The Most Underrated PS4 Games Of All Time

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Looking for an alternative adventure for your PS4 collection? Come with us as we check out the 10 most underrated PS4 games available today!

You’ve all played Ghost Of Tsushima and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but how many of you have taken a little bee around a garden or played as robot via VR?

With 3,285 game available for the console, there are certainly a lot more titles than the go-to mainstream names worth checking out, and it’s our job to spread the news about them far and wide.

From strategic masterpieces to RPG epics, we’ve made a list of the best underrated PS4 games for you to delve into.

1. Until Dawn (2015)

Most Underrated PS4 Games - Until Dawn

We’ve reached the end of our underrated PS4 games list, and the most under-appreciated PS4 game of all time has to be Until Dawn.

Some of you might be surprised that a horror game is topping this underrated titles list, but Until Dawn is an absolute belter of a title.

Yes, it’s scarier than being locked in a haunted house with a convicted murdered, but we all need a scare now and again, right?

Until Dawn gameplay

Eight teenagers, one terrifying mountain, and a mission where survival is the only thing that matters.

As with many modern horror games, there’s a morality engine where QTE gameplay can affect both the storyline and whether other characters live or die. And the auto-save system means that once a character dies, you can’t revert back to a previous load to change your decision.

Talk about weighing heavily on your conscience!

With 10 chapters to play through and the very real possibility that every character could be dead by the end, it’s an insanely wild ride from start to finish. Just try holding that controller still when death is literally right next to your hiding place… talk about tense!

Throw caution to the wind and give the unknown a chance; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the titles we’ve picked!

2. Lords Of The Fallen (2014)

Most Underrated PS4 Games - Lords of the Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen takes the 2nd spot as the runner up in our list of the most underrated PS4 games of all time, and what an absolute cracking title it is!

If you’re looking for other games to play like Elden Ring, then LotF definitely has similar vibes. Huge weapons, humongous ugly beasts to batter, and gameplay that is just hard enough without wanting to make you break your controller into a million pieces every time you face a boss.

lords of the fallen ps4 gameplay

Fans of the Dark Souls games series will undoubtedly recognise the same risk vs reward system used in Lords of the Fallen. The stakes are higher in this game, however, as you can basically go ‘double or nothing’ or take the money and run at every checkpoint you come to.

I don’t want you to think that this is just an easy Dark Souls or Elden Ring, however. It’s a stunning game in its own right but one that I would say focuses more on player enjoyment and storyline than creating a challenging experience designed to test players skills.

3. Mad Max (2015)

Mad Max

Mad Max takes today’s bronze medal, bringing post apocalyptic gameplay to our list.

People initially snubbed this game because of how vast and open it is, often with massive spaces that players must traverse without anything happening in between.

I can see how some people who just want non-stop action happening from the very beginning might not be a massive fan (I’m looking at our very own Brandon here), but for the more patient amongst you, it’s definitely worth persevering with.

mad max ps4

Because of the massive map for this game, it’s no surprise that over 60% of the gameplay is based around driving and vehicular combat. Still, the explorative parts where you actually get out of your car and look around provide players with combat elements akin to the later Batman games.

And the graphics of the barren locations are fantastic too. Just look at the still above and tell me you’re not getting chills.

Upgrade your cars, take note of the changing weather and day/night cycle, and try your best to thrive in a lawless wasteland where survival is key but far from guaranteed.

4. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (2015)

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
image credit: bandai namco

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth really shouldn’t be in this underrated PS4 games list, especially considering that it’s one of the best Digimon games for all of the hardcore Digimon fans that have been with the series since the 90s.

Still, as there’s another ‘mon’ franchise out there that shall not be named right now, Digimon always tend to fall into the lesser known lists.

This game deserves to be played be everyone, especially because of the immersive storyline and in-depth character development that doesn’t just draw you in; it grabs you by the throat and gets you emotionally invested from the word go.

digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth ps2 gameplay
image credit: bandai namco

Get ready for over 200 of the greatest digital monsters of all time to join the fray too. I don’t care how much you love Pikachu, he will never be cooler than MetalGreymon or WarGreymon!

Anyone who has played any of our best Digimon games but has somehow missed Cyber Sleuth out needs to give it a go. It’s also a great title to jump into if you’re new to the series as a whole too.

5. Bastion (2011)

Bastion ps4

Other than being how my mate’s children pronounce my name, Bastion is a beautifully crafted game that sees players embarking on what I would consider to be one of the most immersive ‘storytelling’ games around today.

When I say storytelling game, I mean that it plays and feels like reading a book, but instead of you narrating the happenings of the story to a friend or in your head, you’re playing through hand-painted levels while someone narrates everything you do.

It’s like a reactive audiobook where you are the main character!

bastion gameplay ps4

The artistic prowess of this game doesn’t just stop at the 40 ingenious levels though; Bastion also has an incredible soundtrack with a critically acclaimed score.

For me, it’s got the same kind of feel as if you fused Breath of the Wild and Link’s Awakening with Ōkami, and I can’t give any higher praise than that!

Collect fragments and spend them at the Bastion to improve your weapons, spending cores collected to expand your Bastion in the same way as you improve your Room of Requirement on Hogwarts Legacy with spellcrafts bought from Hogsmeade.

6. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission (2018)

Astro Bot Rescue Mission
image credit: japan studio

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission takes the 6th spot in our list of the most underrated PS4 games of all time. It’s a VR platformer that sees you following little Astro around in a rich and vibrant world.

And when I tell you that you players control a massive robot that can headbutt through walls, I’m sure you’ll be rushing to buy it!

astro bot rescue mission ps4 gameplay
image credit: japan studio

Move the game camera by moving your head; it takes a little getting used to when we’re all so used to moving right sticks to changing camera angles, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to play a game differently ever again.

Smash walls by headbutting forward with your VR headset on, blow into the microphone to spread petals, and move around to dodge enemy attacks.

There are a whopping 213 robots to rescue through 20 levels, so there’s plenty for you to be sinking your teeth into here. If you’ve been deliberating buying a PSVR headset, then trust me when I say it’s worth it for this game alone.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

7. Child Of Light (2014)

Child of Light PS4

Let’s get one thing straight before we carry on; making side scrolling games in today’s gaming world is perfectly fine. They’re classic, and they have a lot more depth and intensity to them than the days of The Lion King on the SNES.

This RPG set in the exciting world of Lemuria is incredible, despite the world having absolutely nothing to do with Lemurs. I don’t even think theres a hint of a ringed tail anywhere in the background…

In a much darker turn, it sees players controlling a dead girl living in a world of fantasy. And to add insult to injury, the moon and the sun have both gone AWOL too!

child of light ps4

Fans of Abes Odyssey and the best Rayman games will take to this game like a duck to water. If you’ve ever played titles like Limbo, Hollow Knight, and even Bucket Knight, then Child of Light won’t seem out of place in your collection.

It also rhymes with two of the titles in that list, which has got to count for something, right?

With graphics that feel like a cross between Castlevania and Final Fantasy, it’s truly a wonder to behold too. And I know a lot of what I’ve done so far in this segment is just name games that Child of Light is like, but that’s the best way to give those of you that have never played it an instant image.

And on that front, it’s got some Zelda-esque puzzles in it too!

8. Knack 2 (2017)

Knack 2 game case cover art - Most Underrated PS4 Games

Knack 2 takes the 8th spot in this list of the most underrated PS4 games of all time!

If you want to know who or what a Knack is, then check out the guy on the cover above. He’s a sort of robot designed to destroy armies of cretinous goblins, and he’s pretty good at it.

If all out enemy bashing is what you’re in the market for, then Knack 2 is chock-a-block with punching, kicking, smashing, and bashing. Plus, you can do it with a friend too!

knack 2 gameplay

Yes, Knack has a slick two-player co-op mode, giving you and a plus one the chance to game thwart Goblins together.

And the best part is that, unlike games such as It Takes Two, the second player can jump in and out as they wish without having a major effect on the storyline.

There’s an RPG-esque skill tree to complete while playing through Knack II. By collecting items called Relics and Crystal Parts, players can change the appearance and style of their Knack as well as giving it some incredible moves.

These goblins don’t stand a chance!

9. Bad North (2018)

Bad North

Tactical games often end up in our ‘underrated titles lists because people don’t see the appeal to them straight away. Bad North takes a fair bit of brain power to work out, but once you get into it, you’ll find it so hard to put down.

It’s all real time action from start to finish, and fans of Ragnar Lothbrok and co will be happy to know that it’s all about Vikings invading your Kingdom.

The Vikings are the bad guys, however, so you’ve got to try and evacuate innocent people being slaughtered.

bad north gameplay

Thinking on your feet is the key to this game. You don’t have time to waste when a bunch of Vikings are landing on your shores.

Build defences with gold earned through the game, protect houses from swords and fire, and create an army to protect the people.

Honestly, I only just managed to complete the game on Hard mode and that was a stretch. Very Hard mode can go and get in the sea; there’s no way I’m winning that one!

10. Bee Simulator (2019)

Bee Simulator ps4

Bee Simulator kickstarts our list of the most underrated PS4 games, and trust me, it’s more exciting than you’re thinking right now.

How often do you get to live life as a bee? It’s been a long time since Buck Bumble dropped on the N64, and things have come on a long way since then!

Instead of flying around using guns to mow down other bees, however, you’re working to protect your hive from extinction and living life as a bee trying to make a difference in the world.

The graphics, as you might expect for the PS4, are incredible, and this semi-open world has tonnes of surprises in store for you.

We should all care more about bees and their importance in the world, and the devs of Bee Simulator have made great headway in ‘bee-ginning’ the conversation about the life of a Bee and why we should protect them.

There’s even a co-op mode for 4 players to dive into, but don’t be thinking that there’s any stinging of your brothers and sisters going on here!

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