Ranking The Best Flying Games On Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Get ready to leave gravity behind as we check out the best PS4 flying games of all time!

For me, flying games will always be fascinating. I can drive in real life, and I could probably swing a sword at a bunch of zombies at a push.

But one thing I can’t do is fly a plane, or fly full stop like our character at Number 7.

Flying and flight simulation games allow me to soar to new heights, to travel to different universes, and to shoot lasers at enemies that get in my way.

Not only that though; they offer a perspective of the world not normally experienced in most computer games. Who doesn’t like zooming through the air instead of plodding around on foot, after all?

If you don’t, then you might be in the wrong place…

So, let’s take a look at the best PS4 flying games on offer!

1. Everspace: Stellar Edition (2020)

Everspace Stellar Edition game case cover art
image credit: rockfish games

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for; Everspace: Stellar Edition is the best PS4 flying game of all time.

My jaw genuinely drops when I play this game.

It’s no secret that I’m a massive nerd, and getting the chance to fight in space in a storyline that genuinely grips you from start to finish is a dream come true for me.

Piece together who you are and how you came to be, all while meeting characters that directly affect you in different ways. They all have a story to tell, and you’ll need to listen to them all to solve the mystery.

Everspace: Stellar Edition PS4 gameplay
image credit: rockfish games

Shoot, loot, and fly like your life depends on it.

Probably because in many cases, it actually does.

This single-player game is one of the best PS4 flying games for replayability too. I can come back to this game again and again and see something different every single time. That’s real value for money!

Yes Everspace: Stellar Edition with all its extra content and expansion is officially the best PS4 flying game ever made.

And you know what? I reckon it’ll take some beating!

2. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (2019)

ace combat 7 ps4
image credit: bandai namco

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown takes the silver medal in our best PS4 flying games list, and it’s not hard to see why.

Just take a look at that still below, for crying out loud!

One word instantly springs to mind when I think of Skies Unknown – Dogfights.

Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this game. I’m talking about chasing a plane’s tail and gunning them sown over an ocean while thousands of feet in the air.

So just pilots getting hurt then… I can live with that.

ace combat 7 ps4
image credit: bandai namco

Move 360 degrees and check out the entire map around you as you soar through super-realistic settings.

Honestly, there are times when I have to remind myself that I’m playing an actual game!

You’ll need to take factors such as the weather and your current location/environment into consideration while flying.

Ok, there’s not as much to think about as in Elite Dangerous, but it’s still one of the most realistic aerial combat games going!

3. Kerbal Space Program (2011)

Kerbal Space program game case cover art
image credit: sony

Snaffling todays bronze medal is Kerbal Space Program. This simlation game sees players building and launching their own rockets and other wacky aircraft.

Kerbals are those weird looking people on the front cover, and they’re the ones in charge of all the crafting.

Take off from earth and land on other planets, build spaceships, and discover what you need to do to make your craft leave the Earth’s atmosphere.

It’s a game where physics play a huge part, but it’s fun and not a confusing science-fest.

Kerbal Space Program gameplay ps4
image credit: sony

A little like No Man’s Sky, players can just go free-for-all or enter a career mode. Earn money to fund new builds and other exciting missions along the way.

There’s also a Science Mode where you don’t need to worry about funds and can just get stuck into the building element of the game.

Yes, I suppose it’s a little sillier than some of the other games in this list, but the scope for creating exciting crafts is fantastic. You’ll be hooked within minutes, and who knows, it might spark a newfound love of science in you!

4. War Thunder (2012)

Best PS4 Flying Games - War Thunder game case cover art
image credit: sony

The 4th spot in our compendium, War Thunder, one of the best WW2 MMO games of all time.

For those of you that don’t know what an MMO is, it’s a ‘massively multiplayer online’ game, one where lots of players can join in for mass combat.

Think Fortnite in WW2 planes, and you’ll get the idea.

war thunder ps4 gameplay
image credit: sony

Control armoured vehicles, take to the skies, and fight battles from both WW2 and the Korean war. Take part in historical battles and play them out on your own terms.

Unlock content by completing challenges and soar endlessly as you pick out other players to take down.

Improve your flying skills with every level until you’re the last player standing… flying…piloting… you get the idea.

5. Elite Dangerous (2014)

Best PS4 Flying Games - Elite Dangerous game case cover art
image credit: frontier

Elite Dangerous flies into 5th place, taking you onto a trip into our very own Milky Way.

That’s the universe, not the little chocolate bars I ate so many of as a kid.

Like Squadrons, players view the action from the cockpit of their ship, following a morality engine as they travel down a good or bad path.

Smuggle, hunt, fight piracy or join the cause, explore, and trade as you aim to get bigger and better ships.

elite dangerous ps4 gameplay
image credit: frontier

Like Starlink, every move you make has a knock on effect on the rest of the game, so go carefully when making important decisions.

Space is a scary place, and keeping your cool while keeping tabs on everything from shields to scanners and fuel to lasers will keep you on your toes.

Elite Dangerous really lives up to its name; this isn’t a light-hearted ride. Get stuck in, and try not to blink!

6. Starlink: Battle for Atlas (2018)

Starlink Battle for Atlas game case cover art
image credit: ubisoft

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is up next, one of the best PS4 flying games for open-world exploration and stunning otherworldly scenery.

I will say this – this game is better for Nintendo Switch as Star Fox is a playable character. Still, without him, it’s still an exciting game with a really cool feature.

starlink ps4 gameplay
image credit: ubisoft

Players now have the chance to build their own Starship in real life.

I’m not pretending that the gameplay is real or anything here; I’m talking about a proper figurine on your controller. Change parts in real time and see them change on your ship.

It’s like next-level Lego!

Swap and change between pilots, guns, wings; if it can be replaced, you can swap it and make your ship better.

Plus the entire Atlas system is something else entirely… it never ends and is so richly textured that you’ll find this game super hard to put down. Every move has a knock on effect, so play wisely!

7. Iron Man VR (2020)

Best PS4 Flying Games - Iron Man VR game case cover art
image credit: marvel

Next up on our list is Iron Man VR, it gives players a chance to finally step into Tony Stark’s shoes.

You’ll need the PlayStation VR headset for this one. Put it on and become Iron Man flying through the skies, defeating the forces of the evil hacker Ghost.

I’ll say one thing about Iron Man; he has some cool enemies!

iron man vr ps4
image credit: marvel

Holding Playstation Move controllers, users can fire themselves into the air and pull off epic moves from the palms of Stark’s hands.

Ok, so in reality you’re wearing a headset and holding plastic wands, but as long as no one sees you, you’ll be fine.

Upgrade Iron Man’s suit as you progress, customising and adding extra features. It’s as close to being the real Iron Man that anyone apart from Robert Downey Jr. will ever get!

8. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers – Playstation 4 Edition (2015)

Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers playstation 4 edition game case cover art
image credit: sony

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers – PlayStation 4 Edition is, as you might have guessed, a PS4 version of the 2013 PS3 game.

Continuing the theme of playing for different sides of a story, players can choose to fight as part of the Japanese Imperial Navy or Uncle Sams US Navy.

Once again, this Air Conflicts title takes players back to some key WW2 battles. Experience Pearl Harbour and the Battle of Midway as you take to the skies, soaring over stunning vistas.

Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers ps4 gameplay
image credit: sony

Let’s not forget the epic multiplayer mode either. Other team Deathmatches just don’t compare once you’ve given Pacific Carriers a try.

Survival mode, capture the flag, good old fashioned shooting combat; hours will pass by as you take in the detailed planes and insanely large maps on offer.

If you’re afraid of heights or water, maybe give this one a miss. If not, then fill your boots, because it remains an absolute corker of a game!

9. Star Wars: Squadrons (2020)

Star Wars Squadrons game case cover art
image credit: ea

Can you remember the first time you played Rogue Squadron, one of the best N64 games? Well, Star Wars: Squadrons brings all those feels back to the PS4 with visuals that put you directly in the galactic action.

Maybe that should be ‘galaction’?

All of the gameplay takes place from the cockpit of your chosen fighter, an FPS game where you are the pilot… in space.

What could possibly be any better than that!

star wars squadrons ps4 gameplay
image credit: ea

This could be the most realistic Star Wars flying game to date. Or as realistic as you can get on a game based on a fictional film.

Play as the New Republic and a member of the Imperial Army as you take part in epic dogfights and tactical manoeuvres that will blow you away.

Any game that gives you a chance to pilot a TIE fighter deserves to be in our best PS4 flying games for that fact alone!

Fight for freedom or order. Dark or Light, may the force be with you.

10. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Ultimate Edition (2011)

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Ultimate Edition game case cover art
image credit: games farm

Whoever thought that smuggling whiskey could turn into a full scale effort to help alien forces? Welcome to Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Ultimate Edition!

Let’s get one thing out of the way first; this game, and all the others in this list, look amazing. I mean, you wouldn’t expect anything else from the PS4, would you?

Play through missions set in WW2 as the campaign moved from 1941-1945. Not only that, but the main character Dee has some flashback levels about her father from WW1.

It’s the historical gift that keep on giving!

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Ultimate Edition ps4 gameplay
image credit: games farm

Use some serious firepower along the way to beat back enemy forces.

And the best part is that even if destroying enemy vehicles isn’t part of the actual campaign, you still get points for taking out the opposition on every level regardless.

Use points to buy upgrades and eventually unlock planes from the British, Russian, and German forces as you progress through the game.

11. Eagle Flight (2016)

Eagle Flight PS4 VR
image credit: sony

Another game featuring birds, Eagle Flight does require the use of the PlayStation VR headset.

This does mean that the game is hugely immersive though – it’s an excellent and unusual experience, even for VR.

In Eagle Flight, players are cast as the titular bird of prey – exploring Paris fifty years after the downfall of human civilisation.

Despite – or perhaps more accurately, because of – the extinction of humanity, nature is flourishing even in the urban environment of the French capital city.

The game consists of aerial exploration, racing and even combat against other creatures (such as bats and numerous other birds of prey) – with the player’s eagle able to defend itself using a sonic attack!

A Capture the Flag style multiplayer mode is also included – though of course this is themed to be appropriate to the animal kingdom setting: players are tasked with carrying a rabbit carcass back to their nests, competing in teams against other players online!

Should that somewhat gruesome twist on standard team based multiplayer not be to your taste, Eagle Flight also contains a Free Flight multiplayer mode – which is much more relaxed! 

12. The Falconeer (2021)

The Falconeer PS4
image credit: sony

Impressively, The Falconeer is largely the work of a single developer, Tomas Salas. The only other person involved in development was composer Benedict Nichols, who provided the game’s soundtrack.

Given that the game was a (mostly) solo project, you might expect The Falconeer to be pretty small scale – but that’s not the case at all.

In The Falconeer, players are in control of a huge bird – and explore the game’s procedurally generated open world, taking part in aerial combat and completing both missions for the campaign as well as plenty of side missions along the way.

Interestingly, it’s not just the world that’s procedurally generated – everything including the colours, cloud effects and even the portraits of non-player characters is randomly generated – which is how Salas was able to complete the vast majority of the game’s development alone.

It’s a towering achievement and though the game itself can feel a little shallow, the flight mechanics and combat are very well done.

Its unique look and feel really makes The Falconeer stand out amongst similar games too!

13. InnerSpace (2018)

InnerSpace PS4
image credit: sony

Though it’s rarer to see runaway successes on crowdfunding platforms these days, InnerSpace made its way to the PS4 after reaching its target on Kickstarter back in 2014.

InnerSpace is an unusual game, setting players off on a journey through the strange and mysterious ‘Inverse’.

The Inverse is a world of planets with no horizon; there’s no sense of up or down on your quest through the air and underwater in the inside-out, enchanting worlds it contains.

Though this may sound confusing, InnerSpace’s ethereal, magical journey is a beautiful and original experience – with some absolutely gorgeous, trippy visuals and a superb soundtrack.

It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but we here at Retro Dodo love it when games push the envelope to deliver a unique experience – and that’s something that the wondrous flight of InnerSpace definitely does!

14. SkyDrift Infinity (2021)

SkyDrift Infinity PS4
image credit: sony

Classic, arcade style racing is what you’ll find in SkyDrift Infinity – albeit with a twist that you’ll see coming, given that it appears on the Retro Dodo list of the best flying games: it’s racing with planes!

Boasting both online and local multiplayer, SkyDrift Infinity is the sequel to 2011 title SkyDrift, which was released for the PS3 (as well as Xbox 360 and PC).

Essentially a kart racing game in planes (though of course we’ve sort of been there before, with flying sections in games such as Diddy Kong Racing – and more recently in the brilliant Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed), SkyDrift Infinity is a fast, frantic and fun experience that delivers its action at a smooth sixty frames per second.

It might not be the most expansive racer out there in terms of the planes and tracks on offer, but this is an enjoyable, bite-sized, pick up and play experience that hearkens back to simpler times.

15. Island Flight Simulator (2015)

Island Flight Simulator PS4
image credit: sony

Kicking off our list of the best PS4 flying games is this low budget, low cost flight sim that emerged from the hangar back in 2015.

Though it can’t march the size, scope or ambition of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox/PC, it’s not as if it was the intention of the Island Flight Simulator developers to do so.

Instead, Island Flight Simulator sends players to a twelve island archipelago, with open ended gameplay that’ll see them carrying out delivery jobs for sometimes shady clients.

Over a hundred missions are on offer, with three different planes to fly and upgrade too.

It’s let down by spotty controls and some bugs, but given Island Flight Simulator’s low price and small development team, its ambition is admirable.

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