‘The Console Chronicles’, Sequel To ‘A Handheld History’ Series Drops This October

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If there’s one thing that we love just as much as playing video games, it’s reading about them. I mean, we can’t be looking at screens all the time, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep our minds engaged on games in other formats. Even video game journalists need to keep on top of their retro knowledge, even if only to amaze/bore people at parties.

Many of you will have already seen our book series A Handheld History, a dream collection of handheld gaming devices across the ages, jam-packed with information and amazing photographs designed to ensnare your retro senses. We wrote the book in conjunction with Lost in Cult and some amazing figures in the Retro Gaming community, and now a sequel to the series dedicated to console gaming is on the way.

Cover art for The Console Chronicles gaming book by Stephen Maurice Graham

Lost in Cult has partnered with Hookshot Media for this next book ‘The Console Chronicles’, calling upon the creative skills of writers from publications such as Nintendo Life and Push Square to help bring their home video gaming compendium to life. The book boasts nine segments, each section heralding a different console generation and the stories that surrounded them and the video gaming industry as a whole along the way.

Listen, we’re all collectors; our retro games hoards can attest to that. So it only makes sense to have The Console Chronicles sitting next to A Handheld History on your bookshelf. The cover art by Stephen Maurice Graham is worth the price alone!

The Console Chronicles is available to pre-order now from Amazon, so grab a copy before they all sell out!

A Handheld History: 88-95

If you’ve already bought and enjoyed reading A Handheld History, then there’s a direct sequel as part of the series on the way – ‘A Handheld History: 88-95‘. It provides a much more in-depth look at a specific and pivotal time in the handheld gaming world, an era that saw the Sega Game Gear and the Game Boy burst onto the scene, as well as the tragic demise of the Atari Lynx.

Two books from the A Handheld History series resting on top of one another

AHH: 88-95 speaks to developers who worked on the games for these handhelds in great detail, as well as taking a closer look at the peripherals that made these handhelds so much fun. It’s our biggest book to date too, coming in at 400 pages and 2kg in weight, and once again featuring incredible artwork by the insanely talented Stephen Maurice Graham.

A Handheld History: 88-95 launches Q3 2024 with Lost in Cult, so stay tuned for more teasers and sneak peeks over the coming weeks!

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