Daxter & Lego STAR Wars II On PSP Is Finally Coming To PS4 & PS5

daxter on ps5

One of the greatest PSP games of all time is making its way to Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, putting smiles on retro gamers faces across the globe. Playstation announced on their blog that they are bringing a handful of titles to their Playstation Plus Premium service as of the 18th June, sprinkled with modern […]

A FAKE Playstation Portal Already Exists & You Can Actually Buy It

fake playstation portal

We have been scouring the web for fake consoles for many years, we do it as part of a YouTube series which always goes down well with our community. About a month ago, I was scanning through AliExpress when I found what the creator likes to call the “Project X” but it’s obviously a rip-off […]

Sony Playstation Portal Handheld Gets Official Name & $199 Price Tag

Playstation Portal

After several months of eager anticipation, Sony’s upcoming “Project Q” handheld finally gets its official name – the Playstation Portal. I have a feeling my friends at Pimax won’t be too happy about that! [Pimax Portal] Especially since they share some design sensibilities. Many have been waiting to hear more specs, the name, and most […]

Dbrand Reveals Transparent Retro Inspired PS5 Faceplates

Dbrand Retro Faceplates

Dbrand is launching a new line of transparent retro color faceplates for the Playstation 5, which may or may not cause them some legal issues. Considering Sony has threatened to sue companies for making faceplates for the PS5 in the past (as reported by IGN), we’re interested to see how the launch of these new […]

Sony Officially Reveals the “Project Q” Handheld

Sony Project Q

Sony has finally revealed their mysterious Project Q handheld device that had been rumoured for months now. We had discussed the possibilities of an upcoming Playstation handheld, and we had heard that Sony was working on a cloud gaming device. Would cloud gaming or a device that simply streams content from our Playstation 5 be […]

Upcoming Playstation Handheld “In Development” & Focuses On Remote Play

upcoming playstation handheld

The handheld industry is moving quicker than ever, and in just the last 12 months we have seen the Steam Deck grow in popularity, the new AYANEO 2 jump into the market, and the ASUS ROG Ally be revealed to dominate the handheld gaming PC space. Cloud gaming is also growing in popularity, especially after […]

Sony Announces Gran Turismo The Movie At CES 2023

The annual CES 2023 event has officially started today in Las Vegas, and Sony kicked their presentation off with some pretty awesome info about Gran Turismo content coming very soon. The CES event is focused on technology as a whole, and Sony has quite a lot of branches in the technology sectors. So their keynote […]

Ranking The Best Hot Wheels Video Games of All Time

best hot wheels games

Though many of us in the UK grew up playing with Matchbox cars rather than Mattel’s Hot Wheels toys, when Mattel bought their closest competitor in 1997 it paved the way for Hot Wheels to take over. Which includes not just taking over the living room – with elaborate circuits of bendy orange track and […]

Ranking The 5 Best Shantae Games of All Time

Best Shantae Games

It’s time to rub that magical lamp and conjure up a badass half-genie hero, as we check out the best Shantae games of all time! Since Shantae first appeared in her first game – way back in 2002 on the Game Boy Color – she’s proven to be a hugely popular character. The games themselves […]

Ranking The Best Gran Turismo Games Of All Time

Put on your seatbelt and start your engine, as we take a look at the best Gran Turismo games! Since the first game appeared way back in 1997, there have been lots of Gran Turismo games – and each of them has been a technical showcase for its respective platform. Which ones are the best […]