Analogue Announces The Nintendo 64 Re-imagined in Their NEW “Analogue 3D”

Analogue 3D

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Analogue announces the new Analogue 3D, a re-imagined Nintendo 64 home console, after a mysterious date announcement one week ago.

With the recent release of the Amalogue Pocket Glow In The Dark edition and Transparent Editions, we naturally assumed that a possible third special edition Pocket model could be incoming.

Analogue definitely surprised us all, because a brand new Nintendo 64 FPGA console was definitely not on our bingo cards for today’s announcement. But we are also not mad at it!

Analogue 3D

Our estimation of the full console appearance

The Analogue 3D is a new FPGA home console made to replicate the Nintendo 64. But it will come jam packed with a bunch of modern enhancements to bring the N64 into the current era.

Most importantly, the Analogue 3D will output in incredible 4K resolution.

The FPGA home console will also implement custom display modes to recreate many of the best CRTs and PVMs.

In classic Analogue form, they are quick to point out that those display modes are the only thing being “emulated”.

This is an FPGA console, which means it recreates the exact hardware environment of the original Nintendo 64 console. It is not a software recreation, like in many emulation handheld devices or when you run an emulator on your computer.

Analogue is proud to share that the new 3D console also has 100% compatibility in every region (USA, EU & JP). So that means any cartridge you throw at this thing, it will play it.

All of the best N64 games on a brand new home console in 2023. Sounds good to us!

Analogue 3D
Image source: Analogue (enhanced for clarity)

The Analogue 3D will support wireless Bluetooth and 2.4g, and features 4 original-style controller ports.

They even shared a really dark and mysterious teaser of their wireless controller that will come with the console (which we enhanced for your viewing pleasure).


Analogue 3D
Image source: Analogue

Pretty much anything Analogue announces comes with high levels of excitement and frustration.

Because there is no doubting the quality of their products. But those familiar with the buying process are aware of the seemingly unnecessary limited nature and discouraging wait times.

We are expecting the Analogue 3D to be one of the most beautiful home consoles ever created.

But we are still quite nervous about its availability and the wait between the time of pre-order and delivery.

As far as when to expect to see the Analogue 3D in your shopping cart – “Coming in 2024” is all we’ve got so far.

Needless to say, we’re absolutely dying to see more photos of this thing. And yes – we’re pretty sure we’re gonna be buying one.

We are simps for these guys, even though we know they have no love in return. We just can’t quit you, Analogue!

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