The Smart Pro is Trimui’s New BIG Console

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For a company known for affordable mini consoles, Trimui aims big with their new concept: The Trimui Smart Pro.

Trimui surely hopes to create a new device that can take them to the top of the mountain with the likes of Anbernic or GoRetroid.

We originally anticipated this would compete with consoles like the Retroid Pocket 3 or maybe even the Anbernic RG505.

But now that we know the exact specs, we know that Trimui has opted to stay in their lane. Which, in their case, means an ultra budget handheld that doesn’t necessarily wow us with its capabilities.

Trimui Smart Pro Details

Image Source: discord / Retro Handhelds

We first learned of the Smart Pro along with the Smart Brick concept leak in January 2023. And we only had a photo to base our early impressions on.

But now that the specifications have been released by Trimui, we have a very good idea of exactly what to expect.

The Trimui Smart Pro will use an Allwinner A133plus Cortex-A53 quad-core CPU and a PowerVR GE83000 GPU. And it packs a 4000mAh battery inside.

The screen is a high pixel density 5 inch display at 1280×720.

Those numbers might sound pretty exciting, but once you look into the capabilities of the chipset, we know that this is a device that will barely be able to handle up to Playstation 1 emulation.

I am not one to lie or hold my tongue when I don’t like something. And I don’t like this. This certainly isn’t a device we need in 2023.

This is a perfect example of “new” tech that we do not want, and a company having no ambition to deliver something different.

So it’s a bit frustrating to see a device like this having the nerve to ask for our money when there’s other devices that destroy this in every single way.

A five inch screen and LED analogue sticks are not justified for playing up to Game Boy Advance and Playstation 1 in 2023.

Trimui Smart Pro Specifications

  • CPU: Allwinnner A133plus Cortex-A53 [email protected]
  • GPU: PowerVR GE8300@660MHz
  • Display: 4.96 inch, 720×1280 IPS 294ppi
  • Battery: 4000mAh, Up to 6 hrs battery life
  • Dimensions: 180x80x17 (mm)

Release Date and Pricing

Trimui has yet to announce the official release date or pricing on this new handheld.

They have just started their promotion for it, and sent out new images as of yesterday (June 30).

Jutleys at has stated that this should be available for pre-sale at the end of July.

And now that we know that the internal hardware remains at an all time budget level, much like Trimui’s previous handhelds… we certainly hope that they created this device to fit a $70usd or less pricetag.

Because if they announce this thing for much more than that, you could buy a device from Anbernic or Powkiddy that plays up to Game Cube.

So what are we doing here, Trimui?

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