AYANEO Flip DS and Flip KB IndieGogo Launch Announced


The highly anticipated AYANEO Flip DS and Flip KB clamshell gaming consoles are due to launch on IndieGogo in the very near future. This update came to our inbox directly from AYANEO themselves, this very morning!

The AYANEO Flip story is quite interesting (the DS model specifically), with it beginning as doubted rumors and eventually confirmed by AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang through our own website.

Because a tactile keyboard on a handheld gaming PC is something we have seen before, we will not focus on the Flip KB in our writings.

We are much more excited to see a proper dual-screen clamshell emulation console hit the market.

It’s been something the community has been begging for – the perfect gaming device for Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U emulation.

So did we get that in the new Flip DS? Let’s find out.

A Closer Look

AYANEO Flip DS and Flip KB IndieGogo
Image source: AYANEO

Our friend Arthur Zhang livestreamed the first hands-on experience with the Flip DS just hours ago.

This was a very helpful exercise to see how the Flip DS will look in our hands. And most importantly – what it will be like to use that secondary “DS” screen.

Sadly, we did not really get to see that screen used in any dual-screen gaming. What we saw more was that screen used as a way to multitask and run more than one experience on the device at the same time. Such as a game on the top screen and a Youtube video on the bottom screen.

So what do we think about that secondary “DS” touchscreen on the AYANEO Flip after seeing it in action?

As we had anticipated, and we’re sure that you would agree, the second screen is way too small to fulfill that Nintendo DS-like experience we were looking for.

The smaller secondary screen is exactly that – a secondary screen. It does not feel like an extension of the screen above. Especially due to the marked size difference and the large gap between the screens.

This touchscreen will serve well as a tool when using the Flip as a personal computer. And it will also work for any dual-screen games where that bottom panel is a tool for the game, not an extension of the action on screen.

So it’s up to you, the consumer, to decide if you believe that the AYANEO Flip DS has successfully scratched that dual-screen gaming itch.

Will It Fold Under Pressure?

AYANEO Flip DS and Flip KB IndieGogo
Image source: AYANEO

One thing we have no doubts about are the aesthetics of the new Flip DS and what we should expect from its performance capabilities.

AYANEO shared a stress test video of the near final device, featuring the ultra-powerful AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor.

We know that all of the powerful hardware packed inside of this sleek design will be able to run just about anything you can throw at it.

Nintendo DS and 3DS emulation should be absolutely no problem for this clamshell dual-screen gaming device.

It’s more a matter of getting everything configured just right for those dual-screens to play well together and offer you an enjoyable “DS” experience.

Needless to say, we’re doing everything we can to get our hands on the AYANEO Flip DS as soon as possible to put it through our own examination.

IndieGogo Campaign

We will not have to wait too long to be able to get our orders for the Flip DS and Flip KB secured. Because they are confirmed by AYANEO to be coming to Indiegogo this month, January 2024.

Of course, the benefit of being an early supporter on an outlet like Indiegogo is for that early bird pricing.

That pricing has yet to be shared, but we know it is typically a substantial benefit to get a discount on these premium devices that come with a premium pricetag.

So if the AYANEO Flip DS or Flip KB tickles your fancy, you should keep a very close eye on their official Indiegogo page.

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