Banjo Kazooie N64 Release Finally Drops On Switch This Week

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The wait is finally over; the Banjo Kazooie Switch release is arriving this week!

Of all the N64 games to come to Nintendo Switch, this is the one that we’ve been most excited for.

Along with the Zelda Ocarina Of Time Switch release, we’ll soon have two of the greatest games of our childhoods…

… playable both on the TV and on the go!

It’s true that for a long time there was a lot of speculation as to whether Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo, Grunty, and the gang would ever appear back on a Nintendo console after Rare jumped ship to Microsoft.

For those of you wondering what all of the fuss is about, let’s give you a little lowdown.

The Banjo Kazooie Switch We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Yes folks; Banjo Kazooe Switch times are heading our way on the 20th January.

Everyone who has bought the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscription can log on and take their favourite bird ‘n bear duo on adventures once more!

As I mentioned above, Rare moved to Microsoft 20 years ago, but this game was one of the pivotal titles for our favourite retro console.

It’s quite poignant that this release is coming out 20 years after they left Nintendo. In a statement from Craig Duncan, the head honcho over at Rare, he said that it was always a pleasure to work with Ninty in keeping these classic games alive.

And to be honest, ties with Microsoft and Nintendo seem to be going pretty well at the minute.

We can see that through Banjo and Kazooie making the cut on Super Smash Bros, as well as Steve from Minecraft now becoming a playable character.

And with Rare racking up 4 of the best-selling N64 titles over the consoles lifespan, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few more titles coming to the fold in the near future.

Banjo Kazooie Switch - N64 gameplay

What Is Banjo Kazooie?

If you haven’t played one of the best N64 games of all time, then you really should have a word with yourself…

A Rare classic, this game follows Banjo and Kazooie as they try to rescue Banjo’s Cousin Tooty from the evil witch Gruntilda.

Team up with Bottles the mole, Mumbo Jumbo the shaman, and many other memorable characters as you collect Jiggys in Gruntilda’s lair, delving into wild and wonderful levels that test your wits and skill.

Learn new moves with Bottles and collect Mumbo tokens to transform into new and exciting creatures too.

Seriously, there’s so much to this game that you’ll be left speechless.

When Is The Banjo Kazooie Switch Release Dropping Again?

Banjo Kazooie is dropping on the Nintendo Switch 20/01…or 01/20 if you’re in America.

You can get hold of a copy yourself by visiting Nintendo Switch Online!

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