Ranking All The Croc Games (Best To Worst)

Rob holding two of his Croc games in his hand

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I’ve finally completed a list of the best Croc games of all time, but don’t snap at me if you disagree with my choices…

… that’s the best crocodile joke I could come up with… I’ll try again later alligator…

The first Croc game for the PS1 was an unprecedented success, selling over 3 and a half million copies.

The second sold just under three-quarters of a million, and the third game was cancelled completely.

Talk about a quick decline!

Sadly, Croc just didn’t cut the mustard in a world of Bandicoots and fire-breathing dragons, not to mention Italian plumbers.

Still, his short run did bring some pretty exciting, albeit similar-themed adventures, so let’s check out the best Croc games to have dropped over the years…

… it won’t take long as there are only 7 in existence!

1. Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (1997)

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos in Rob's hand
Credit: Sony/Fox

Croc: The Legend of the Gobbos is the best Croc game of all time.

Or in other words, it all went downhill from here.

Critics gave this game some serious stick back in the day, but the people loved it and still do. Serving as a mixture of Crash and Spyro with more of a cutesy Nintendo-style character, Croc’s first adventure looked set to take the entire world by storm.

And to be fair, it did shift a fair few units. Not enough to topple Mazza, however.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos gameplay - Croc moving along a road by enemies
Credit: Sony/Fox

This is where the Gobbos first came into being. They saved Croc and raised him just in time for him to save them from Baron Dante.

Move through different Island levels while searching high and low for your stolen Gobbo comrades.

The gameplay is smooth and, while blocky in that trademark PS1 style, is beautiful to play. At times Croc feels more ’rounded’ graphically than Mario does in SM64, and the characters even remind me of the type of NPCs you might find in Banjo-Kazooie.

So yeah, Croc was definitely designed to bring Nintendo gamers to the PlayStation fold alright!

It might be a little cliche to say that the first game in the series is the best, but the truth is that it just is. This was sadly where the series peaked, so if you’re going to play any Croc game, make sure it’s this one!

2. Croc 2 (1999)

Croc 2 - Game case cover art PS1 in Rob's hand
Credit: Sony/Fox

Croc 2 takes the silver medal in this list of the best Croc games ever to grace our screens!

Baron Dante has kidnapped Croc’s parents this time…

… I’m beginning to see why these games never went on to produce Croc 15 or The Return of Croc… the storyline is pretty much the same all the way through the series as you will soon find out.

Croc 2 gameplay - Croc swinging over a lava lake towards a box
Credit: Sony/Fox/Youtube

Still, if we’re ranking every Croc game (which is essentially while we’re all here), then this is one of his most prolific adventures.

Croc follows a very similar structure to the Spyro games. Roam around a level freely, 48 in this case, and fight bosses on their own stage.

The gameplay is fun and the levels look good, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Croc 2: Remastered version any time soon…

3. Croc (2000)

Croc game case cover art game boy color
Credit: Nintendo/Fox/THq

Even though the graphics received a little upgrade in the second GBC title, I still prefer the original Croc outing.

My personal nostalgia aside, so did everyone else.

Get ready for more Gobbo saving, more Baron Dante causing a ruckus, and more of Croc saving the day in a side-scrolling adventure that is satisfying to play. It feels a little like if Croc were to jump into a Castlevania title, though with fewer skeletons.

Croc jumping up to a ledge at night - Croc GBC gameplay
Credit: Nintendo/Fox/THq/Youtube

There are 30 side-scrolling levels to play through in the first (of two) Croc GBC game. The levels resemble early Super Mario games in pretty much every way.

Pounce, swim, jump, tail attack, and do everything possible to not lose those life crystals.

Find keys on the way through each level and take part in Crash Bandicoot-style bonus levels.

Crank up your old handheld and give this one a go, or check it out using the Analogue Pocket!

4. Croc 2 (2001)

croc 2 game boy color
Credit: Nintendo/Fox/THq

Many of the games in this list across both the GBC and the PS1 feel very similar, at least in gameplay if not in looks. In this instance, we’ve moved from side-scrolling to more of a Link’s Awakening style feel.

Ok, so it’s not the best of the best Gameboy Color games by any stretch of the imagination, but it is bright and exciting to play and features some pretty creative worlds and levels for gamers to explore.

Croc Jumping up a series of grassy ledges - Croc 2 GBC gameplay
Credit: Nintendo/Fox/THq/Youtube

If you’ve already guessed that Croc is going to be rescuing Gobbos and stopping Baron Dante, then you would be correct.

This time he has to rescue Professor Gobbo, which I think you’ll agree is much more of a big deal.

Oh, and our green friend also hangs out with an anthropomorphic cat in this one.

Even though I like the general ‘Zelda-ish feel of this title, the gameplay in the side-scrolling version of Croc for the GBC feels more natural and easy to follow.

5. Croc Mobile: Volcanic Panic! (2006)

Croc Mobile: Volcanic Panic! gameplay on a smartphone, with Croc standing on a rock in the middle of Lava.
Credit: Morpheme/Javaware

To be honest, there’s nothing to separate Volcanic Panic and Jungle Rumble, the next game in our list. I just like this title more, that’s why it’s ranked one place higher.

Baron Dante has kidnapped someone different this time, and instead of the game taking place in a jungle, you play through a lave volcanic world.

Lose all your hearts and it’s game over time, so wield that tail carefully and don’t die!

Players must collect 9 crystals from each level, get a key, and free a tonne of Gobbos.

6. Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble! (2005)

Croc Mobile: Jungle Rumble! gameplay on a smartphone, with Croc standing on a thin green ledge near an enemy.
Credit: Morpheme

Back in the days of Q*bert, Isometric platformers were all the rage. Before the best retro handhelds came onto the scene, this is what I had to play with!

And to be fair, Jungle Rumble is a good little game!

With 16 levels, it keeps you suitably occupied over a longish train or bus journey. Plus the story isn’t half bad either!

Baron Dante is up to his usual tricks and has snaffled all the Gobbos. Croc has to save them from their imprisonment by collecting keys and collecting gems.

If you liked Landstalker, one of the best Sega Genesis games, then you’ll feel right at home here.

7. Croc Mobile: Pinball (2006)

Croc Mobile: Pinball loading screen on a smartphone
Credit: MOrpheme

As you might have guessed, this is a pinball game a little like Pokemon Pinball… or any other Pinball game you’ve ever played.

Characters from the Croc series appear as focal points on the board for players to ‘ooo’ and ‘wow’ at, but apart from that it’s not got any new features to revolutionise the game.

Hit objects to rack up points, get combos, and flip like crazy.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a copy of this game anywhere anymore, so unless you’ve still got it on an old phone, you’ll have to take my word for it!

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