ANBERNIC Officially Reveals New RG40XX H After Recent Leaks

rg40xx h anbernic

Last week ANBERNIC’s RG40XX “leaked” thanks to staff sharing it on Chinese social media, at that point it looked almost finished, and this finally confirms that as it’s now officially revealed via their YouTube channel.

It’s official name is the RG40XX H, which is pretty standard when it comes to ANBERNIC’s devices, even if it is becoming far more confusing as the years go by for newcomers to the scene. It’s about time they named these things something memorable, but I don’t think they’ll change their pattern now!

The leaks were real, and the RG405XX looks incredibly similar to the TRIMUI Smart Pro handheld that launched a while back. It’s as if ANBERNIC are moving towards a more rounded look, which is different from their square 353 series that I loved.

I guess this is for marketing reasons and to make their devices look as new as possible, even if majority of them all do exactly the same thing! It comes in three color options: black, grey and blue all featuring LED joysticks that have 5 different ambient light modes and can select a choice of over 16,000,000 colors to use constantly. 25 or so colours would have done nicely, but we’ll take the rest… thanks!

The only specifications they have revealed so far are: a 4″ IPS full-laminated display with a resolution of 640×480, a 5G Wifi module, bluetooth, HDMI out and Moonlight streaming.

It is rumoured to house the Allwinner H700 CPU which I think many will find disappointing as the ergonomics of this devices feels as if it should and could do more. Oh, and the fact that ANBERNIC have launched a countless amount of devices with this chipsets.

It’s the same thing but different, a tactic they have used for a long while now, but I think their customers are learning quickly that they no longer need more and more of the same devices, especially with the rise of iOS emulation.

This is me being a little pessimistic I’ll admit, but the handheld itself looks really comfortable, it features stacked shoulder buttons, enough power to emulate PSP, Dreamcast and N64 games all for a price of under $99 (hopefully), but that has yet to be officially announced.

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