Analogue Announces Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Pocket

Analogue Pocket - Glow in the Dark

Analogue has just shocked us all and announced a brand new colorway for their incredible Pocket handheld: a limited edition Analogue Pocket – Glow in the Dark.

I was very surprised to see this announcement, because for the past two years Analogue has been keeping it very simple with their black and white models.

Many of us have been begging for new colorway options, like a transparent model to show off the incredible hardware inside the Pocket.

But of all colors to come next from Analogue, we certainly would not have bet on a glow in the dark green.

Analogue Pocket

Retro Dodo already had a lot of love for the Analogue Pocket at launch back in early 2022.

And after the openFPGA update made playing games via the SD card possible, it became one of the absolute best handhelds for your retro gaming enjoyment.

The only problem was that it was so difficult to actually get one.

You basically got a pre-order in and waited. And waited. And waited. Some people waited over a year for theirs to arrive!

But thankfully Analogue has almost caught up with their orders, and most people have received their pre-ordered units.

So if you were to go make your purchase of a black or white model today, you can anticipate that it will ship sometime in the next week or two.

Analogue Pocket – Glow in the Dark

Analogue Pocket - Glow in the Dark
Image Source: Analogue

The brand new glow in the dark colorway for the Analogue Pocket is further confirmation that Analogue is catching up with orders.

We would hope that they would not start talking about a new model while people still waited for the original models. That would certainly cause some controversy.

Back to the topic at hand… what a seriously wild option to go with for their third colorway. In Analogue’s own words: “radioactive, chalky, starry”.

The shell and buttons are said to be made of a “proprietary high quality photo-luminescent plastic”, which will absorb and slowly release the stored light over an 8 hour period.

There has been no mention of any changes to the internal hardware, and we expect the exact same setup inside the shell.

I’m mostly curious to see if the new plastic makes improvements with fingerprints or scratches. Because this is where the original models had some obvious problems.

Some comments on social media also make a good point – this might be a bit annoying at night when you’re gaming in bed or that glowing unit is in the room while you try to sleep.

But come on, this color choice surely isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a very bold choice from a bold manufacturer for bold customers.

If something this extraordinary tickles your fancy, then you’ll want to get your wallets ready soon.

Purchasing Information

Analogue Pocket - Glow in the Dark
Image Source: Analogue

The brand new glow in the dark Analogue Pocket colorway will be “highly limited quantities”, so you’ll absolutely want to jump on this as soon as they are made available.

And we already know when that will be. The sale page will go live on September 1st at 8am PDT.

Because Analogue has basically caught up on all back ordered units, this is also not a pre-order. They said when you order it, it will ship within 24-48 hours.

The retail price for the glow in the dark model is coming in at $249.99usd (the black and white models are $219.99usd).

It’s not a bad premium to pay for a very unique colorway on a limited quantity run.

Needless to say, this has us quite excited knowing that Analogue has new color options in mind.

So it’s still on the table to get future options like transparent colors.

For now, we’re extremely happy to see anything new at all, and Analogue might be making up for all of the past delays.

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