New Playstation Controllers Revealed 26 Years After Console Release

new playstation controllers

Who would have guessed it that we’d see new Playstation controllers released for a games console almost 27 years old? We didn’t! The geeks over at Retro Fighters have again released another new controller. Previously it was the Retro Fighters Duelist and the Brawler64 Wireless controller but now they’re moving into Playstation territory with a […]

What Are The Most Underrated PS1 Games Ever Made?

underrated ps1 games

The PlayStation was such a huge success and brought so many people into – or back into – gaming that it’s no wonder the console had so many underrated PS1 games and a large library to chose from, many of which are still fondly remembered by gamers today. For example, the PlayStation is closely associated […]

Ranking The Best Playstation (PS1) Fighting Games Ever Made

best ps1 fighting games

Sony’s PlayStation launched in Japan in late 1994 and worldwide the following year, at a time before online gaming was as prevalent and accessible as it is today. Shortly after the best PS1 fighting games started to reveal themselves. Consequently, competitive gamers flocked to arcades to show off their skills against other players, with fighting […]

15 Rare PS1 Games & How Much They’re Worth

Rare PS1 Games are becoming a highly sought after piece of art within the retro gaming community. It was one of the best selling consoles of all time, and many gamers and investors are seeking out the most valuable to add to their collection. The Playstation was a huge hit with gamers when they launched […]

Classic PS1 Game Legend Of Mana Coming To Nintendo Switch

legend of mana switch

Can you remember Legend of Mana, the classic RPG Playstation 1 game released in 1999 by Square Enix? It sold incredibly well, with sales hitting almost 500,000 units in its first week, so you should! Well, in today’s Nintendo Direct, it has been announced that Legend Of Mana is coming to the much beloved Nintendo […]

The Best Playstation 1 (PS1) RPGs Of All Time

best ps1 rpgs

The Playstation 1 was hands down one of the best consoles ever, and the best PS1 RPGs were one of the primary reasons many gamers wanted this console so badly. Released in 1995 throughout USA and Europe it was the start of the console wars, things were heating up between Sony, Nintendo and XBOX but […]