All Great Fairy Locations In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

No matter where you are in the story, it always helps to know all Great Fairy locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

For newcomers, Great Fairies are able to enhance clothing to improve Defence/Attack stats, which is ideal when learning how to beat Marbled Gohma in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or other bosses. 

The only problem is, Great Fairies aren’t always easy to find, and even less easy to “unlock”. Due to the Upheaval, these magical creatures are hiding from the Gloom, refusing to come out until they’re certain it’s safe. 

But when will they know? That’s what I’m going to tell you, as well as exactly where to find these four Great Fairies. 

Great Fairy Tera – Northwest of Woodland Stable, Eldin

To convince Great Fairy Tera it’s safe outside of her flower bud, you need to serenade her with the cheery tunes of The Stable Trotters. These musicians are easy to spot when you arrive at Woodland Stable because they’re playing music.

However, the troupe is concerned: they can’t reach the Great Fairy to play her their music. So starts the quest “Serenade to a Great Fairy”, in which you need to fix the troupe’s carriage so they can reach Tera to perform. 

Great Fairy Kaysa – Beside Outskirt Stable, Central Hyrule

Great Fairy Kaysa is easier to find than Tera because her flower bud is positioned right by Outskirt Stable, on top of a hill. 

Just like before, you need to bring music to the Great Fairy, only this time there’s the problem of The Stable Trotters’ missing flutist, Pyper. Pyper is said to be at Highland Stable, in Faron. 

Upon finding him, you need to collect 10 Fireflies before he’s willing to leave to rejoin his troupe. Fireflies are easy to find at nighttime, especially around Pagos Woods (coordinates 0673, -3068, 0008) north of Highland Stable.

You don’t need a bottle to catch Fireflies like in older games, but you do need to crouch in order to sneak up on them, otherwise they’ll fly away. 

Great Fairy Cotera – South of Dueling Peaks Stable, Necluda

Near to Kakariko Village is where you’ll find Dueling Peaks Stable and, consequently, Great Fairy Cotera. 

To soothe this Great Fairy, you need to find The Stable Trotters drummer, who’s actually stranded just off the main road to Kakariko Village (coordinates 2166, -1382, 0108). Beetz is happy to see you, but can’t return to the troupe without some Courser Bee Honey first. 

This means heading back to Kakariko Village, to the woodland area that’s home to a menacing Gloom Chasm. If you look in the trees, there’ll be some hives you can shoot down and collect the honey from. 

Great Fairy Mija – Northeast of Snowfield Stable, Hebra

To the northeast of Snowfield Stable is where you’ll find Great Fairy Mija, and what do you know? She needs to listen to some music from The Stable Trotters too. But, oh no, their hornist is missing!

Eustus is trapped in a hole in the Tabantha Frontier (coordinates -3658, 0760, 0117) meaning you need to help him get out. Getting him out is fairly straightforward, with you needing to use Ultrahand to help move Eustus’ cart out of the hole. 

It’s not a hard side quest, though Eustus is very nervous about falling from the cart, meaning you need to careful to ensure success. However, once he’s out of the hole, he’ll return to the troupe. 

That’s a wrap, folks – that’s all Great Fairy locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom! 

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