How To Get Autobuild In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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Have you noticed empty slots on your ability wheel and you’re wondering how to fill them? Well, wonder no more because I’m going to show you how to get Autobuild in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. 

This ability is my new favourite because of how convenient and quick it makes building useful items. You need a hot air balloon? It’s already done. You want to build a cart? Autobuild’s got your back. 

Ultrahand is amazing for getting those creative juices flowing, but if you’re short on time it becomes cumbersome. Time, and speed, are of the essence.

But how exactly do you get this power? Unlike previous abilities that came from Shrines, Autobuild is found deep below the surface… If you’re curious, ready your Paraglider because we’re entering the Depths. 

How To Get Autobuild In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get Autobuild In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Autobuild unlocked

To get Autobuild, you need to complete Josha’s ‘Camera Work in the Depths’ quest; completion will trigger ‘A Mystery in the Depths’. Travel back underground to find the Great Abandoned Central Mine – Autobuild is there. 

But, like everything in the Depths, this task is far from easy. For starters, it’s ridiculously dark down there, meaning you need an ample supply of Brightbloom or Giant Brightbloom Seeds

Secondly, there’s Gloom everything. Oh, and did I forget to mention Gloom infected enemies? There’s also a couple of mini boss fights, and limited resources. All in all, it’s a spooky place. 

Find Lightroots

Luckily, there’s Lightroots to illuminate the surrounding areas, with these roots acting as fast travel points, and a means of replenishing hearts damaged by the Gloom. 

Seeing as you’ll have activated the Layusus Lightroot when you used your camera earlier, this is the best starting point to begin your long journey.

Find the statue you took a picture of before (see below) and follow in the direction it’s pointing. Keep following these statues, while shooting Brightbloom Seeds into the darkness to light your way. 

How To Get Autobuild In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom the first statue
The first statue

At some point, you’ll likely to run into Frox, a giant toad that you really don’t want to tangle with if your inventory is depleting. I recommend running away from this mini boss, though be mindful of which direction you’re headed in – always look for pointing statues! 

Frox is lurking not far from Nihcayam Lightroot. If you can’t find this spot, head to coordinates -0705, -0867, -0481 to find yourselves directly under the lightroot. 

Statues Guide The Way

How To Get Autobuild In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom statues guide the way

Continue southeast and you’ll happen across the Grove of Time, though, sadly, there’s no lightroot to activate here. 

From the Grove of Time, continue tracking those statues southwest until you eventually see the Great Abandoned Central Mine. You can’t miss it because there’s an enemy fort close by, and torches light the entrance. 

Once you’re at the mine, you’ll see a researcher staring at an all-too-familiar circular portal just waiting for Link to activate it; examine it and you’ll get Autobuild. 

I know it’s a long way to go for an ability, but it’s arguably one of the better abilities of the game. Also, you’ll get to see what lurks under Hyrule, which is pretty cool, albeit frightening. 

You need to be aware that this quest won’t become available unless you’ve completed one of the four Regional Phenomena.

Rito Village, in Hebra, is the easiest of the four, so be sure to learn how to beat the Wind Temple boss Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to get the job done in record time. 

Now you’ve got Autobuild, a fast travel portal will open up, allowing you to access this remote location instantly. And that’s the end of my how to get Autobuild in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guide – I hope it’s proven useful!

You can travel back to the surface to learn how to beat Battle Talus in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (if you haven’t already), or you can stay in the Depths and put my 13 best Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom beginner tips to good use. 

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