Ranking The Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time

best cat pokemon

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Dogs might be considered man’s best friends, but the felines aren’t leaving the race anytime soon for that title.

Cats make up a majority of the household pets in every part of the world. Heck, there are more than 400 million pet cats globally, and the number of stray cats might double the tally!

Cats are just like you; they like to sleep all day, be lazy, don’t get bothered by anything, and most importantly, do whatever they want.

The number of Cat Pokemon in the Pokemon universe is 35+; there are a lot of different feline Pokemon in the games; some are cute while some are fire-breathing monsters!

So why not make a list dedicated to our feline friends in Pokemon? And that’s what we did in this blog. We picked the ten most popular and valuable feline Pokemon from the Pokemn franchise and put them on this list!

1. Meowth


There’s no better way to start a Cat Pokemon list than with the sneaky Meowth. It might not be the strongest of all the feline Pokemon, but it could be the wisest of them all.

It can understand human speech very well, and one member of their species is known to be fluent in the human language, and that’s Meowth from Team Rocket!

Meowth owes all its fame to the evil team Rocket; it made it famous for being the sneaky tactician behind team rocket’s ridiculous plans. Though the extent of Meowth’s intellect is minimal, as most of his plans are to dig holes in the ground, which have failed 99% of the time!

It evolves into a Persian, which is more robust, but Meowth isn’t very good in battle, with only its speed stats being good.

2. Espeon


Espeon is one of the most popular Eeveelutions; the psychic-feline Pokemon has some great stats under its belt. Espeon has lilac fur, which is so sensitive that it can sense shifts in the direction of the wind and even predict the opponent’s moves!

The cat Pokemon has a pearl on its forehead, which is known to fire strong psychic attacks at its opponents. It charges its psychic energy in the sunlight during the day; hence it is also known as the Sun Pokemon by many.

It also shows a lot of cat-like traits, as it loves living with human trainers and is often found in urban centers and not in the wild.

3. Luxray


The moment I saw a Shinx for the first time, I knew it was gouging to evolve into a badass Lion, and it did! Luxray is one of the coolest looking Pokemon on this list; not only does it take inspiration from the king of the jungles, but it also adds a sick color theme to it; blue and black contrast so well.

And the name LUXRAY has a perfect meaning behind it. Luxray’s golden eyes aren’t there just for vanity purposes; they have a genuine use case for this feline Pokemon. The eyes help him look through solid objects, similar to X-ray vision, hence the name Luxray.

The electric type has impressive stats and is a proponent for any team!

4. Zeraora


Next up, we have yet another electric kitty. Still, calling Zeraora a kitty will be an insult to its deadly abilities.

Unlike Luxray, Zeraora takes the electric typing to heart and carries the lightning throughout its battles. It is known to create magnetic fields by using electricity, allowing it to move as fast as lightning strikes!

With such deadly stats, a Zeraora can indeed rip out a pokemon limb by limb using its electricity-infused claws. This is what the Pokedex entyries for Zeraora state – It approaches its enemies at the speed of lightning, then tears them limb from limb with its sharp claws.

5. Incineroar


Incineroar looks like a wrestler and acts like one when in battle. The nature of an Incineroar can be simply summarized as HOT HEADED.

Thanks to this, its fire typing is very fitting for it as it gets even fiercer when the crowds start cheering for it.

This kitty ain’t having no one’s trash talk; it will simply beat them up using its ferocious moves. Many trainers don’t like to have an Incineroar because it won’t listen to them sometimes and cause a rampage, a violent one, even hurting the trainers in the process.

It is safe to say that training an Incineroar is not any less dangerous than playing with fire.

6. Solgaleo


The box art legendary for the Sun and Moon games finds itself on this list for the ten most popular and valuable cats in the Pokemon universe.

It evolves from a cosmog, and depending on the game you’re in, cosmog can evolve into a Solgaleo or a Lunala!

Solgaleo’s design looks very similar to a Lion, and it is supposed to represent the sun. Solgaleo can further become the Dusk mane necrozma by using the N-Solarizer device in the games. This form looks even deadlier than before. And as for the sats, Solgaleo is a legendary Pokemon; it ought to have great stats!

7. Raikou


We have yet another electric cat on this list, and it’s a legendary Pokemon once again, Raikou!

Raikou is one of the three legendary beasts that were resurrected after Ho-oh burnt down the brass tower. Raikou represents the lightning strike that started the fire at the brass tower. 

Raikou is unlike any legendary Pokemon; it doesn’t have wings but can still fly by summoning thunder clouds; it is also known to show up when electric Pokemon face danger. It has great stats, but they are of no use as Raikou generally doesn’t trust any humans.

Some say it’s one of the best Wolf Pokemon of all time, but there’s no official statement regarding if Raikou is a dog or a cat, so its in both!

8. Purugly


Purugly looks like that one cat that forgot to stop eating. But seriously speaking, Purugly makes itself look big on purpose, often wrapping its tail around its waist to look more intimidating ot other Pokemon.

That look on its face is enough to scare off any foes that it may have!

Purugly, though being a normal type, has great stats and can attack with a lot of force, in the Pokemon Sinnoh region, Purugly was famous for giving trainers a hard time. Mar’s Purugly is one of the strongest feline Pokemon in the game; it was tough to defeat her.

9. Pyroar


Pyroar is a Pokemon that looks like a Lion but also acts like one in the wild. The nature of a Pyroar is very similar to that of Lions. It is often seen in groups, primarily female Pyroars and males being a minority in any Pyroar group.

The pyroar with the most enormous Mane is the defacto leader of the tribe and is tasked with protecting the females and the cubs from intruders. And with fiery breaths that exceed 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, there’s not a lot of Pokemon that try to disturb this beast of a Pokemon!

10. Espurr


We end our list with probably the most adorable feline in the Pokemon universe, an Espurr. Even the name is cute, including the word Purr in it. The term Esper is used by people who have psychic abilities. Our feline little friend has some really intense Psychic energies stored up inside its head!

The ear of an Espurr is very giant, they are folded to keep the trainer safe! As these ears cover up the organs that produce psychic energy for an espurr, as espurr is very timid in nature and its powers are shockingly immense, Espurr has no control over them.

The blasts it can create can cause a 300-foot crater!

11. Suicune


Beautiful, graceful Pokemon Suicune has been around since the second generation of Pokemon games.

According to in-game lore Suicune is said to embody the north winds, which can be felt whenever it appears.

Suicune also instantly purifies filthy, murky water – which seems like it’d be pretty useful in the real world too!

Suicune is a Water type Pokemon – and at higher levels, can learn the devastating moves Hydro Pump and Blizzard, with the only drawbacks being that the accuracy of these attacks is less than 100%

Still, this is one Cat Pokemon that you want as an ally – and Suicune is an easy choice for the best Cat Pokemon list!

12. Perrserker


Introduced in generation 8 titles Pokemon Sword and Shield, believe it or not Perrserker is an evolved variant of Meowth!

That’s right – this Viking-esque Pokemon evolves from Galarian Meowth when it reaches level 28 – and it’s a Steel type Pokemon with a decent Attack stat.

Somewhat befitting of its metal aesthetic, Perrserker learns Thrash at level 54 – which attacks for 2-3 turns before there’s a chance that it confuses itself!

Amusingly, its Viking ‘helmet’ is actually just Perrserker’s hardened hair.

Make sure it doesn’t hear you making fun of it though, as Perrserker also has claws that form daggers when extended!

13. Dusk Mane Necrozma

Dusk Mane Necrozma

This might be a surprising entry, because normally Necrozma is far from feline in terms of its looks.

However, as you can see, Dusk Mane Necrozma definitely looks very cat-like – so it’s a clear choice for the best Cat Pokemon list!

Especially as Dusk Mane Necrozma has one of the strongest Attack stats in the Pokedex, along with really solid Defense.

First turning up in the seventh generation titles Pokemon Sun and Moon Dusk Mane Necrozma is also a pretty heavy beast – weighing in at a hefty 460kg.

This is one cat you wouldn’t want to run into down a dark alley!

14. Liepard


This Dark type Pokemon was first introduced in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, back in generation five.

Evolving from Purrloin once it reaches level 20, Liepard is undoubtedly one of the coolest cats in the Pokedex.

However, be warned – Liepard isn’t known as the Cruel Pokemon for nothing; it loves to sneak up on unsuspecting victims before they have a chance to react!

Naturally, given its resemblance to actual Leopards, Liepard is pretty speedy and loves to play with its opponents – hence moves such as Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, Night Slash and Play Rough.

15. Sprigatito


The most recent addition to the Pokedex on our best Cat Pokemon list is this one: the cute, cuddly Sprigatito!

Introduced in generation nine titles Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Sprigatito is an adorable Grass type Pokemon – whose fluffy fur is described in game as having a similar composition to plants.

It also features on our best cute Pokemon list!

Sprigatito evolves into two excellent, albeit bipedal, feline forms; first Floragato at level 16 and then the fast, deadly Meowscarada once Floragato reaches level 36. 

Sprigatito also gives off a mesmerising scent, which is even stronger when exposed to sunlight.

Perhaps that’s why we ended up choosing Sprigatito for our best Cat Pokemon list; it mesmerised us!

So there you have it, a look at the best cat Pokemon of all time!

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