Sony Playstation Portal Handheld Gets Official Name & $199 Price Tag

Playstation Portal

After several months of eager anticipation, Sony’s upcoming “Project Q” handheld finally gets its official name – the Playstation Portal.

I have a feeling my friends at Pimax won’t be too happy about that! [Pimax Portal] Especially since they share some design sensibilities.

Many have been waiting to hear more specs, the name, and most importantly… the price.

With some specs and its release date still in mystery, we do have some solid details released just today by Sony.

So let’s take a look.

Playstation Portal Details

Playstation Portal
Image Source: Sony

So what details do we know about this incoming remote play handheld from Sony?

We know it will feature a massive 8 inch 1080p 60hz LCD smashed between what is essentially a PS5 DualSense controller.

Specifically, this device is focused on remote play, not cloud gaming, which is an important distinction to make.

That sounded like you would have to be in the same room, or at least in the same home on the same WIFI network for it to function.

But apparently, this thing can go mobile. But your PS5 does need to be turned on and sending you the signal for it to work.

And because there is no bluetooth, you’ll need to connect any headphones you’d like to use via the 3.5mm headphone jack or using the new PlayStation Link.

That will work only with Sony’s new headsets that were also recently announced.

According to a full IGN early review, the Portal will not run anything locally. Not even simple applications or supplementary games.

This is a device aimed at one task only – play your PS5 games on a remote device.

Purchasing Information

Playstation Portal
Image Source: Sony

One important detail everybody has been waiting for is price. And we finally got confirmation of that today from Sony.

The new Playstation Portal device will sell for $199.99usd. This is precisely the price where you’ll have prospective buyers on the fence.

If they had announced it for $200.01, you’d probably see a lot of people saying “no thanks”.

But at “less than $200”, they might just convince some hardcore Playstation fans to pick one up.

I’m not particularly interested in being seen in public holding what is just a fancy version of the TJD T80.

But if and when Sony gives the fans what they were asking for – the next PSP/Vita – I’ll be right there to show it some support.

But this ain’t that.

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