Best Class For All Characters In Fire Emblem Engage

Whether you’re at the very beginning of your Fire Emblem adventure or have managed to get half way through and are now finding things a little tricky, it’s definitely beneficial to know all about the best class for all characters in Fire Emblem engage!

Even on normal difficulty, this game isn’t easy. And if you don’t find the right class and choose the right allies along the way, then your final skirmish with the Fell Dragon is going to end very badly everyone involved.

You see, picking a class doesn’t just mean taking an axe or a sword into battle. It’s much more in-depth than that, with different classes enhancing certain character traits.

But how does a person go about figuring out which class best suits each and every character. How many characters and classes even are there in this game?

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you and written a comprehensive guide as to which class enhances which character the most.

Firstly though, if you haven’t done your research on what the different classes mean in this game, then, open up our all classes in Fire Emblem Engage article to get an understanding of all the different terms.

From there, you can begin to research and experiment with advance class choices for your character too.

Don’t worry; I know that’s a lot to take in, but we’re here to walk you through it all step by step. And if you need a reference to what the characters look like at any stage, use our best gifts in Fire Emblem engage article to jog your memory!

1. Alcryst – Tireur d’elite

A Specialist Class available only to Alcryst, Tireur d’elite is the most obvious and effective choice. Tireur d’elite deals high damage, turning Alcryst into a deadly one hit Unit. However, this Class is also more vulnerable to magic, so plan your deployment accordingly. 

2. Alfred – Avenir

Avenir, exclusive to Alfred, is also a Specialist Class that aligns perfectly with his Stats. Proficient in both lance and sword combat, Alfred becomes a solid defensive and offensive Unit, with the Golden Lotus skill arguably his most potent secret weapon. 

3. Amber – Great Knight

When you first meet Amber, it’s clear that his high HP, and good Defence Stats, make him ideal for the Advance Class of Great Knight. Although Paladins are beneficial to your team, they rely more on boosting your defences, whereas Great Knights go on the attack.

4. Anna – Sage

I know suggesting a magical Advance Class for Anna seems like an odd choice, considering you meet her as an axe user, but trust me on this. Her Stats are all geared up for her to make a strong and formidable Sage, able to attack from afar with unforgiving force. To keep her as an axe user will prove unsuccessful, simply because her Defence Stats are quite low. 

5. Boucheron – Berserker

If you’ve not been sold on Boucheron’s effectiveness, it’s likely because his Defence can leave a lot to be desired. But his high HP and quick Speed make up for what he lacks elsewhere, which is why the Advance Class of Berserker is perfect for him. He’ll hit hard, often landing one hit KOs. 

6. Bunet – Great Knight

Just like with Amber, Bunet can work well as either a Great Knight or Paladin. However, if you want Bunet to thrive and not just survive, then Great Knight is the only way forward. This way, he’ll be able to take quite a few knocks while delivering some of his own, without having to worry about his survival rate. 

7. Celine – Vidame

best Class for all characters in Fire Emblem Engage - Celine

If you want a badass mage who’s good with a sword, then you need to choose Vidame for Celine. It’s an Advance Class exclusive to her character, so is specially designed to suit her rate of growth throughout the game; choosing any other Class will dramatically lower Celine’s usefulness on the battlefield.

8. Chloe – Griffin Knight

I know I said that sometimes the most obvious choice isn’t the right one, but Chloe is an exception to this warning; Griffin Knight is the only Class that makes sense. Throughout the 66 hours I played, Chloe ended up being my MVP more often than not, arguably because she could swoop in, deal damage, then escape. 

9. Citrinne – Sage

You could choose to turn Citrinne into a Mage Knight, but Sage is the Class that allows her magical capabilities to really thrive on the battlefield. Citrinne will be more vulnerable to physical attacks as a Sage, but you can always pair her with Emblem Sigurd so she can easily move to safety after she strikes. 

10. Clanne – Mage Knight

It’s tempting to opt for Sage when selecting Clanne’s Advance Class, but Mage Knight gives him an adaptability Sage lacks. As a Mage Knight, Clanne can utilise both magic and sword. This, combined with his dexterity, will help him execute a smooth attack whilst also escaping harm. 

11. Diamant – Successeur

We come, once again, to another character who is best suited to the Specialist Class exclusively available to them. Diamant as a Successeur becomes an unstoppable tank; when you need someone to withstand brutal attacks, Diamant is your man… provided he’s a Successeur. 

12. Etie – Bow Knight

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t use Etie much, simply because other bow users proved much more effective. Nonetheless, if you have her as a Bow Knight, her high Strength will ensure she doesn’t fall at the first onslaught of multiple attacks. She won’t excel, but she’ll still prove useful. 

13. Fogado – Cupido

Fogado was another Unit I didn’t use much, however, I still found that the exclusive Class of Cupido served him the best. Being able to deal half the damage taken, thanks to Cupido’s Back At You skill, means Fogado can dish out extra pain while quickly evading injury. 

14. Framme – High Priest

Framme is up next in our best Class for all characters in Fire Emblem Engage article, and she’s all about supporting your team, which is why High Priest is the only Class that makes sense for her. This way, she can optimise her healer skills but also deal damage if she comes under fire, thanks to her proficiency in Arts and Tomes (aka hand-to-hand combat).

15. Goldmary – Hero or Great Knight

Some guides suggest Goldmary is best as a Great Knight, but, in my opinion, she best serves your team as a Hero. When it comes to deciding the best Class for Goldmary, it’s all about how she works within your chosen team – if her low Speed is hindering your progress, Great Knight will work as the better build. 

16. Hortensia – Sleipnir Rider

If you want to use Hortensia on a regular basis, and have her survive, you need to make her a Sleipnir Rider. The support she’ll be able to offer, while remaining out of harm’s way, is invaluable during fights when the going is getting ridiculously tough. 

17. Ivy – Lindwurm

Combine a mage with the ability to fly and you have a winning combination, which is why Lindwurm is the best Class for Ivy in Fire Emblem Engage. And, best of all, if you limit the number of healers you have on your team, Ivy can function as a makeshift healer in a pinch. 

18. Jade – General

If you want Jade to continue living up to her nickname the Iron Wall, then you need to choose the General Advance Class. She won’t necessarily move with speed, but her high HP and Defence will ensure she doesn’t fall victim to enemies easily. 

19. Jean – Martial Master

It’s easy to think High Priest would work best for Jean, after all, he’s a healer. But Pandreo ends up being one of the best healers on your team, so to ensure Jean doesn’t get forgotten, Martial Master allows him to brawl and heal. 

20. Kagetsu – Swordmaster

Kagetsu arrives as a Swordmaster, and it’s a Class he should remain in. The only way you can possibly improve his character is to pair him with a great Emblem Ring, otherwise, leave him to do his thing. 

21. Lapis – Swordmaster

Unfortunately, Lapis is another character that doesn’t live up to expectations, at least in terms of fighting. I found her to die quite easily, even when she was matched against enemies she could defeat, and so getting her to work well can be tricky. However, given her HP and Defence Stats, Swordmaster is the best Class for her. 

22. Lindon – Sage or Mage Knight

Lindon is a Sage when you meet him; it’s a Class that serves him well, allowing him to hit hard even at a distance. However, he can also work well as a Mage Knight, especially if you want to bolster his Speed. Both Advance Classes suit him well, with his Stats designed to adapt to either, and so the choice really depends on the rest of your team. 

23. Louis – General

A lot of players argue that Louis is best as a Great Knight, and while I see the perks of additional Movement, I believe Louis does best when he is your first line of Defence. By becoming a General, he can outlast some truly brutal attacks without suffering so much as a scratch.

24. Mauvier – Royal Knight

It’s a shame Mauvier doesn’t join you sooner because his Stats rate of growth is excellent, allowing him to become one of the best support Units on the battlefield. Consequently, Mauvier should be a Royal Knight. 

25. Merrin – Wolf Knight

Why mess with perfection? Merrin, like Kagetsu, is another character who is well suited to the Advance Class she already has. Wolf Knight allows her to travel far, strike quickly, and avoid attacks; any other Class just doesn’t utilise her skill set as well.

26. Pandreo – High Priest

I tried Pandreo as both a High Priest and a Mage Knight and can tell you, without a doubt, that he should always be a High Priest. Yes, Mage Knight will allow him to deal more damage and move more freely, but you’ll lose his fantastic healing skills if you choose that Class. 

27. Panette – Berserker

Panette became a staple of my team selection quite quickly, thanks to how devastating her attacks can be. Berserker Class, combined with Emblem Ike, is a partnership I implore you to test out for yourselves – you won’t be disappointed. 

28. Rosado – Wyvern Knight

I love Rosado. And while his Defence isn’t amazing, his Movement makes up for it. Have Rosado as a Wyvern Knight if you want to swoop in for the kill, but remain slightly out of reach of enemy attacks. He’ll be vulnerable to bow users, but if you strategically deploy him you’ll never notice that weakness. 

29. Saphir – Warrior

As much as I understand the argument to have Saphir as a Berserker, she is best as a Warrior. This is because Panette is by far the better Berserker Unit, and so Saphir should be used as a second act to what Panette can do, with her Merciless skill enabling her to hit broken enemies with relentless force. 

30. Seadall – Dancer

I’m not sure if this will upset some fans, but I never used Seadall – although his unique skill set is good, I found other Allies more valuable. However, if you intend to use Seadall regularly, make sure he’s a Dancer to get the most out of his supportive role.

31. Timerra – Picket

best Class for all characters in Fire Emblem Engage - Timerra

Picket is a Timerra exclusive, and one you shouldn’t sleep on or change. Mainly because of its Sandstorm skill, which can deal enormous damage to anyone standing in her way. I didn’t use Timerra often, but when I did, this skill came in super handy. 

32. Vander – Great Knight

I love Vander so much, but I soon found myself leaving him off my team in favour of other Units. Still, while I didn’t use him, that doesn’t mean you won’t – just make sure to have him as a Great Knight. Although Vander starts out as a Paladin, Great Knight will increase his Defence, and offer you a second weapon option.

33. Veyle – Fell Child

You can change Veyle’s Advance Class by using a Second Seal, but you really, really shouldn’t. Fell Child is the only way Veyle will stand out on the battlefield. And with skills like Fell spirit, which allows her to use whichever Emblem she’s paired with more often, she can quickly become a force to be reckoned with. 

34. Yunaka – Thief

I never messed around with Yunaka’s Class, and advise you to do the same; she’s meant to be a Thief. Anything else will reduce her effectiveness, and considering she can make or break a fight, I’d suggest avoiding such a mistake at all costs. 

35. Zelkov – Thief

It’s fair to say that Zelkov is a better example of the Thief Class than Yunaka, thanks to his high HP, so suggesting any other Class for him would be foolish. As a Thief, Zelkov can execute some lethal blows in quick succession. 

Although this is my final verdict on the best Class for all characters in Fire Emblem Engage, how you develop your team is ultimately your decision.

Which Are The Best Classes In Fire Emblem Engage?

Out of all the classes in Fire Emblem Engage, Wyvern Knight, Thief, and Warrior crop up the most as being all out fan favourites.

As gamers, we all have our own opinions and favourite characters/classes to use in games like Fire Emblem Engage. And while some might work better than others, some are just downright cooler.

Fans across the globe have been making their own favourite classes list January 2023 when this epic game dropped, and we’ve been continually checking out the forums ever since.

Who wouldn’t want to be a gnarly Thief or a Wyvern Knight for crying loud!

How Many Characters Are In Fire Emblem Engage?

There are a total of 35 characters for players to use in Fire Emblem Engage.

That’s a lot of names to get to grips with, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in the list above. And if you’re interested in honing your team further, you might want to brush up on your knowledge of all Unit Types in Fire Emblem

How Many Classes Are There In Fire Emblem Engage?

There are 75 playable classes and 42 non-playable classes in Fire Emblem engage

For the playable classes, that’s a total of 22 exclusive classes and 53 regular classes.

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