5 ‘Mega’ Game Boy Games Blast Onto Nintendo Switch Online

New Mega Man games on Nintendo Switch Online

I know I think that I’m clever with these puns, but I think that title might have given the game away. Yes, 5 new Game Boy games have appeared on the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, and Mega Man is the star of them all!

Mega Man: Dr Wily’s Revenge, Mega Man II, Mega Man III, Mega Man IV, and Mega Man V have joined the catalogue of old-school DMG and GBC games on the platform, bringing all of the classic Mega Man Game Boy games to the masses for all to enjoy at home or on the go.

Mega Man is undoubtedly an iconic gaming character, first appearing back in 1987 and landing on the Game Boy in a bid to thwart Dr. Wily in 1991 over in Japan. Since then, some of Mega Man’s outings have made it onto our list of the rarest DMG titles in existence, racking up prices of up to $3,000. I think paying the NSO subscription fee is a heck of a lot cheaper and far less stressful on your bank account, that’s for sure!

Getting To Know The Games

Mega Man Dr. Wily’s Revenge (1991)

This is the first DMG game in the series and sees the mad scientist trying to thwart Mega Man using his new invention – the Mega Man Killer. Mega Man has to save the world from being destroyed all while stopping Wily’s Robot Masters from bumping him off. This game has content from the very first 2 Mega Man games in it and is, as you might imagine, an iconic title everyone needs to play.

Mega Man II (1991)

Unsurprisingly, Dr Wily is trying to beat Mega Man once again in Mega Man II. This time, he’s trying to conquer the future thanks to a time travel device. Mega Man and Rush the courageous canine must stop the Robot Masters in an underground lair using epic weapons in DMG mastery

Mega Man III (1992)

By this point, Mega Man should be thinking that he’s gonna have a pretty hard life. Wily has commandeered an old oil rig in a bid to harness the Earth’s energy for his latest dastardly invention. Along with Rush (the goodest-robo-boy) and your robot ally Eddie, Mega Man must stop him and defeat more Robo Masters.

Mega Man IV (1993)

The World Robot Expo has gone, for want of a better phrase, belly up. Dr Wily is using mind control inventions to set the robots on an attacking frenzy, with Mega Man being the only one immune to his tricks. Rush and Beat join him this time, and you’ll have to fight Androids and Robot Masters as you dodge lasers and traps everywhere!

Mega Man V (1994)

There’s a brief moment of peace, which means things are about to go haywire incredibly fast. Terra, a new robot falling from the sky, defeats Mega Man and allows robots to take over the earth. Dr Light fixes up Mega Man with a brand new weapon, the Mega Arm, giving our blue hero the power he needs to save the world yet again!

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