The Pokémon Anime Now Has Its Own Dedicated 24/7 Streaming Channel

Ash Ketchum looking happy

This headline would have made me lose my mind as a child. Ok, I’m 34 now and it’s still getting me excited, and it’s great news for Pokémanics everywhere. I was 8 when the Pokémon series first showed in the UK and I could have watched for hours and hours, something which my parents would have probably despaired about. Well now, there’s a streaming channel dedicated to showing Pokémon 24/7 with around 600 episodes ready for you to dive straight into.

Credit: BBC

The BBC (that’s the British Broadcasting Association for anyone not from the UK) has made a channel on its BBC iPlayer platform specifically for Pikachu fans to log onto, from the very first episodes with Ash and Pikachu that kicked off the series to newer releases like Pokémon Horizons. You’ll need to have a TV license to legally access iPlayer, and of course, it’s only available in the UK and geo-restricted to the British Isles. Of course, anyone who knows what a VPN is will undoubtedly be able to get around that last little problem…

Netflix currently has the first season and seasons 23-24 and there are other channels showing odd series, but having a place with over 600 episodes all together to watch at your leisure is amazing. There are currently 1,269 episodes of the show, however, so the Pokémon Channel over on iPlayer currently only has around half of them. Hopefully, it will get updated with them all over the coming months; we’ll be keeping everything crossed and updating you in time, but for now, it’s time to watch some Pokémon!

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