ZPG A1 Unicorn Handheld Revealed, Adding Some Spice To The Scene

ZPG A1 Unicorn

The incredible new ZPG A1 Unicorn handheld has just been announced from the people behind GKD and RetroCN. This news comes just one day after the official reveal of the pocket friendly GKD Pixel, which is also looking quite nice. But as you can in our preview image, this new “Unicorn” device is living up […]

Powkiddy Reveals New RGB30 With Square Display

Powkiddy RGB30

New images of the Powkiddy RGB30 have just been shared with Retro Dodo, and this is looking like the next best way to play retro games. It seems like Powkiddy has been listening in on my private conversations, because a device with a screen like this is exactly what I’ve been asking about. A square […]