AOKZOE A1 Is The World’s First AMD 6800U Handheld PC Launching This Year

AOKZOE A1 Console

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A new challenger to the Steam Deck’s throne is apparently arriving in 2022 – and it’s an absolute beast, being powered by an impressive AMD 6000 series processor!

What’s this about a new 6000 series processor-powered console?

The AOKZOE A1 has recently been announced – and is powered by an AMD 6800U processor. The 6800U is an octa-core processor that should see the AOKZOE A1 comfortably out-perform any other handheld when it’s released.

What features does the AOKZOE A1 have beyond its processor?

Naturally, a super-fast processor is no good without the hardware to support it – and the AOKZOE A1 looks like a nicely designed handheld that should definitely meet the needs of both gamers and tech heads.

An 8-inch, 1920×1200 IPS screen, a choice between Windows 11 or SteamOS, built-in gyro controls, nicely solid-looking analogue sticks and triggers, along with stylish, ‘breathing’ lighting on the console. That last feature isn’t strictly necessary of course – but it sure does look nice!

When is the AOKZOE A1 being released?

The website states that their Kickstarter is going live on July 12th at 09:00am Pacific Time, with the console’s estimated shipping date being September 2022. Do be warned, however, that AOKZOE are a new company and that this is their first product – the product website states that they are a ‘young company comprising of a group of senior engineers and product managers’.

Though they also state that they’re working with a ‘strong manufacturing partner to ensure high quality’,  with all of the supply chain issues being faced by tech companies at the moment, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the AOKZOE A1’s release date slipping beyond September of this year.

How much is the AOKZOE A1 going to cost?

With the 6800U processor under the hood – along with all of the other features and benefits of the console – it’s probably not going to be cheap, but unfortunately no price has yet been announced.

You can, however, sign up to be notified of updates and further information as it’s released – and check out the trailer for the console – on the AOKZOE website.

And while you wait, there’s plenty of alternative handhelds on the market right now – check out our best handheld games consoles article for our opinion on which ones are worth shelling out for! 

Lastly, if you really can’t wait for a Steam Deck and can afford paying over the odds for one, hit the button below to check out what’s currently on offer on eBay.

Why is portable PC gaming so popular right now?

Thanks to Valve’s Steam Deck, playing large libraries of more current PC games on the move is a genuinely viable alternative to simply using handhelds as retro gaming and emulation machines. 

So why not just get a Steam Deck?

One of the biggest problems is actually getting hold of a Steam Deck – though alternatives do currently exist (see our Steam Deck Alternatives article for more information!). 

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