8 Best Steam Deck Controllers Of 2024

best steam deck controllers

The Steam Deck is a monster in every sense of the word. Brutish power meets a beastly screen in what is one of the best handhelds on the market. But let’s be real here, its size is a bit of a loveable monstrosity. It’s a little bit heavy, and sometimes you just want to put […]

KUN Handheld Will Be AYANEO’s New 8″-10″ Flagship Windows Console


AYANEO has been delivering premium handhelds at an impressive rate, and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Their latest teased device sounds to be their most ambitious handheld yet: the AYANEO KUN. AYANEO held a live Youtube stream on Jan 18th sharing news of the Air Plus and Pocket Air. During […]

Is The Razer Edge The New Nintendo Switch Killer?

Razer Edge

The new Razer Edge Android-based handheld console is being marketed as the new Nintendo Switch alternative on the block. And we have also seen a lot of media outlets saying it will give the Steam Deck a run for its money. Surely, for those of us who know about the many Android and Windows based […]

AOKZOE A1 Is The World’s First AMD 6800U Handheld PC Launching This Year

AOKZOE A1 Console

A new challenger to the Steam Deck’s throne is apparently arriving in 2022 – and it’s an absolute beast, being powered by an impressive AMD 6000 series processor! What’s this about a new 6000 series processor-powered console? The AOKZOE A1 has recently been announced – and is powered by an AMD 6800U processor. The 6800U […]

How to Connect Your Steam Deck to a Monitor

how to connect steam deck to monitor

Do you need to know how to connect your Steam Deck to a monitor (or indeed, a TV?). Rest assured, Retro Dodo is here to help! Valve’s Steam Deck is now available, though it’s still incredibly difficult to get your hands on one (which is why we’ve been checking out which other handhelds might scratch […]

10 Best Steam Deck Alternatives of 2024

steam deck alternatives

If you’re a fan of the Steam Deck but have a few gripes about the console that you just can’t look past, then I have a few recommendations for you. If there’s one handheld console that’s made big waves in recent years, it’s the Steam Deck. And, while you can buy one quite easily now, […]

How To Install Emulators On Your Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is one of the most exciting gaming devices to be released in the recent year, so I guess there’s no wonder you’re wanting to know how to install emulators on your Steam deck! Between that and the Ayn Odin Pro, hard to choose which is the most exciting! We did make a […]

Steam Deck VS AYN Odin Pro [A Detailed Comparison]

steam deck vs ayn odin pro

If there are two consoles everyone has on their radar right now, it’s the Steam Deck and the Ayn Odin Pro.  Two consoles, both juggernauts in their own right compared to what else is available, and both offer up killer emulation performance.  Which is better? That’s a nightmarishly difficult question to answer. If this were […]

What Can The Steam Deck Emulate?

Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is a highly anticipated portable gaming computer developed by Valve. The device was announced in July of 2021, and pre-orders began the day after announcement. Not unlike many digital devices in a post-pandemic world with global chip shortages, the Steam Deck’s production and shipping dates would see delays. Luckily, for those waiting […]