15 Weakest Pokemon of All Time

Weakest Pokemon

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It’s time to grab a Repel, put those Pokeballs away and just walk very slowly past the inhabitants of this list – as we check out the weakest Pokemon of all time!

Here at Retro Dodo, we love taking deep dives into the Pokedex and picking out the strongest, most powerful or even just the cutest Pokemon.

Seriously, we’ve compiled countless lists on the best ever Pokemon – just take a look at our strongest Pokemon, best psychic Pokemon or the best cute Pokemon articles for more!

What about those Pokemon right at the other end of the scale though?

The ones that no one wants?

The most weak and feeble Pokemon of them all?

With more than 900 Pokemon currently available, not all of them are going to be excellent choices.

Which are the absolute worst though?

Let’s find out, as we check out the weakest Pokemon of all time!

15. Metapod

Metapod - weakest pokemon

Though there are numerous metrics we can use to determine the weakest Pokemon, taking a look at the combined base stats for Attack and Defense is a pretty good indicator.

Metapod – a first generation Bug Pokemon introduced in the very first games, Pokemon Red and Blue – certainly struggles with both of those stats.

However, it also fails to make up for the lack of offensive and defensive ability with any of its other statistics either.

Saying that, its Defense is better than that found on most other Pokemon on this list.

You would probably expect that, considering Metapod – being a cocoon – is simply a stepping stone from Caterpie to Butterfree. 

Metapod’s one saving grace is that it’ll only need to reach level 10 before evolving into the final form of Butterfree.

Considering Caterpie evolves into Metapod at level 7, you won’t have to endure the weakness of Metapod for very long!

14. Wynaut


Cute, Psychic Pokemon Wynaut made its debut in generation three games Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

It evolves into the hilariously bizarre Wobbuffet at level 15, but until then you do have to deal with a creature that’s not exactly blessed with significant power.

Like Metapod, Wynaut’s stats don’t make it a complete washout; in fact, Wynaut’s HP isn’t too bad, considering how poor the rest of its base stats are.

Seriously, this Pokemon really doesn’t have much going for it – Wynaut even lacks much in the way of direct attack moves. 

If you have one in your party, you’ll be eager to evolve it into the far more capable Wobbuffet as soon as possible!

13. Marill

Marill - weakest pokemon

Another Pokemon whose cuteness makes up for its lack of ability, Marill’s poor Attack stat isn’t quite as bad as the Pokemon you’ll find as we head further down this list – but that still puts it amongst the lowest of the low.

Marill – a Water and Fairy type Pokemon who first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver, way back in the second generation of Pokemon games – has reasonable HP, but it’s seriously lacking in just about every other area.

It’s a step up from its original form – Azurill – as you’ll see if you keep reading, but not much of one!

At level 18, your Marill will evolve into an Azumarill, however – so you won’t have to deal with this adorable, albeit weak, Pokemon for long!

12. Mantyke


Perhaps the first Pokemon on this list who has a genuinely excellent stat – Sp. Def, in case you were wondering.

Unfortunately, its Attack, Defense and HP are not good – to say the least.

This cute, manta ray-esque Pokemon first popped up in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, part of the fourth generation of Pokemon games.

A Water and Flying type Pokemon, Mantyke is also especially susceptible to Electric type attacks – so whatever you do, don’t even put it up against a Pikachu!

11. Magikarp

Magikarp - weakest pokemon

When we first came up with the idea for a list showcasing the very weakest Pokemon at Retro Dodo Towers, we expected Magikarp to be at the top of the list.

After all, it’s a first generation Pokemon who’s famous – iconic, even – for being absolutely useless, right?

Even its various Pokedex entries can’t help but lay on the insults. Check out this hilarious entry, from Pokemon FireRed:

“It is virtually worthless in terms of both power and speed. It is the most weak and pathetic Pokemon in the world”.


Poor Magikarp.

Yet if we’re going purely on stats – with maybe a sprinkling of potential too – Magikarp isn’t that bad.

I mean, sure it’s terrible – look where it’s placed on this weakest Pokemon list for starters – but certainly from the perspective of its stats, there are worse Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Plus – and here’s where we swim back to talk about potential – it does evolve into the excellent Gyarados at level 20.

So maybe Magikarp’s terrible image isn’t so warranted after all. 

I think it just needs a new publicist, to be honest.

10. Azurill


We’ve already covered Marill, the first evolved form of Azurill – but what about Azurill itself?

Well of course, Azurill being at the number 10 spot in our weakest Pokemon list demonstrates that it’s not exactly the best Pokemon in the world.

It is adorable though, isn’t it?

Azurill is a Water and Fairy type Pokemon who first popped up in third generation games Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

You’ll be stuck with an Azurill for an unusually long time too, as it doesn’t evolve into the (also unimpressive) Marill until it reaches level 18.

The best thing that Azurill has going for it is that it only has weaknesses against two types of Pokemon attack: Steel and Poison. 

Yet it won’t hold up to much punishment, given its low HP and underwhelming Defense.

9. Smeargle

Smeargle - weakest pokemon

Truly the Bob Ross of Pokemon, Smeargle is more interested in painting – using the fluid that oozes from its tail (which is pretty gross when you think about it!) – than battling.

Debuting way back in second generation games Pokemon Gold and Silver, Smeargle – unlike many other creatures on this list – doesn’t even have the saving grace of being able to evolve into a more impressive Pokemon at any point.

Nope, it’s just Smeargle forever. No evolving for you!

As for positives? It does have a few.

Smeargle’s Speed isn’t too bad. It only has weakness to Fighting type moves. 

Smeargle’s lone learned move is Sketch, which allows it to copy moves that are used against it.

Other than that, there’s little else that would make Smeargle a useful ally.

Given how weak it is, you’re better off using almost any other Pokemon in a fight – otherwise, Smeargle is liable to have itself a happy little accident.

8. Ledyba


So many weak Pokemon are actually incredibly appealing thanks to their visual design – and Ledyba is no exception in that area.

A Bug and Flying type Pokemon who debuted in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Ledyba has fairly decent Sp. Def, but lacks in all other areas.

It evolves into Ledian at level 18, but you may have difficulty coping until then – especially as Ledyba is weak against Fire, Electric, Ice and Flying type moves!

Ledyba is even twice as weak against Rock type moves – proving exactly why it finds itself so high on the list of the weakest Pokemon!

7. Wishiwashi (Solo Form)

Wishiwashi - weakest pokemon

Introduced in 7th generation titles Pokemon Sun and Moon, Wishiwashi is a Water type Pokemon known as a ‘small fry’.

Despite weighing just 0.3kg and measuring 0.2m in height, the citizens of Alola are terrified of Wishiwashi!

Oddly – and in spite of its genuinely terrible stats, which really are among the very worst in the Pokedex – there’s good reason for that.

At level 20 – and as long as Wishiwashi has at least 25% of its HP remaining – it can activate the ‘Schooling’ ability.

This calls together numerous Wishiwashis to make the School Form – which is a genuinely powerful Pokemon!

Alas, on its own Wishiwashi is a complete wash out. I’m not even sorry for that pun.

6. Blipbug


Sp. Def and Speed are the only two stats which keep Blipbug from being even higher up on this list.

A Bug type, Larva Pokemon that made its debut pretty recently in 8th generation titles Pokemon Sword and Shield, Blipbug is a seriously weak Pokemon.

Thankfully, you’ll only have to grow your Blipbug to level 10 before it becomes the much better (though not exactly earth-shattering) Dottler, which at least has excellent Defense and Sp. Def on its side – as well as being Psychic type, giving it other advantages too.

The one move that Blipbug learns – Struggle Bug – isn’t particularly powerful either, making this one Pokemon that you’ll want to leave in the long grass.

It’s weak against Fire, Flying and Rock type Pokemon – so if you do decide to take Blipbug out for an adventure, do tread carefully or it just might get trod on itself!

5. Abra

Abra - weakest pokemon

As one of the most beloved of the original 151 Pokemon – from generation one titles Pokemon Red and Blue – it might surprise you to see cute little Psychic type Abra so high up on this list.

Though Abra makes up for some stat weakness with genuinely excellent Sp. Atk and above average Speed, nothing can hide the fact that this cute little critter could be in for a tough time – at least until it reaches level 16 and evolves into the formidable, Uri-Geller baiting Kadabra!

One thing that saves Wild Abras from capture so frequently is the fact that they Teleport away from battles – which makes them frustrating to try and catch, as well as demonstrating that they know when they’re in fights they can’t win.

So perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise at all to see this OG Pokemon all the way near the top of the weakest Pokemon list!

4. Feebas


What is it with fish in the Pokedex? They show up in these terribly feeble forms, but give them a bit of attention and they turn into absolute badasses!

Feebas is no exception – its name, which of course rhymes with Seabass, even seems to be alluding to its feeble nature too.

Introduced in third generation games Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Water type Pokemon Feebas is actually a pretty rare catch, being available in a small number of random fishing spots in the first few games it appears in.

Though its Speed is reasonable, it’s underwhelming – if not outright terrible – in all other areas. 

Yet if you trade a Feebas while its holding a Prism Scale (or level up while it has maximum Beauty), you can evolve it into the superb Milotic, a beautifully designed and very capable Pokemon.

Can you cope with this horrendous fish Pokemon until that point though? 

It’s certainly worth the hassle, despite the fact that Feebas genuinely is one of the very weakest Pokemon in the entire Pokedex!

3. Blissey

Blissey - weakest pokemon

Blissey is a popular Pokemon who arrived with generation two titles Pokemon Gold and Silver.

It has a few incredibly impressive stats – including one of the very highest HP stats overall.

Yet there’s no denying just how weak it is in terms of offensive power – both its Attack and Defense stats are so small that they’re practically non-existent, for example!

Blissey is certainly not a Pokemon who’s easy to use, though it definitely does emerge as stronger than the Pokemon it evolves from – as you’ll soon see!

2. Happiny


Normal type Pokemon Happiny was introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl as the most basic form of Chancey (which itself evolves into Blissey).

Happiny might have what it takes when it comes to looking cute, but its terrible Attack, Defense and Sp. Atk stats are near enough the very worst in the entire Pokedex!

Moving on to becoming a Chansey – by holding an Oval Stone during the daytime – won’t even solve your strength woes when it comes to Happiny, as you’ll soon see if you keep reading!

1. Chansey

Chansey - weakest pokemon

So yes, evolving a Happiny will give you a Chansey – and with all three of Chansey’s forms occupying the top spots of the weakest Pokemon list, you have to wonder why you’d bother with any of them!

Chansey is one of the original 151 Pokemon from generation one’s Pokemon Red and Blue – and is undoubtedly the weakest Pokemon not only from that original selection, but in the entire Pokedex.

It’s wrong to say that Chansey doesn’t have its uses – it’ll soak up damage like few other Pokemon, given the excellent HP it has – but its Attack, Defense and Sp. Atk stats are truly terrible.

However, if you do get your Chansey to a high enough Friendship level, it’ll evolve into a Blissey.

With Blissey being the third weakest Pokemon on our list, you’ve got to see that as some sort of progress, right?

At least they’re all cute, I guess.

So there you have it – our list of the weakest Pokemon is complete!

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