Atari VCS Collector’s Edition Now Available To Purchase

Atari VCS Collector's Edition

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If you missed the crowdfunding campaign for the modern remake of the Atari VCS, now is the first time you can purchase a numbered Collector’s Edition of your own.

And you won’t even have to wait for it! But you’d better act quick, as this is a limited offer that is set to end on April 9th!

So what’s this Atari VCS Collector’s Edition all about anyways?

Atari VCS Collector’s Edition

Atari VCS

The Atari VCS Collector’s Edition was previously offered as a special bonus to those who backed the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the modern remake of the VCS.

Of course, those special numbered units have since been delivered to the backers. They went out in December of 2020, in fact.

Atari is now offering this as a limited edition special to the general public for the first time since that 2020 campaign.

Where the original backers had to wait for theirs to actually be produced, Atari now has the consoles ready to ship to you.

So for the price of $299.99usd, you can have an Atari VCS Collector’s Edition on its way to you home right now!

So what do you get when you purchase an Atari VCS?

  • Atari VCS Game System
  • Wireless Classic Joystick and Wireless Modern Controller
  • Atari VCS Vault, featuring 100 classic arcade and console games
  • Thousands of retro and indie games on Antstream Arcade

In our article about all ATARI consoles, we broke down how the 2020 release of the Atari VCS marked the first console release from Atari in over 25 years.

And the Atari VCS gave players a sleek new version of the original Atari 2600. Now with a Linux based OS and online store to download all of their favorite classic games.

So if you’ve been looking for the best way to play some of the best Atari games on a brand new home console, this is gonna be perfect.

Plus, those brand new wireless controllers are a major upgrade from the original Atari 2600. While maintaining that retro futuristic look that made Atari such a legend in video game history.


credit: atari

It’s hard to say if we think this is quite fair to those who backed the crowdfunding campaign to bring the modern iteration of the Atari VCS to reality.

Especially if any promises were made about those Collector’s Editions being limited to the Indiegogo backers.

But, at the same time, it’s also quite cool that now anybody can get their own numbered Collector’s Edition VCS.

There’s always gonna be those who are not quite comfortable backing a crowdfunding campaign and not knowing exactly when the product will actually be delivered.

So now, there’s no mystery to it. You buy it – it will ship now. Easy-peasy.

But this limited offer is set to end on April 9th. Which means you’ve got less than a week to go grab your own.

So act now if you’ve been hoping to get your own Atari VCS Collector’s Edition.

And hopefully this is the last time they offer it as a limited thing. Or we might stop giving this “limited” stuff any credit.

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