An Xbox Game Cancelled Almost 20 Years Ago Is Finally Coming To Consoles

Captain Blood screenshot

When games get cancelled before release, it always leaves a little void in our lives. Take Cabbage, the cancelled N64DD game – I’ve been thinking about that game for years now, sometimes randomly when I see a cabbage in the supermarket (the obsession is slightly unhealthy, I know). It’s something that happens more than we’d like, but every now and again, one of these games gets brought back from the brink for modern audiences. And, ladies and gentlemen, this is one of those times.

Let’s go back to 2006, a time when the Xbox was (sadly for me) wiping the floor with the GameCube in terms of sales. Fans of Microsoft’s first console must have woken up every morning looking forward to the hotly-anticipated game Captain Blood. Imagine them, flicking through magazines while eating their breakfast, looking for any news of the hack-and-slash title that they had been patiently waiting for. Sadly, the Xbox gave way to the Xbox 360, and even though we all received an update in 2010, there was still no sign of the game dropping any time soon.

Well, get ready to buckle those swashes, readers, as Captain Blood is heading to all major consoles this year, finally coming to us after almost two decades. Publishers SNEG are doing what developers 1C SeaWolf couldn’t (which is coincidentally a great metal band name) and bringing the game to audiences.

Avast – Captain Blood Be On The Horizon!

This pirate-themed hack-and-slash game looks, as you might have guessed from a game that was developed in the noughties, a little like a cross between Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Fable. That’s undoubtedly a good thing for nostalgic gamers like all of the Retro Dodo readers currently on this page; if you’re getting a cancelled game coming back to the fold, then in my opinion, it wants to look exactly as it did back in the day!

It turns out that SNEG thinks the same way as I do, as that’s exactly what they’re doing, albeit adding some modern touches that we’ve become used to today. For those of you who want the rundown without watching the trailer, germs take Captain Blood (which is the name of a person that I wouldn’t want to mess with) on a quest ‘for gold and glory’. The game takes place in the 1600’s and features lots of close skirmishes with cool combos and tense battles to take part in. You’ll be manning cannons and showing all the rest of the pirates on the Spanish Main who the most terrifying pirate is (clue – it’s you).

Wield everything from the classic cutlass to hand bombs and muskets on your adventures. Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean need this game in their lives, and we’re looking forward to finally getting our hands on it after all these years to finally fill the Galleon-shaped void that it left in our lives!

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