Modder Makes Retro Handheld By Combining An Apple Watch And Gaming Controller

A photo of an apple watch running android on a PS5 controller

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How many of you have an Apple Watch strapped to your wrist and wish it could be like the classic Nelsonic Zelda Watch of old? All that tech without the means to walk around Hyrule or smash barrels as Jumpman seems a little bit pointless, right?

I actually used to think this quite a lot back when I had an Apple Watch when they first came out, and then again when I bought one a couple of years ago and ended up selling it to a friend about a month afterward. Having the ability to play retro games on it would have made it 100 times more appealing to me and would have helped no end when wanting to procrastinate.

Well, despite Apple allowing emulators on iPhones now, we still haven’t managed to get a fully-fledged gaming experience on the wrist. What we have seen, however, is a FrankenWatch console paired with a gaming controller that can play Gameboy games on the go. As long as you’ve got charge on both the controller and watch, you could take this gaming setup anywhere!

Game & Watch, Though Not The One You’re Expecting!

As you can see from the video above posted by Reddit user and modder R3V3RB_7, the console is essentially a modded Apple Watch Ultra clone running Android instead of Apple’s operating system. The emulator in question is My Boy!, one of our go-to Android emulators for playing GBA games on the go.

I know the whole thing has a smaller screen than a GBA and a different setup when it comes to more buttons and extra analogue sticks added into the mix, but seeing Castlevania playing on a tiny screen like this makes our nostalgic hearts skip a beat/

Watching the video shows just how smoothly this emulator runs on such a small device too. I mean, the Apple Watch has some power behind it to cope with all the apps users use on a daily basis, but getting it to run a GBA game is still a large task.

We’ve seen lots of modded consoles and handhelds over the years (you could call it one of our specialties), the most recent being this Famicom Gameboy clone that looks a little like a walkman. The Modding community never ceases to amaze me with their ingenuity, and I’m keeping an eye out for more watch-related mods and Apple Watch gaming emulator news to see if we can get that gaming experience fully on the wrist!

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