Inside Retro Modding The World’s Biggest Modding Retailer

inside retro modding

Retro Modding has supported Retro Dodo ever since we started back in 2019 and as of recent they are helping us even further by being the exclusive sponsor of A Handheld History: 88 – 95 (our new book launching soon). Retro Modding, is a company run by talented, passionate retro gamers that I can now […]

Infinity GameBoy Color Game Releases After 20 Years Of Development

Infinity Game Boy Color Game Case

One of the things that excites the Retro Dodo team the most is new games for our favourite retro consoles, which is why this Infinity GameBoy Color game release has us feeling like Christmas came early. Oh yes; after 20 years in the development stage, Infinity is finally coming to the GBC! That’s a long […]