8 Best Seal Pokemon To Add To Your Team

Best Seal Pokemon

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It’s time to adorably clap your flippers as we introduce the best Seal Pokemon!

Inspiration for the design of Pokemon comes from everywhere, within and even beyond the animal kingdom in the real world, and the Retro Dodo team are big fans of checking out the best Pokemon based on different types of animals.

Check out our best Monkey Pokemon, best Frog Pokemon and best Squid Pokemon lists for other examples!

Going back on topic though, Seals, Sea Lions and Walruses are among the most popular animals in the world. 

They’re adorable creatures, even if they can be surprisingly ferocious.

All are carnivorous mammals, classed as pinnipeds – and it’s that classification that we’re using to bring together the best Seal Pokemon from the entire Pokedex.

So if you’re wondering why Walrein is here, now you know – technically, it’s a pinniped Pokemon!

Of the eight Pokemon we’ve chosen to represent Seal Pokemon, which are the best?

Let’s find out – come with us, as we check out the best Seal Pokemon!

8. Spheal

Spheal Pokemon

Third generation Pokemon Spheal – who first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl – is not exactly the most powerful or proficient of the Seal Pokemon.

Look at its adorably spherical shape though – it’s super cute, right?

Ice and Water Pokemon Spheal is underwhelming in pretty much every single area, with average HP being its highest stat. 

Its speed is particularly poor; this is probably the slowest Pokemon I’ve ever included on a list of ‘best’ Pokemon!

It does, however, have the hilariously named ‘Thick Fat’ ability – which improves Spheal’s resistance to Ice and Water type moves.

Though this isn’t likely to come into play that often, Spheal also has the hidden ability of Oblivious – which prevents it from becoming Infatuated!

At level 32, Spheal does evolve into Sealeo – who you’ll meet as we head further down the list of the best Seal Pokemon!

7. Popplio

Popplio Pokemon

Cute Popplio was introduced in seventh generation games Pokemon Sun and Moon; alongside Rowlet and Litten, it’s one of the three choices of Starter Pokemon in that game.

You can check out where it ranks in our All Pokemon Starters Tier list!

It’s not exactly the most impressive of Pokemon from the perspective of its stats; like Spheal, only one of Popplio’s stats stands out.

In Popplio’s case, that’s Sp. Atk; however, that’s not to say that it’s at a high or decent level – you’ll definitely need to work on growing Popplio to ensure it successfully takes down opponents.

Thankfully, Popplio evolves at a reasonably low level – changing into Brionne at level 17 – and if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded with much stronger and more effective Pokemon as it evolves!

6. Seel

Seel Pokemon

One of the original Pokemon from the generation one titles Pokemon Red and Blue, even after all this time, Seel still ranks higher than a few others when it comes to the best Seal Pokemon!

Just like Spheal, Seel has the Thick Fat ability – making it a good choice against Ice and Water type moves.

Seel is never going to be particularly impressive from a stats perspective, but if you stop it from evolving into Dewgong at level 34, it’ll learn several excellent offensive moves from level 37 to level 47.

Notably, Ice Beam at level 47 has 100% and 90 power; so if you can stick with Seel long enough, it will pay off!

However, there are far more capable pinniped (OK, Seal) Pokemon – as you’ll soon see!

5. Sealeo

Sealeo Pokemon

Evolving from Spheal at level 32, Sealeo is a marked improvement on its original form.

Plus, it has whiskers. Can’t argue with that, right?

From a stats perspective – just like Spheal before it – Sealeo has underwhelming Speed, though that is understandable when you see this chonky Pokemon in action.

Though only 70% accurate, it learns Blizzard at level 52, which is a pretty powerful Ice type move.

However, you’d need to hold off Sealeo’s evolution into Walrein at level 44 in order to access Blizzard – and, as you’ll see from making your way further down the list of the best Seal Pokemon, Walrein is a Pokemon you’ll definitely want to have at your disposal!

4. Brionne

Brionne Pokemon

At level 17, a Popplio evolves into Brionne, the ‘Pop Star’ Pokemon.

Brionne mimics and performs elaborately choreographed dances – but there’s more to this Pokemon than its potential to win at Pokemon dance contests.

Its stats – Speed aside, which does seem to be a bit of an issue with Seal Pokemon – aren’t too shabby, with a Sp. Atk that’s above average.

One of its abilities – Liquid Voice – even has the unusual effect of turning any moves based on sound into Water type moves too.

Though it evolves into Primarina at level 34, it may well be worth holding onto Brionne a little while longer – it learns the great Normal type move Hyper Voice at level 40, Fairy type move Moonblast at level 45 and then finally, the very powerful Water type move Hydro Pump at level 50.

However, Primarina itself is well worth evolving into – as you’ll see very soon on the list of the best Seal Pokemon!

3. Dewgong

Dewgong Pokemon

Original, first generation Pokemon Dewgong evolves – from its predecessor Seel – at level 34, becoming a much more capable Pokemon in the process!

From a stats point of view, Dewgong – based on the real world pinniped, the Dugong – has above average HP and Sp. Def too.

Dewgong also has good resistance to Fire, Water and Ice type moves.

Best of all, Dewgong learns Ice Beam at level 55 – a powerful attack move that has a chance of freezing its opponent!

Just like Seel, Dewgong has the Thick Fat ability, along with Hydration – which heals status problems when it’s raining.

Ice and Water type Dewgong also has a hidden ability – Ice Body – which allows it to heal lost HP in a hailstorm!

2. Primarina

Primarina Pokemon

Evolving from the Pop Star Pokemon Brionne at level 34, Primarina is a brilliant Seal Pokemon, introduced in seventh generation games Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Primarina’s strengths lie in its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats; interestingly, this Water and Fairy type Pokemon is also immune to Dragon type moves!

Normal type move Hyper Voice is learned by Primarina at level 44 – and it also has the opportunity to learn Moonblast at level 51, then the always-excellent Hydro Pump at level 58.

Perhaps best of all, Primarina learns the superb, Water type attack move Sparkling Aria when it evolves!

If it weren’t for one other very impressive monster, Primarina would have been our top choice for the number one spot on the best Seal Pokemon list!

1. Walrein

Walrein Pokemon

So here’s our number one entry – and, as we mentioned in our introduction: yes, we know that Walrein is based on a Walrus, not a Seal.

We here at Retro Dodo don’t believe that should be a factor, however – given that both Seals and Walruses are, as you’ve now learned, pinnipeds!

Walrein is what you get when a Spheal and Sealeo achieve their true potential; evolving from the latter Pokemon at level 44. 

This Ice and Water type Pokemon has some excellent stats, with fantastic HP, along with above average Defense and Sp. Atk too.

Walrein’s Attack moves are great, but it also has some good options when it comes to Defense moves as well.

All in all, Walrein is a great all rounder and definitely our clear choice for first place on the best Seal Pokemon list!

Which Seal Pokemon is sliding to the top of your go-to battle team? Let us know over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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