New Wireless Retro-Bit Sega Saturn Controller Available To Order Now

Retro-Bit Sega Saturn Controller

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Retro-Bit, the Retro specialists that have made several Retro Dodo appearances over the years, have just launched their brand new wireless Sega Saturn Controller.

Retro-Bit actually has a large line of third-party peripherals, including the Retro-Bit LegacyGC GameCube controller. So we know they have some experience in the space.

And Retro-Bit has an extensive relationship working directly with Sega, going all the way back to 2018 when they teased their first prototypes for Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast controllers.

Retro-Bit Sega Saturn Controller

The new Retro-Bit Sega Saturn 2.4GHz wireless controller is modeled after the familiar form of the Saturn control pad of yesteryear.

Except the control pad has had some major upgrades since its original release.

It will still feature six face buttons and that iconic round dpad that we know Sega controllers for.

But there have been some modern enhancements as well. Such as the upgrade to four triggers, two hall joysticks, and of course… we’ve gone cordless.

Retro-Bit Sega Saturn Controller
Image Source: Retro-Bit

There are also new Home and Select buttons, as well as button-macros for repeat actions or turbo functionality.

The new Retro-Bit Sega Saturn Controllers are compatible with any machine with a USB input. So that includes Windows and Mac home computers.

Of course, they also come with a wireless receiver for the original Sega Saturn port too. Which is probably what you’re going to want these for!

Purchasing Information

Retro-Bit Sega Saturn Controller
Image Source: Retro-Bit

The brand new Sega Saturn wireless controller from Retro-Bit is due to release in December 2023.

It will launch at a retail price of $49.99USD, which sounds about right to us.

Retailers are slowly being announced, but we can anticipate availability in North America and Europe via online retailers. Head to Retro-Bit for more details

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