Best Lizard Pokemon To Add To Your Squad

best lizard pokemon

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We take a look at the best Lizard Pokemon in the franchise. Most of the Pokemon designs in this article takes inspiration from real-world lizards. This makes the Pokemon even more approachable to the average player as there is familiarity in their appearances.

Now don’t take that last sentence too seriously; there isn’t a new Lizard typing in the game. We’re talking about the Pokemon, which have lizard-like appearances in the game.

So we thought, why not create a list of the best Lizard Pokemon. It is an excellent thought experiment and also fun to read, plus it helps you change up your team a little!



We start our list with one of the most popular evolutionary lines in the Pokemon universe. We would’ve included Charmander and Charizard on the list. But, both those Pokemon are inspired by Salamanders which are amphibians, not Lizards.

Oh and Charizard is more like a dragon than a lizard.

Charmeleon has dark red scales on the underside of his chest, which is not very visible in the games as they are not that detailed. Anyone who has played Fire Red or Leaf Green will know how strong Charmeleon is; it probably evolves into the best Fire-type in Kanto.



Yes, Inteleon is on the list, but we also decided to add the adorable sobble because it is a very strong Pokemon in th early game. Granted, it is a little sad in this first stage of its evolution; but it eventually grows up into a much stronger Pokemon. 

Besides that, Sobble crying isn’t a bad thing at all; its tears are 100 times more potent than onions, making anyone in its vicinity cry uncontrollably.

Apart from having one of the most fantastic designs in the generation, Sobble can also camouflage like a chameleon. 



Sceptile was the crown jewel of the third generation; even though it had tough competition from Blaziken, Sceptile still is many people’s first option for a starter in the Hoenn region.

With such immense speeds and special attacks, this grass type can one-hit KO many Pokemon. Not to mention its mega evolution, which completely decimates the opponent with the added dragon typing!



Next up, we have the gecko Pokemon, Treecko, which also is one of the best Pokemon Ash Ketchum ever had in the anime.

It also is one of the best starters of all time; the slimy green limbs may look timid at first, but wait until it starts attacking with its fast speed. The early part of the game in the Hoenn region is so much easier with a Treecko on your side.



The generation 5 grass starter, Serperior, is one prideful Pokemon with its over-the-top royal features and confident pose. Even the name ‘Serperior’ is a wordplay on the word Superior!

Its lack of powerful limbs doesn’t stop it from being one of the most powerful pokemon in the Unnova region. Its speed and special defense are one to look out for, or you’ll get recked real fast. 



And with Grovyle, we have completed the entire sceptile evolutionary line on this list; what can I say?

All three of them are well designed and are the best lizard Pokemon out there. Many second-stage Pokemon look weird, to be honest, the transition to the last stage just doesn’t fit, but Grovyle is one of the few Pokemon that has a good second stage.

The leaves on its limbs aren’t just for show, they are deadly sharp, and Grovlye uses them in its signature move, Leaf Blade! The green color also helps it to hide in the jungle where it lives.



Inteleon is a very unique Pokemon in the roster, as its base form was known to be sad and depressed all the time.

As it evolved, it got rid of its fear to become the slender and sneaky Inteleon. Inteleon is one of the most powerful Pokemon in Galar and has been used in competitive battles many times.

And yes, it is inspired by the M16 detective, James Bond, hence its pose in the games and the special moves that it can learn.



Heliolisk is one of the few Pokemon on this list whose biology has explicitly been mentioned to be aligned with a lizard.

It has frills around its neck that it can blow up to threaten its opponents; this is also seen in real-life lizards and also that one dinosaur in Jurassic Park.

It is a Pokemon that can be really useful to have in your party as it has decent speed and unique attack stats.



Next up on the list is yet another Pokemon with a nasty grin, Salazzle. There’s a running theme of making lizards look sneaky in the Pokemon franchise, and Salazzle just proves that point.

Salazzle is known to attract a lot of males in the caves that they live in; almost a reverse harem-like situation is created because of the pheromones the Pokemon emits. 

The poison/fire type also has decent stats under her belt, as it can quite dish out strong attacks. And it is always a good idea to have a poison type on your team to chip away some damage by poisoning the opponent’s Pokemon!



Kecleon is a Pokemon inspired by Chameleons. Hence Kecleon can also change the colors of its body.

But there’s a twist; it can camouflage its entire body, except for the red stripes on its belly. This can make its exclusive camouflage a waste. 

It was one of the first Pokemon to be introduced in the third generation.

Hence it received a lot of hype initially, but it went away as soon as players, so its stats. Kecleon’s stats are very unevenly distributed, which doesn’t make it an ideal choice to have on your team.

There’s a reason why Kecleon is on the last place in this list, it just isn’t good enough to be in a team. Apart from its normal typing, the Pokemon doesn’t know a lot of strong moves at the start, making it a really unpopular choice.

So there you have it a look at the best Lizard Pokemon of the year. If you enjoyed it we have other similar articles such as best cat Pokemon and best wolf Pokemon that you may enjoy reading.

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