AYANEO Pocket Micro Announced With Unveiling At Remake Launch Event

ayaneo pocket micro announcement

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Regular Retro Dodo readers will know all about AYANEO and the range of handhelds and tech in their ‘Remake’ range, and we’ve discovered today that they’re planning to unveil their Pocket Micro handheld at the next Remake event on May 18th. This handheld is set to get every retro gamer’s pulse racing, taking things horizontal for those old-school Nintendo vibes that we know and love so dearly.

This is all we currently know about the new device, though if the image on the AYANEO Twitter page is anything to go by, it looks like it could be one of the sleekest handhelds they’ve made to date. There are no other specs or dimensions for me to share with you at this point, but consider our interests well and truly piqued, and we’ll be watching the unveiling very closely to give you all the facts.

In Conversation With AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang

arthur zhang

We recently had the opportunity to chat to Arthur Zhang about all things AYANEO, a conversation that gave us a great insight into his working process, inspirations, and plans for the future. As well as speaking about the devices in the current Remake range, we asked him what Retro Gaming meant to him.

‘We’ve deeply embedded retro culture into the DNA of the AYANEO brand. We strive to infuse retro elements into AYANEO products, experimenting extensively with color schemes. From these efforts to the latest AYANEO REMAKE concept, everything is geared toward paying homage to classics for players who share our passion for retro culture, collectively reminiscing about the good old times.’ Arthur Zhang

With the AYANEO Flip DS also taking inspiration from another classic Nintendo handheld, it’s clear to see that Arthur has a special place in his heart for all things Ninty. Hopefully, the next Remake event will give us even more information and more gadgets from Arthur and his team. For now, make sure to put May 18th in your calendar, and we’ll keep you up to date both here and in our newsletter!

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