This Pokémon X Animal Crossing Crossover Concept Is A Game We All Deserve

Pokémon Animal Crossing Crossover Concept clips

I think it’s safe to say that two of the cutest and most wholesome franchises of all time can be found in Pokémon and Animal Crossing, and now a fan-made crossover concept has combined them both together in clips that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons saved us all during the COVID-19 lockdown. We couldn’t go out into the world, so we explored and created from the comfort of our new homes. For many, that was the first time they came into contact with Tom Nook and the gang, but their humble beginnings start all the way back on the GameCube. With Pokémon first dropping on the Game Boy DMG, both of these series are Nintendo stalwarts that have so far never shared the same game space.

That’s all changed, however, thanks to a concept made up by Twitter User @spicyBeefu, we can now see what it might look like if our favourite Pokémon in the Animal Crossing universe, wearing clothes and chatting with players just like the many Island & City Dwellers on their way to a K.K Slider concert.

Were you prepared to see Wooper jumping in puddles and waving at you this morning? This is the kind of Pokémon game that I would love to see dropping in 2025, a title that, like Pokémon Snap, shows our favourite Pocket Monsters in a completely different light. Plus, it would make Nintendo a tonne of money in sales, probably just from the Retro Dodo team alone.

Some of @spicyBeefu’s other videos include Cyndaquil chatting about enjoying the heat, Vulpix getting a Kimono for Valentine’s Day, and Cubone fishing next to a lake. I loved Meowth jumping down from a tree to tell us to step away from her rock too – I’m not messing with an angry Meowth!

Plans For The Future

I found Animal Crossing so addictive and put far too many hours into it; my girlfriend has something like 500 hours on it and has created an incredible island, whereas mine is more of a ‘fruit selling’ endeavour; Tom Nook corrupted me early on.

We don’t have any information whatsoever about a new Animal Crossing title, but the upcoming Pokemon: Legends ZA set in Lumiose City does look like it could have a city-building feature to it. We’re still in the dark about what that game might consist of too, but we’re very confident that it will be dropping on the Nintendo Switch’s successor.

Will we see another Animal Crossing game dropping at the same time, or will Nintendo see this article and hire @spicyBeefu to come on board to bring this crossover to life? We’d like the last one to come true, but keep coming back to Retro Dodo for more news on both games over the coming months.

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