Upcoming ANBERNIC RG40XX Handheld “Leaks”

anbernic rg40xx

It’s getting to a point where I can’t remember how many ANBERNIC leak posts I have produced. It’s obvious at this point that ANBERNIC are purposely revealing these handhelds on their own staff’s social profiles before its official.

And it works, because fools like me write about it. This time a video has appeared showing what is being called the ANBERNIC RG40XX.

This is a 4:3 retro handheld that looks like a mix between the RG Cube and a RG556 featuring the LED joysticks that many folks are enjoying. This video was revealed on Reddit by user /Leogarnan1989 yesterday.

From a glance it’s keeping the much loved DPAD which was missing from their recent RG35XXSP clamshell device that I thoroughly enjoyed. It has gone with the high gloss buttons, small bezels, a headphone jack at the bottom and a choice of a few colours.

Starting with black, blue and grey. Rumours have it that this is rocking the Allwinner H700 chipset with a Linux OS, meaning we’ll unfortunately be greeted with ANBERNIC’s poor front-end, which can immediately be changed but it’s a faff for newcomers.

Due to its name and mentions in the video, it will feature a 4″ screen with a delightful resolution of 640 x 480, making it great for retro games.

As of now there is no new information regarding pricing, battery life or release date, but from what I can tell it looks like the product is close to finished, and leaks like this typically come out a few weeks before the official announcement and a couple months before pre-orders. So expect this to be available to learn about and maybe order in July.

I am excited about this one, it looks like a great size, and the LED joysticks give it a modern look, I just wish this had a metal shell, it’s as if ANBERNIC just don’t make metal devices anymore, which is a shame because the RG450M felt fantastic in the hand.

Only time will tell I suppose, they might release a limited edition version, but that’s unlikely!

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