The Sims Movie Finds A Producer In Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap

The Barbie and Wolf Of Wall Street star’s production company, LuckyChap, will produce the movie adaptation of The Sims.

The news comes courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter who revealed Robbie’s production company who helmed the smash-hit Barbie movie, will now produce the movie based on EA’s The Sims.

Director of Marvel’s Loki first season, Kate Herron is attached to write the screenplay alongside Briony Redman, that will look to translate the life-sim to the big screen.

LuckyChap will produce the flick in collaboration with Vertigo Entertainment and EA, who will also apparently have a creative hand in The Sims movie adaptation.

For gamers wondering how well a movie adaptation of The Sims could be, a game series famously without its own narrative, Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment is the same mind behind the simply wonderful LEGO movies.

With the pedigree of players attached to The Sims movie, I’m cautiously optimistic that the project will bring something unexpectedly entertaining.

Maybe a movie where everybody speaks in nonsensical Simlish and people keep drowning thanks to magically disappearing pool ladders is just my idea of fun…

Movie Adaptations Are Here To Stay

The Super Mario Bros. Movie starred Mario, Princess Peach and Toad and made a killing at the box office.
image credit: nintendo/illumination

The Sims is just the most recent game in a long line of existing franchises to make the jump to Hollywood.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie proved definitively that movie adaptations can bring in the coins for Hollywood Execs by raking in over $1.3 billion from box office ticket sales.

With film adaptations of Borderlands, The Legend Of Zelda, Minecraft, and more on the horizon, the trend of converting games to movies seems unstoppable.

It’s not just cinema-goers who can now enjoy gaming stories in a passive medium either with plenty of game adaptations for the small screen too.

Amazon’s upcoming Fallout series appears extremely faithful to Bethesda’s epic RPG series, and a second season of The Last Of Us is currently in production over at HBO.

Perhaps the most exciting, and imminently arriving, series for retro gamers is Paramount’s live action Knuckles show. The six-part series will follow Sonic’s burly friend as he adapts to ‘normal’ life, following the events of the second Sonic movie.

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