Ranking The Best Boxing Games For PS4

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You lookin’ to knock somebody’s block off? Well glove up, cause we are about to list the best boxing games for the PS4 in 2023.

Boxing is a popular sports genre for video games, especially for VR… which we will see a few entries on this list.

And as we will also see, boxing games aren’t just limited to what you might expect to see in the boxing ring.

So let’s appreciate the awesome genre of boxing video games now.

Coming Soon: eSports Boxing Club

eSports Boxing Club

eSports Boxing Club is an upcoming title that aims to be the definitive boxing video game with action sim game play, licensed boxers and a deep career mode.

Rise through the ranks of amateur and professional boxing leagues, develop your fighter’s skills and hire a team of trainers, promoters, nutritionists… this thing is as real as it gets for a boxing sim.

eSports Boxing Club is going to be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

It’s not out yet, but we wanted to mention this one because we believe it will become the boxing game for fans of the genre. Destined to be a classic.

8. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2019)

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is the official video game for the 2020 Olympics developed by Sega.

The game was released in 2019 before the 2020 covid pandemic delayed the Tokyo events.

[I was living in Japan at the time, and I got a Tokyo 2020 hat on discount due to the delays as well. So I guess not all was bad with the pandemic.]

The game released in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and was pushed back to 2021 for Windows and Xbox One.

Delays and pandemic stuff aside, the game itself features 80 national teams and 18 events (including boxing of course).

And it’s a heck of a good time for sports fans, especially since you get so much variety in game play due to the amount of different sports featured.

The game had pretty good reviews as well, and we definitely recommend it for boxing fans or just fans of sports compilations that you can pick up for a good price.

We mentioned another awesome Olympic game on our list of the 15 Best Multiplayer Wii Games Of All Time: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. A classic.

7. Fight Knight (2021)

Fight Knight

This one might be cheating…

But when you got a game that looks like the original Doom and you’re a knight who punches their way through dungeons… kinda hard to not include it.

Still a game that focuses on fists in somebody’s face.

This game is a heck of a good time. Weird retro graphics, weird retro music, fast paced dungeon runs, punch the S@# out of some skeletons. Nuff said.

Available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows via the Steam Store.

6. Creed: Rise To Glory (2018)

Creed: Rise To Glory

Creed: Rise To Glory is a virtual reality boxing game inspired by the Creed film franchise.

The game is compatible with most popular VR accessories that were available at the time of release in 2018, including the PSVR for PlayStation 4.

Game play can be experienced through the career mode or multiplayer battle.

VR games do not typically end up being very enjoyable or receiving the best reviews. So for this game to have mostly positive reviews is a testament to the quality here.

And if you check out some of the game play images, you can see why… this game looks awesome.

The Rocky Legends Update DLC made the game even that more interesting, especially for oldschool Rocky fans (if you did not know, Creed is a Rocky spinoff film series).

5. Drunkn Bar Fight (2016)

Drunkn Bar Fight

We got another VR boxing game for you… this time, one that takes place in less official settings.

These fights definitely are not sanctioned.

Drunkn Bar Fight is exactly what you think it is… it’s a “boxing” game that takes place in bars.

And it’s not just hands that you will be throwing… you can also crack people in the head with a pint of beer or blast them in the face with a fire extinguisher.

I don’t condone the behavior in this game, but it’s just a game… so have at it!

Available on PS4, Steam, Oculus Quest, or real life if you wanna just head to the closest bar.

4. Knockout League (2018)

Knockout League

Alright alright.. it’s another VR game. But we promise, this one is absolutely worth it.

Knockout League is an arcade style boxing game for the PSVR on the PS4 that has an awesome visual style similar to Overwatch.

And the game will take you through thorough training courses that will eventually land you across the ring from a pirate, octopus, and some regular dudes.. each with their own unique fight styles to challenge your skills.

It’s too bad that we never got the PS4 version of the Wii Boxing Gloves, but we can still wear some real boxing gloves while playing in VR I guess!

3. EA Sports UFC 4 (2020)

EA Sports UFC 4

Okay, so I am well aware that mixed martial arts is not boxing. So I originally did not intend to include this game on our list of best boxing games for PS4.

However, I kept coming back to it and after including games about knights punching people and drunk fights in bars… there’s no good reason I can’t include mixed martial arts.

Cause in reality… that “mix” would include boxing.

UFC 4 is the latest MMA game title from EA Sports, who knows a thing or two about sports video games.

And UFC 4 represents the absolute best in MMA game titles with a gigantic roster of fighters and a wide range of techniques you can apply in combat. And it just keeps getting bigger.

Not boxing, strictly speaking, but absolutely one of the best fighting games, and still an amazing title for any fan of boxing, jiu jitsu, mma and tattooed dudes without shirts or shoes on.

2. Pato Box (2018)

Pato Box

Pato Box is a game that is unlike any other on this list.

One of the taglines for the game: “A surreal boxing quest with a duck!” That should already tell you the kind of personality you will get in this boxing adventure game.

With a black and white visual style like Sin City and boxing matches inspired by Punch-Out!!, this award winning title is available for Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and Nintendo Switch.

We will have to wait to see if Mike Tyson gets his New Punch-Out Game, but for now.. we got Pato.

I love how your character walks around the world in boxing shorts and gloves, and you can literally punch your way through the environment.

And you have a super ripped human body with a ducks face. Yup. Really.

1. Punch Club (2016)

Punch Club

Punch Club for the PS4 is an awesome game for retro fans with its cool pixel art style and mix of oldschool beat em up games and simulation game play. Part Sims part Bad Dudes.

Fans of the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge will absolutely love this boxing themed game.

The players task is to manage an upcoming boxer, train them, corner them in boxing matches… oh, and they are also trying to figure out who killed their father. Makes sense.

The cutscenes are stunning, game play is super entertaining, and the game is just different enough to really catch your attention.

With ports for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One aaaaaaaand PlayStation 4, clearly this game had a ton of demand out there.

We love this game. It’s right up our alley. And we cannot recommend it enough.

Easily one of the best boxing games for PS4, if not for any system.

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