console!

26. Bayonetta (2014)

Credit: Nintendo

Bayonetta has been asleep for 500 years, which is what I call an incredibly unsuccessful power nap. Especially considering that she has lost her memories!

Well, now the world’s most famous Umbran witch is heading into battle, destroying anyone and everything that stands in her way.

The world of Vigrid awaits, as does the moment you realise that you can use her hair as a weapon.

That kind of beats the slappers only mode in GoldenEye 007, right?

Credit: Nintendo

We first saw Bayonetta turning her hair into destructive weapons back in 2009. The Wii U version remains the same with better graphics and the chance to dress as classic Nintendo characters with special moves.

Still, even without the trademark Ninty weapons like the Master Sword, having guns in each hand and on her heels makes for epic bullet-strewn battles. She’s also taken a leaf out of Neo’s book and brought some slick slow-mo moves to the table.

Is there nothing this woman can’t do!

27. Darksiders 2 (2012)

Credit: Nintendo

Darksiders 2 takes the 27th spot in this Nintendolicious compendium, bringing death to all who play.

Quite literally, as gamers play as Death, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, working to clear his brother War’s name.

The Wii U version is the same as the other ports of the game but comes with all of the previous DLC content available to download already applied to the game.

Credit: Nintendo

In terms of gameplay, it’s pretty much the same as the first game with tonnes of areas to explore either on foot or horseback.

Players who love titles like Ghost of Tsushima and Hogwarts Legacy will be all over the fast travel feature too, something that Metroid Prime Remastered really could have done with!

Dive into epic gameplay, complete puzzles that would leave Link scratching his head, and pull off some slick acrobatic moves that a lad the size of Death really shouldn’t be able to pull off, swinging dual scythes and and upping his stats as you progress through the game.

28. Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

Best Wii U Games - Paper Mario Color Splash game case cover art
Credit: Nintendo

Next up on the list is Paper Mario: Color Splash, one of the best and most immersive Paper Mario games in the canon.

For those of you that have never played Paper Mario before, these games take everything that you know about Mario and throw it out the window.

The Mushroom Kingdom has been given the arts and crafts treatment, with all Mario’s surroundings and interactive objects taking on a 2D turn.

Credit: Nintendo

Following on from the success of the Super Mario RPG series, Color Splash utilises turn-based battles and epic weapons to knock back memorable enemies from the Mushroom Kingdom.

And, when you’re as flat as a piece of paper, then the possibilities are truly endless.

Sneak through cracks in walls and the floor, sidle around areas that only Flat Stanley could reach, and unfold (literally) epic hammers to take down gnarly bosses!

Arts and crafts never looked so good!

29. ZombiU (2012)

ZombiU could have been an incredible success had the Wii U Pulled its weight and not been a massive flop.

If you’re in the market for one of the best zombie survival games of all time, then you’ve just stumbled across it and allowed it to rip right into you. It’s not the best looking title, but I do love the fact that it’s set in a post-apocalyptic London.

Games set in the UK always hit differently with us!

Credit: Nintendo

Ubisoft brought the game back as Zombi and released it on the PS4 and Xbox One which at least got the game out to audiences, but it was the Wii U that first brought the idea to the world.

The great thing about this game is that you will die at some point through story; it’s just inevitable.

And, when a player dies, they take control of another survivor and carry on the story, but the last character they used turns into a zombie and joins in with the human-killing-spree.

You’re going to want to hunt down the ‘former you’ and grab all your items back after killing them too. Seriously, it’s a clever little mechanic that we can’t get enough of!

30. The Wonderful 101 (2013)

The Wonderful 101 kickstarts our list of the best Wii U games of all time!

If I told you that the minds behind Viewtiful Joe and Ōkami worked on this game, then you’ll get a feeling for the kind of immersive and and exciting adventure you’re about to embark on.

Imagine what Pikmin would feel like if you were controlling superheroes from a top-down viewpoint and not throwing little flower people around. That’s kind of the vibe here, with players using the Wii U Game Pad to weird and wonderful effects.

The heroes in this game transform into something called ‘unite morphs’. Essentially, it’s these transformed objects that players will need to rely on to beat bosses, solve problems, and reach new areas.

If playing solo, then players will work through levels in which they are graded on performance at the very end. So, if you don’t do exams very well, then this game might give you flashbacks to sweating through your teen years.

Up to 5 players can play coop too using a combination of the Wii U Game Pad and Pro Controllers. In fact, it’s one of the best co-op games on the Wii U, though it’s just a shame that not enough people got to play it!

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