What Is The Best Team In Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow?

best team in pokemon red

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The Kanto region in Pokemon main series games is by far the most popular; it probably has the best story and the most popular Pokemon, including the mascot of the franchise, Pikachu.

So there’s no wonder people ask themselves what is the best team in Pokemon Red ant then keep going back to the 1st Gen games just to relive the epic adventure once again!

When starting your Pokemon journey in any Pokemon game, it is essential to have a team that can take on every gym trainer and the elite four. As Pokemon is all about making your team and having the freedom to forge your own path with the Pokemon you love, many prefer to catch Pokemon they love.

That being said, not all these Pokemon will help you in the playthrough. Sure, you can win after grinding a lot, but if you have a team that covers all the types of weaknesses against the primary opponents in the game, the playthrough will be much easier and more fun if your use this Pokemon Blue best team!

What is a “best team”?

pokemon red

The best team in any Pokemon game is a team of 6 Pokemon. These 6 Pokemon are chosen carefully after much experience so that your playthrough goes on smoothly without any hassle. The best team in Pokemon includes one of the three starters and 5 other Pokemon, which you’ll have to catch.

There are some rules when making the best team in Pokemon Red. You won’t be allowed to transfer Pokemon from the other generations, as it doesn’t fit in with the Kanto experience; the original 150 Pokemon are enough. Though there are some Pokemon on the list that’ll require you to trade to evolve.

Most of the players play via some of the best Pokemon emulators, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

But if you insist on staying true to the game, there are also some alternatives mentioned below that you can choose. So now that’s out of the way, let’s dive into the best team in Pokemon Red and see what Pokemon made the cut!

1. Charizard

Pokemon Red Charizard

Charmander’s typing doesn’t help it at all during the first two gyms; both Brock and Misty can take care of Charmander easily. But it isn’t Charmander who’s on the list; Charizard is the Pokemon we’re after. Charmander might struggle at first, but once it evolves into a Charizard, you’ll have a much easier time.

Not only that, Charizard gets a dual typing later on in the game, making it even more effective against almost every other gym trainer out there. Charizard can also learn a wide range of moves which allow it to cover its weaknesses very effectively.

Sure, a dragon typing on Charizard would’ve been great, but then it would’ve become too powerful to deal with. Charizard is a great starter to start your journey with, and you won’t regret it; plus, it looks really cool!

2. Nidoking

Nidoking is one of the fan-favourites on this list. It probably is the best Pokemon in the 1st generation games due to its versatility and vast move pool. Getting a Nidoran early on in the game is really easy too!

Once you have it, evolving it won’t be a hassle because Mt. Moon will be just around the corner from the time you catch it. Its typing is also one of its strong points; with a dual typing of Ground and Poison, you can easily take on any gym trainer in the game.

Due to its vast move pool, you cause various different strategies with Nidoking; it can learn surf, earthquakes, toxic and many more devastating moves. Once you get a Nidoking, it will be smooth sailing for you in the game!

It’s also a very popular Pokemon in some of the best Pokemon ROM hacks from around the web, that’s if you fancy something different from the classics!

3. Alakazam

best team in pokemon red alakazam

Getting an Abra is really tough in the game, but you’ll have the best psychic type Pokemon in the game once you catch it. Here’s how to get Abra in Pokemon Red.

Psychic types were really overpowered in the first-gen game for some reason, so having an Alakazam on your team is an excellent choice.

Not to mention that Alakazam is also considered the best Pokemon in the 1st gen games by many fans because of its insane stats.

Though you can get an Abra really early on in the game, evolving it to an Alakazam is really tedious, and requires you to use a link cable to trade a Kadabra which then evolves into Alakazam once traded.

But if you can get around it and grind a little bit, you’ll have a solid psychic type in your team.

4. Dragonite

pokemon red dragonite

This list would be incomplete if we omitted Dragonite from the list. Yes, getting one in the game is really, really hard, plus you have to go to the safari zone to catch it, which doesn’t open up to the player until very late into the game and by the time you get to the safari zone, you might already have a great team.

Oh, and Dragonair doesn’t evolve into Dragonite until level 55, so get hustlin!

Dragonite is almost unbeatable in the game; there were no fairy types to keep the furious dragons in control. Only the Ice and other Dragon-types can take on Dragonite effectively. Hence why Dragonite is a worthy Pokemon for the best team in Pokemon Red.

So having a Dragonite will make your victory easier, a lot easier. Also, Dragonite was the only Dragon Pokemon in the game at that time, so you’ll get to keep a unique, pseudo-legendary in your team!

5. Gengar

best team in pokemon red gengar

How could you not have this menacing-looking Pokemon on your team? Even the stare of Gengar is enough to send chills down the opponent’s Pokemon!

That being said, Gengar is also a pretty great Pokemon to have in the Kanto region because of its dual typing of Poison and Ghost.

Sure, we already have one position type on the team, Nidoking, but Gengars ghost typing is what makes him deadlier. Gengar can take on almost every foe in the game with ease except for normal and psychic types.

The amount of Pokemon that miss hitting Gengar is obscene, and his special attacks pack a punch too, making him a great Pokemon to fight the Elite Four with.

6. Lapras

Pokemon Red Lapras

Lapras is the best Water-type Pokemon you can have in the game after Blastoise. Still, now that we’ve already chosen Charizard as our starter, we need a powerful water-type Pokemon who can wash away opponents, and Lapras fits the description very well.

With access to a significant move pool and some additional help from its ice typing, Lapras can also take on Dragon-types, so Lance won’t be a big problem for you if you have a Lapras on your side.

Also, If you don’t want Nidoking learning surf, guess what, you can give it to Lapras. Some in the Pokemon scene even class Lapras as a legendary Pokemon due to it being so powerful and so elegant.

And with that, we conclude our best team in Pokemon Red. The team consists of Pokemon, specifically chosen to beat the game with as much efficiency as possible, so if you’re keen on using this team, you’ll have the time of your life in Pokemon Blue!

pokemon red best pokemon

The above-given team is great, but some Pokemon need to trade to evolve like Alakazam for instance. Also, there is no electric type in the list, which could come in handy later in the game.

But as we’re only limited to 6 Pokemon, we decided to a add a few honourable mentions which you can put in your team if you like them better. 

Gyarados is the first water type that comes to mind when one here’s the name of Kanto. But Lapras was a convenient choice because of its ice typing.

That being said, we already have a Dragon on ur team, so you can very well use a Gyarados instead of a Lapras. Good luck training a Magikarp!

The team was missing a fast-paced electric type, and Jolteon fits the job very well. You can also go with Raichu as a Pikachu is available very early on in the game.

So there you have it, your question of what is the best team in Pokemon Red is finally answered! If you enjoyed this guide, make sure to stick around, we have lots more. Happy gaming.

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