10 Best Flying Type Pokemon (By Strength)

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If you’re looking at building the best aerial-attack team known to trainer-kind, then you’ll need to know the best Flying-type Pokemon by strength of all time!

From original giants to newer Pokemon on the scene, there are some absolute behemoths out there both in the wild and in the arenas.

And of course, due to the fact that some Pokemon have multiple types, there are a couple of wild-cards thrown down below that might shock you.

Especially Number 8; I still can’t believe that one!

So, which winged critters are the best aerial aces, and which Pokemon will literally help you soar to new heights?

Let’s find out, shall we?

10. Skarmony

  • Evolves From: N/A
  • Immune to: Poison and Ground-types
  • Resistant to: Fairy, Dragon, Normal, Flying, Bug, Steel, Grass, and Psychic-types
  • Weak against: Fire and Electric
  • Super weak against: N/A

Skarmony might not be great against Fire or Electric-type Pokemon, making it susceptible to two of the original greats from the very first games, but it can hold its own in battles against pretty much everyone else.

Because Skarmony is part Flying and part Steel-type, it’s defines stats are incredibly impressive. Still, with low HP, it’s relatively easy to knock it out of the sky.

As with most Flying-types, it’s able to learn Roost as well as the dreaded Stealth Rock, making it a pretty good contender when coming up against other Flying-types.

9. Charizard

best flying type Pokemon by Strength - Charizard
  • Evolves From: Charmander to Charmeleon at level 16, Charizard at level 36.
  • Immune to: Ground-type
  • Resistant to: Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Fairy-types
  • Weak against: Water and Electric-types
  • Super weak against: Rock-type

My first ever starter Pokemon evolution takes the 9th place in this list of the best Flying-type Pokemon by strength of all time.

Charizard isn’t just Leon’s favourite Pokemon; I think we all love this fiery dragon and wish we could have one following us around.

The OG G.O.A.T from Pokemon Red is incredibly ferocious, especially when it’s Mega Evolved. Get Roost as part of your move set and you can continually keep upping it’s health mid-battle, clinging onto the battle and pulling off chance moves to try and turn the tide of a battle.

Add Earthquake, Fire Blast, and Dragon Claw, and you’ve got a seriously slick moveset on your hands.

8. Gyrados

  • Evolves From: Magikarp at level 20
  • Immune to: Ground-type
  • Resistant to: Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, and Water-types
  • Weak against: Rock-type
  • Super weak against: Electric-type

I know, but it’s true!

Yes, when I told Brandon the news that Gyrados is a Flying-type Pokemon, he threw his hands up in the air and cried that he’d been lied to his entire life.

A Water and Flying-type, this monstrous evolution of Magikarp can also learn Dragon-type moves despite not actual being a Dragon-type.

Just when you think you know a Pokemon, you’ve got to learn all about one all over again!

Here’s a little tip though; when you Mega-Evolve it, the Flying-type stat is replaced by a Dark-type stat. Keep that in mind when heading into battle.

Gyrados is pretty slow, but the powerful moves it can learn make up for that fact. Still, don’t do anything stupid like going up against Zapdos with it; that’s a recipe for disaster!

7. Gliscor

best flying type Pokemon by Strength - Gliscor
  • Evolves From: Gligar (use a Razor Fang at night)
  • Immune to: Ground and Electric-types
  • Resistant to: Fighting, Poison, and Bug-types
  • Weak against: Water-type
  • Super weak against: Ice-type

When it comes to unpredictable characters in this list of the best Flying-type Pokemon by strength, Gliscor takes the crown.

Not that I’d recommend getting close enough to one to put a crown on its head.

As Gliscor is also part Ground-type, it also becomes immune to Electric-type attacks. If you can manage to give it the move Roost, the move that most bird Pokemon end up getting at some point, then you can keep upping your health mid-battle and slowly take down the opposition over a number of moves.

Giving Gliscor a toxic orb means that it can heal itself from poison attacks. And of course, it can use the dreaded Stealth Rock to cause havoc for other Flying-type Pokemon in any competition!

6. Aerodactyl

  • Evolves From: Resurrect from Amber Fossil or catch.
  • Immune to: Rock-type
  • Resistant to: Normal, Flying, Poison, Bug, and Fire-types
  • Weak against: Rock, Steel, Ice, Water, and Electric-types
  • Super weak against: N/A

Dinosaur fans rejoice; it’s time for Aerodactyl to join the fray!

If you can manage to Mega-Evolve Aerodactyl, then you’ll be laughing all the way to the prehistoric bank. Because it’s also a Rock-type as well as Flying, it has immunity against most of the moves that manage to cripple Flying-types.

If you can give your Aerodactyl Ice Fang, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, and Roost, you’ve got a Pokemon that could have a good go at tackling the other characters further down this list. it would have to be pretty strong, but it’s not an impossible notion!

5. Yveltal

best flying type Pokemon by Strength - Yveltal
  • Evolves From: N/A
  • Immune to: Ground and Psychic-types
  • Resistant to: Ghost, Grass, and Dark-types
  • Weak against: Rock, Fairy, Ice, and Electric-types
  • Super weak against: N/A

With an incredibly versatile moveset and a penchant for offensive attacks, Yveltal takes the 5th spot in this list of the best Flying-type Pokemon by strength.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the other end of Oblivion Wing if it came hurtling my way!

The main legendary from Pokemon Y, Yveltal is a specialist when it comes to forcing it’s way out of battles and switching with other Pokemon even when the parameters don’t allow for it. I know it might not be as memorable as Zapdos or Lugia, but jeez, this kid seriously packs a punch when you need it.

4. Zapdos (Kanto)

  • Evolves From: N/A
  • Immune to: Ground-type
  • Resistant to: Flying, Fighting, Bug, Steel, and Grass-types
  • Weak against: Ice and Rock-type
  • Super weak against: N/A

Can you remember the first time you saw Zapdos back in the Power Plant in Pokemon Red and Blue? Back then, I would have bet good money that it would have always been the best flying type pokemon by strength, but sadly times change!

Still, 4th place isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things, right?

While the Pokemon at Number 1 might be able to brave the horror of Stealth Rock, the other legendary birds, Moltres and Articuno, just can’t cope with the pain if they’re switched into the mix mid-battle without holding the Heavy-Duty boots.

Give those boots to Zapdos, however, and the guy becomes an absolute machine! Speedy, strong, and with of the most powerful electrical attacks in the game, this first-gen Pokemon is still kicking ass and taking names 1996.

3. Landorus

best flying type Pokemon by Strength - Landorus
  • Evolves From: N/A
  • Immune to: Electric and Ground-types
  • Resistant to: Poison, Bug, and Fighting-types
  • Weak against: Water-type
  • Super weak against: Ice-type

I recently wrote an article on how to catch all genie Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and out of the three initial genies, Landorus is the most powerful.

Even in normal genie form and not the therian animal form, Landorus proves a strong opposition to other legendary Pokemon and many of the characters in this list.

Even though Sword and Shield brought the dreaded Stealth Rocks that you’ve heard about so much in this article so far to the table, Landorus still manages to come out on top and hold its own against the competition.

Unless that competition is a super-strong Ice-type, then you might be a little panicky!

2. Lugia

  • Evolves From: N/A
  • Immune to: Ground-type
  • Resistant to: Fighting, Grass, and Psychic-types
  • Weak against: Rock, Ghost, Ice, Electric, and Dark-types
  • Super weak against: N/A

Lugia remains the main reason why Pokemon Silver has such a special place in my heart. We all thought the legendaries from Kanto were incredible, but this guardian of the sea has unbridled power that can turn the tide of any battle.

I mean, any Pokemon that can make its bulk even more solid to reduce the damage of super-effective attacks is going to prove tough to beat, right?

Lugia is fast, often striking first and with intense power at that. With other legendaries being the only Pokemon that can really pose a threat, Lugia is often the master of its domain no matter where it is and what time it is!

1. Rayquaza

best flying type Pokemon by Strength - Rayquaza
  • Evolves From: N/A
  • Immune to: Ground-type
  • Resistant to: Grass, Water, Fire, Bug, and Fighting-types
  • Weak against: Fairy, Dragon, and Rock-types
  • Super weak against: Ice-type

The results are in, and Rayquaza is officially the best Flying-type Pokemon by strength stats, making it the ultimate force to be reckoned with in the air.

We’re not even talking Mega-Rayquaza, although the Mega form was actually banned it was that powerful!

Ordinary Rayquaza is a brute to destroy, with its main super-weakness being Ice-type Pokemon. Even if going up against Articuno though, I reckon it could still cause enough havoc if it managed to get in first.

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