10 Best Crab Pokemon To Claw Into Your Collection

Best Crab Pokemon

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It’s time to come out of your shell as we check out the best Crab Pokemon!

Since the mid-90s debut of the first Pokemon games on the original Game Boy, crustaceans have been a fixture of the Pokedex in one form or another.

There’s quite a few of them too; though many are – as you’d expect – Water type Pokemon (which you can check out more specifically on our best Water type Pokemon list), there are crab-like or crustacean creatures in the Pokedex that are entirely different types too.

With so many in the roster to choose from though, which are the best?

Let’s find out, as we check out the best Crab Pokemon!

10. Krabby


We kick off the best Crab Pokemon list with one of the very first Pokemon – that’s right, Krabby was one of the original 151 Pokemon in Pokemon Red and Blue!

From a stats perspective, Water type Pokemon Krabby isn’t particularly impressive (though it’s far from the worst Pokemon in the Pokedex – check out our weakest Pokemon list if you want to see the least well equipped Pokemon according to their stats!).

Its HP is surprisingly low, for a start – as is Krabby’s Speed. Worst of all are its dire Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats though!

Yet Krabby is still better than the crustaceans that didn’t make it to the top 10 of the best Crab Pokemon.

In terms of Attack and Defense, both are above average.

It also has surprisingly few weakness too – with only Electric and Grass types being a problem.

It does, however, evolve into Kingler at level 28 – and you’ll see just how good Kingler is as we make our way down the best Crab Pokemon list!

9. Clauncher


Debuting in sixth generation games Pokemon X and Y, Clauncher is more lobster than crab, but it’s definitely a crustacean –  so we here at Retro Dodo feel that it earns a spot on the best Crab Pokemon list!

Clauncher is another Pokemon with pretty underwhelming stats, it has to be said – but it doesn’t quite drop as low as Krabby does for any of them.

Electric and Grass type moves are the only weaknesses for this Water type Pokemon; it’s also strong against Fire, Water, Ice and Steel type moves!

Clauncher also evolves into Clawitzer at level 37 – and as we get through the list of the best Crab Pokemon, you’ll see why we think it’s worth sticking with Clauncher until it evolves!

8. Crabrawler


Fighting type Pokemon Crabrawler – known as the ‘Boxing Pokemon’ – didn’t enter the ring until generation seven, in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Despite being designed around boxing, this feisty crab doesn’t have a particularly impressive Attack stat – though its weaknesses are few, being particularly susceptible only to Flying, Psychic and Fairy type moves.

It does have some fantastic Fighting type moves that become available as it levels up, however – with the powerful Close Combat at level 49 being especially notable.

Crabrawler also evolves into Crabominable if you use a certain item – as you’ll see further down this list!

7. Parasect


Another original, first generation Pokemon, Parasect made its debut in Pokemon Red and Blue.

This creepy critter isn’t a water dweller; instead, it’s a Bug and Grass type Pokemon with terrifyingly blank eyes, scary claws and a mushroom for a shell!

To get your own claws on a Parasect, you need to get a lowly Paras to level 24 – at which point it’ll evolve.

Though its Speed stat makes it a slow Pokemon, its other stats aren’t too shabby – with Attack in particular being above average.

Grass type move Giga Drain – learned at level 44 – and Bug type move X-Scissor (which Parasect gains access to at level 66) are its biggest and most potent Attack moves.

6. Klawf


From a Pokemon introduced in the very beginning to one that has only just emerged – Rock type Klawf first appeared in ninth generation games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

You can take a look at our list of Pokemon games in order to see just how far things have come since Red and Blue, all the way up to Klawf debuting in Scarlet and Violet!

Klawf’s stats are a real mixed bag, with some being really low and others being particularly impressive – for example, both Klawf’s Attack and Defense stats are above average, but its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def are pretty poor.

However, good luck piercing Klawf’s exterior – its Shell Armor ability prevents all critical hits!

Though Klawf doesn’t have a hugely impressive suite of Attack options available as it levels up, Ground type move High Horsepower deals out a decent amount of damage, albeit with 95% accuracy.

However, its real secret strength is in the move Guillotine – which it learns at level 56.

Though it only has a 30% chance of success, when it hits, it’s guaranteed to make the opposing Pokemon faint!

5. Crawdaunt


Evolving from Corphish when it reaches level 30, Water and Dark type Crawdaunt first appeared in third generation games Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Crawdaunt may be lacking in a few areas, but it has definitely got some serious power in terms of its Attack stat!

Its move Crabhammer – learned at level 52 – is powerful and has an increased critical hit rate.

Just like Klawf, Crawdaunt can also learn the superb (albeit risky in terms of its accuracy) Guillotine, at level 64.

Crawdaunt is a great option for players who like to go on the offensive; it’s an obvious choice for the best Crab Pokemon list!

4. Kingler


You know you can trust us here at Retro Dodo – we told you you’d see Kingler make an appearance on the best Crab Pokemon list, and here it is!

Kingler is like Krabby – who it evolves from at level 28 – dialled up to eleven.

One of the original 151 Pokemon in Pokemon Red and Blue, it’s pretty cool that Kingler still holds its own, following the introduction of so many generations of creatures since it first debuted.

Kingler’s strengths lie in very high Attack and excellent Defense, with it also having access to excellent moves like Crabhammer and Guillotine – which seem particularly prevalent among crustaceans!

Electric and Grass type moves are the only ones Kingler needs to be extra careful of – and in terms of resistance, it’s strong against Fire, Water, Ice and Steel attacks.

Yet there are still a few entries left on the best Crab Pokemon list – so who can beat the mighty Kingler?

Let’s take a look!

3. Crabominable


Fighting and Ice type Pokemon Crabominable was first defrosted in seventh generation games Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Evolving from Crabrawler either when an Ice Stone is used or at Mount Lanakila in Alola, Crabominable is a fun mash-up of a crustacean with a Yeti.

Just like its Abominable Snowman inspiration, Crabominable is a bit of a lumbering beast – with a very low Speed stat.

Yet it has great HP – making it pretty resilient – and a genuinely impressive Attack stat too.

A one-two punch of Fighting moves – in the form of Dynamic Punch and Close Combat – are the heavy hitters in its repertoire.

Crabominable is definitely a Pokemon you wouldn’t want to run into as you climb a lonely, freezing cold mountain!

2. Crustle


Bug and Rock type Pokemon Crustle first crawled its way out of the ground in fifth generation titles Pokemon Black and White, evolving from the much weedier Dwebble when it reaches level 34.

With a piece of the land acting as a shell, Crustle has a great Defense stat, along with two abilities that help to make it a real contender in Pokemon battles.

First up is the Sturdy ability, which ensures that Crustle can’t be knocked out with one hit.

Secondly, Crustle also has the Shell Armor ability – which entirely prevents critical hits against it!

Though Defense is its strongest stat, Crustle is no slouch with its above average Attack.

It has a few great attack moves too – X-Scissor is learned at level 38 and, following a few more Defensive moves, Rock Wrecker at level 56.

Though Rock Wrecker does leave Crustle needing to recharge the next turn after use, it’s a very powerful attack that should make short work of opponents. 

1. Clawitzer


Not exactly the fastest Pokemon in the sea – a fact that isn’t surprising given the hilariously massive, lopsided, bazooka-like claw sported by this creature – Water type Pokemon Clawitzer first surfaced in sixth generation titles Pokemon X and Y.

Evolving from the not especially impressive Clauncher (the number nine entry on the best Crab Pokemon list!), Clawitzer is a Pokemon that packs a solid punch.

Sp. Atk is Clawitzer’s standout stat – and it also has a strong series of attack moves that unlock as it levels up.

Bounce, Muddy Water and Crabhammer are all strong attacks with special effects that make them stand out for their versatility.

Though none are 100% accurate, they help to make Clawitzer a powerful, adaptable Pokemon and an obvious choice for the top spot of the best Crab Pokemon list!

Which Crab Pokemon are making your team? Should Krabby hang up its claws and retire? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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