4 Greatest GameCube Accessories Ever Made

best gamecube accessories

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It’s incredibly hard for me to make a list of the best GameCube accessories because I’m a massive fan of them all!

As a self-confessed Nintendo nerd, I bought the GameCube on the very first day that it came out.

I saved up my hard-earned cash after having read about the new console in Nintendo Magazine for months and couldn’t wait to try out Luigi’s Mansion and Smash Bros!

I’ve had three of these consoles during my lifetime so far; the original purple when it was first released, a black replacement when the laser on my first one broke from overplaying years later, and finally a purple console once again for my 28th birthday.

I already had all of the most popular Nintendo 64 games, but my collection of GameCube titles was something to be marvelled at. Rows upon rows of plastic cases stacked high in my attic games room, everything from Double Dash to Pikmin, F-Zero X to Twilight Princess.

I had some great days with this console, and most of those were with friends cramped on the sofa beside me

1. Joytech Flip Up Screen

gamecube flip screen

The Gamecube was already already a pretty portable machine (it had a carry handle on the back for crying out loud), but there were always bound to be times where you wanted to carry on playing Super Mario Sunshine while your parents wanted to watch the news or some boring programme on antiques.

Nintendo might have first officially brought about the idea of switching from ‘on-screen’ to ‘portable mode’ with the Wii-U, but this Joytech TFT snap-on screen was the first example of a Nintendo home-console being made 100% self sufficient – providing you had an electricity supply of course!

The screen itself looks a little like a giant GameBoy Advance SP, as noted by our illustrious leader Brandon in the video above.

The device has been colour matched to the console’s signature indigo theme, and the 5.6 inch screen is bright, has a good colour output, and is big enough to see all of your favourite games without having to sit with your face pressed up against it.

It’s powered from the GameCube’s power supply and connects into the AV out port. If you live with a partner who likes to binge watch bad TV or just want to be able to play your favourite console in bed, then this is a cracking bit of kit!

2. WaveBird

wavebird gamecube controller
Image © Wikipedia

‘Bagsy the WaveBird!’ is a phrase that will forever be followed by memories of ‘Falcoooon Kick’ and ‘Why have you thrown another blue shell at me you (insert swearword)’.

I loved this thing so much and can remember walking around the house with it to see how far away from the TV screen I could play. I had two of these back in the day and recently sold one for quite a lot of money on eBay!

It was the first wireless play experience that I had ever had, and being able to sit away from the confines of a wire felt liberating (maybe liberating isn’t the right word, but it still felt great!).

The WaveBird used AA batteries for its power and sent signals to a BT receiver that plugged into the GameCube controller port.

Each receiver had a frequency that you could use to tune into your individual controller so that more than one device could be used, but my mates used to change the setting whenever I was winning (choose your mates wisely, guys).

Despite being a little bulkier, the controller fit perfectly in the hands and was a great accessory. I think it actually made me say ‘wow’ out loud when I first opened it – yes, I’m surprised I managed to get a girlfriend too.

3. Competition Pro Combat Arcade Joystick

competition pro joystick

From one controller that revolutionised multiplayer gaming to another that brings the feel of the arcade straight into your living room.

The next gadget on our list of the best GameCube accessories is one of the beefiest controllers I’ve ever seen; it’s wider than the GC itself!

If you prefer button mashing on coin-operated machines, then this is the accessory for you.

The Combat Arcade Pad has all of the GameCube controller buttons laid out in two rows, making frantic tapping an absolute breeze.

This device has A,B,X,Y buttons as well as two Z buttons and two ‘top trigger’ pads, the massive anaolg stick, and the usual Start and Select options. It feels a little cheap, but this thing is the ULTIMATE way to play Super Smash Bros.

The only problem you’ll have is convincing your mates that they’re not allowed to have a go because they are inferior to you. If you can manage it without causing a riot, then get one of these arcade pads and experience a brawl to remember.

4. GameBoy Player

Playing handheld titles is all well and good, but seeing Pokemon Emerald or Grunty’s Revenge up on your TV just feels incredible, especially because you could use your existing GameCube controller with it too.

The device itself connects via the high-speed parallel port on the bottom of the console (bet you didn’t even know that it had one!).

It’s region free so can be used with any system and requires a boot-up disc to work. With no emulation in sight, you can enjoy all of your favourite games with crystal clear graphics, no framerate loss or lag, and the benefits of tapping straight into your existing save files. Result!

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