Van Gogh Museum Now Selling Pokemon Collaboration Prints

Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum has announced that they are now selling prints of that amazing Pokemon gallery exhibit from earlier this year.

The announcement of the Van Gogh Museum Collaboration with the Pokemon Company obviously generated quite a bit of buzz.

It was the special merchandise that would be available that had people most eager to pop into the Amsterdam exhibit that opened on September 28th.

I’m certainly guilty of texting a few friends in Amsterdam asking if they could get me some merch!

Pokemon at the Van Gogh Museum

In particular, the limited edition ‘Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat’ trading card would be a big reason for collectors to visit the show. This card was being given for free to visitors on a first come first serve basis.

I’m sure you could have guessed what came next – a bunch of rowdy collectors and hopeful resellers showed up on opening day and absolutely wrecked the gift shop.

It was truly a smash and grab situation. The videos appalled the collector community and surely anybody else who saw it.

Image Source: Video Game Chronicle

Correcting A Mistake

The only saving grace in the unfortunate situation was that The Pokemon Company and The Van Gogh Museum saw how nasty this scalper situation was going to get.

So they immediately responded by offering even more free cards to anybody making purchases on the Pokémon Center website.

By flooding the market with free cards, they essentially made them valueless. Except for the sentimental value to those who actually wanted the card because it was so cool, not because they could possibly sell it for insane prices.

We were incredibly proud of this decision by the Van Gogh Museum and The Pokemon Company. Checkmate1

But, it wasn’t just the Pikachu card that those disorderly museum guests snatched up from the gift shop (and webstore).

It was the post cards, vinyl figures, plushies, and prints of the amazing Pokemon/Van Gogh imagery created for the museum show.

Thankfully, those who were hoping to get their own print of one of these unique images can now do so on the museum’s online store.

Purchasing Information

I believe it to be a region issue, but I have never been able to see any Pokemon content on the Van Gogh website. Even when creating our initial article about the upcoming gallery show.

But I have been pointed to this Pokemon x Van Gogh web address, where you should be able to find the listing of available prints. Hopefully you have more luck than me! And hopefully the link isn’t down due to more scalpers.

Available to purchase for your home is the fan-favorite Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat print, the ultra-cute Sunflora print, and several others.

Any true Pokemon fan who just wanted to pick up a cool piece of memorabilia at a reasonable retail price can do so without having to turn to greedy resellers.

So once again, the Van Gogh Museum / Pokemon collaboration offers the true fans a big win and the scalper culture a big loss. And we cannot be more proud of them for doing so.

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