Dbrand Reveals Transparent Retro Inspired PS5 Faceplates

Dbrand Retro Faceplates

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Dbrand is launching a new line of transparent retro color faceplates for the Playstation 5, which may or may not cause them some legal issues.

Considering Sony has threatened to sue companies for making faceplates for the PS5 in the past (as reported by IGN), we’re interested to see how the launch of these new faceplates unfolds.

But we know that Dbrand has been fearless when it comes to legal issues with “the man”, literally challenging companies to sue them for copyright infringement.

“they can’t sue us if we sue them first”

-Drand (re: their Nintendo Switch Tears of the Kingdom skin)

We’re excited to see these awesome new colors for the Dbrand retro faceplates. Because, as you can see in the images, they look incredible!

Dbrand’s PS5 Darkplates

Dbrand Darkplates
Image Source: Dbrand

Dbrand has been selling their Playstation 5 Darkplates for a while now. So that is not the new part.

What is new are the cool transparent “retro” colors releasing tomorrow, June 14th, 2023.

Dbrand Darkplates were previously only available in black, white, and grey and sold for $69.05usd (current sale price $59.05usd).

The new retro color line are transparent and inspired by the cool transparent tech of the 90s like the Game Boy Color.

So far, we’ve only seen promotional imagery on Dbrand’s Twitter account, featuring a transparent orange and transparent purple. *See update below

But as per usual, anything that is transparent purple just works and is an easy sell for us.

It is certainly one of the coolest colors used in game hardware, and pretty much every cool brand does it.

We’ve seen “atomic purple” from the Nitro Deck, Retroid Pocket 3+, 8BitDo Pro 2, Miyoo Mini +, Anbernic RG353PS. The list just goes on and on.

We are happy to also welcome our Playstation 5 to the atomic purple family.

Update June 15th: After Dbrand's launch, we now know that the new retro Darkplates come in transparent blue, purple, orange, and black. A solid lineup.

Because these new Darkplate sets also include the center piece for your console, this line is offered in the digital and disc version of the PS5. And both kits will sell for $84.00usd. 

Purchasing Information

Dbrand Retro Faceplates
Image Source: Dbrand

Knowing that Dbrand has been selling their PS5 faceplates for a while now lets us know that they have somehow avoided the wrath of Sony.

So we know that if we purchase a new faceplate for our Playstation from Dbrand, it will actually arrive.

The new Retro Darkplates are set to launch on the Dbrand website tomorrow, June 14th.

Excited to see what other colors will be announced, as well.

Keep up the good fight, Dbrand. Good luck.

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