10 Best Turtle Pokemon Of All Time

Get ready to wade into battle with some of the best Turtle Pokemon from the entire Pokemon canon! Turtles don’t tend to strike fear into the hearts of humans on a daily basis, but the following 10 critters (maybe Squirtle and Turtwig excluded) certainly know how to make their opponents run and duck for cover. […]

8 Best Seal Pokemon To Add To Your Team

Best Seal Pokemon

It’s time to adorably clap your flippers as we introduce the best Seal Pokemon! Inspiration for the design of Pokemon comes from everywhere, within and even beyond the animal kingdom in the real world, and the Retro Dodo team are big fans of checking out the best Pokemon based on different types of animals. Check […]

Best Water Type Pokemon (By Strength)

best water type pokemon

In the world of Pokemon, water type Pokemon reign supreme. They are some of the most versatile and strongest Pokemon in existence, spanning across every single generation. In this article, we will countdown the best water type Pokemon of the year. If you are like me then water-type Pokemon are your favourite and a mandatory […]