Ranking Every Fable Game (Best to Worst)

Get ready to head back into Albion as we check out the best Fable games of all time!

Fable has been one of my go to games to play when I’m relaxing ever since it dropped back in 2004.

I know that it might not seem that revolutionary with games like Tears of the Kingdom out there in the world now, but having the ability to go anywhere and do anything while slaying bandits and changing your appearance… it was something very special.

So much so, in fact, that we’re all still heading back to play Fable on a regular basis today and finding things we missed the first time around. That’s the mark of a good game; longevity and surprise.

There are currently 8 games in total in the Fable series, and with talk about Fable 4 coming thick and fast, there’s no better time than the present to pick up our weapons and relive them all one by one.

1. Fable: The Lost Chapters (2005)

The Dodo has spoken, and Fable: The Lost Chapters is officially the best Fable game of all time!

Ok, some of you might be saying, ‘that’s cheating; this is just the original Fable game.’

Well, it is and it isn’t. It’s the same game with extra content thrown in, making the first title even more incredible and exciting than the first time around.

And yes, this extra element is enough for me to rank it higher than Fable II. We all loved the original Fable, and when new content dropped that gave us another reason to play it through again… well, we just couldn’t resist.

fable xbox gameplay

Nine new areas to explore, sixteen new quests, and more new armour, monsters, and items to find.

The Lost Chapters took a game that we couldn’t get enough of and did the impossible – it made it better!

Travel by ship to the Northern Wastes, wielding new magic and wielding swords like ‘The Avenger’ as you strike down your foes.

And, in 2014, ten years after the original version of Fable dropped, we received an updated version of The Lost Chapters titled ‘Fable Anniversary!’.

2. Fable II (2008)

fable 2

Fable II takes the 2nd spot in our list of the best Fable games of all time, sending us right back into Albion 500 years after the events of the first game.

I’ve always loved Zelda games, but having the ability to use swords and magic at the same time; it was the one thing that I wished Link could do.

And I know he had Din’s fire in Ocarina of Time, but the magic in Fable was next level!

And the magic system got a whole lot better Fable 2 as well. Add in even new combat mechanics and the ability to play as either a male or female character, and you get a game that added to the magic of the first title and turned it all the way to 11.

fable 2 gameplay
image credit: microsoft

Like the other main games in the Fable series, marrying is one of the things that you can in pretty much every town you go to. If you’re planning on being quite a devilish character, then you can have a dozen wives or husbands on the go at once!

And as your character changes, so does the world around you and the people in it. Will you help the people of Albion or terrorise them beyond belief?

If you want to get your money’s worth from any Fable game, then you need to get sstuck into the side quests. Fable 2 is no different, with tonnes of treasure hunting, bandit thwarting, and other exciting quests for you to delve into.

3. Fable (2004)

fable xbox

Fable really doesn’t need an introduction does it. I mean, if it wasn’t for Fable, then none of the games in this list would even exist.

It topped out list of the best original Xbox games, it ate up so many hours of my teenage years, and it was the first game that I can remember playing that had such an incredible good and evil story arc.

Let’s just cut to the chase – it’s one of the most important games of our generation and a truly magnificent title!

fable gameplay
image credit: microsoft

I loved the way that whichever trait you chose to hone had a direct effect on how you looked as a character too; there are just so may different ways to play!

I’ve previously described this game as being like Quest 64 and Zelda rolled into one, with the character levelling up of the warriors in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy thrown in for good measure. And you know what, I still stand by that!

5. Fable Heroes (2012)

Fable Heroes
image credit: microsoft

Fable Heroes doesn’t look like it has the same pull and punch of the main Fable series, but it’s a nifty little game that won the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere.

Imagine, if you will, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy meets Castle Crashers set in the world of Albion, and you’ve got everything you need to understand how Fable Heroes plays.

Work toghether and sometimes against three of your friends as you button mash and slash your way through these colourful, almost LittleBigPlanet-esque designed levels.

fable heroes gameplay
image credit: microsoft

If you know your Fable chracters, then Reaver, Sir Walter, and many more famous faces will put a smile on your face for sure. Play through the game defeating enemies and getting coins for your exploits.

And, as I mentioned in the previous entry, you can use your coins in Fable: The Journey too. Or, you can upgrade your character in this game and become even more powerful.

If you’re a bit of a minigame aficionado, then there’s something here for you too! It’s the gift that keeps on giving and a great game to play with your mates.

4. Fable III (2010)

Fable III
image credit: microsoft

Fable III takes the 4th spot on our list of the best Fable games of all time!

So, if you’ve played the first two Fable games, then there’s a strong chance that you’ve already checked out the third title. It differs to the previous two Fable games that have more of a medieval feel and brings an industrial age vibe to the game.

We’re talking less hand-held tools and more power-driven machines etc.

One of the hero from the previous game’s sons has got a little too comfortable in his role as Albion’s leader, and his brother is now leading the charge to take him down!

fable 3 gameplay
image credit: microsoft

We all know why I love these games – the ability to be good or evil.

Every action has an effect on how your are perceived and how you look in the game. Marry, work, build your home, and follow side-quests that compliment the main story alongside your faithful dog companion.

Yes, there’s a dog too!

One of the best bits about Fable III (apart from the more enhanced multiplayer mode that was fun to play back in the day) is the fact that you have to take on the role of a politician.

You might have to head pack to fulfil things that you’ve told people you’d do when you do finally complete the game, so don’t let down your new followers.

6. Fable: The Journey (2012)

Fable The Journey
image credit: microsoft

Fable: The Journey takes the 6th spot in our list of the best Fable games of all time!

Don’t be thinking that you can kick back in armchair while playing this game, however. You’ll need Xbox Kinect, one of the best Xbox 360 accessories of all time, for this title.

Open world magical fans and Harry Potter lovers will certainly this immersive adventure, allowing them to get really feel like they are casting magic by using their hands to create spells and items.

Fable The Journey gameplay
image credit: microsoft

Enter Spell Crafting mode and use your digits to create everything from swords and spells to fishing rods.

You’ll also have to practice holding the reigns of an imaginary horse as you parade around Albion, checking out what the world looks like a whopping fifty years after the end of the third Fable game.

And, like the compatability between Fable II and Fable II Pub games, players can like Fable: The Journey with the next title in our list too!

7. Fable Fortune (2017)

Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune is up next, the newest title in this list dropping back in 2017, some 13 years after the very first Fable game came out.

If you’re a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh or have spent any time preparing for our new brand called Card Gamer, then Fable Fortune will be right up your street.

Essentially, it’s a card-based title using the world and characters of Fable, adding in the kind of tactical play that you might expect from titles like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy.

fable fortune gameplay

So, players collect cards and compete in leagues. That notion shouldn’t be anything too taxing for Retro Dodo readers, especially the ones like me that grew up in the 90s collecting all the best 90s toys!

You don’t have to go it alone in this game either; play solo or battle enemies with another Fable-loving-friend.

It’s nowhere near as exciting as the main Fable games, but it’s still a nice alernative for superfans to try if they’re looking for a little change of pace and gameplay style.

8. Fable II Pub Games (2008)

Fable 2 Pub Games

Fable II Pub Games kickstarts our list of the best Fable games of all time. Ok, it’s not a brilliant game by any stretch of the imagination, but it is compatible with Fable 2 and gives players a chance to get more money and items in game.

Yes, you can transfer items into the main game, giving you more money to start off proceedings with.

Equally, if you play badly your character might end up starting the game with minus figures in the wallet department, so maybe don’t try to bite off more than you can chew, alright?

fable 2 pub games xbox 360 gameplay

So what are the pub games in question, I hear you ask?

Well, in true Fable style, players play the kind of tavern games that you might find while wandering around Albion. One of the games is a kind of olde-worlde take on a slot machine, with players using themed spinners to win big.

There’s also a card game called Fortune’s Tower and a medieval version of roulette called Keystone.

It’s a nice add-on for anyone who loves Fable II, but is simply an optional add-on.

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