Pokemon Gaia Cheats List (Rare Candies, Unlimited Cash & More)

pokemon gaia

If you’re looking for the best Pokemon Gaia cheats to aid you in this incredible ROM hack, then we’ve got all you need right here. Since releasing in 2018, Pokemon Gaia has become one of the go-to Fire Red ROM hacks for many Pokemon fans. It features a bunch of new additions to the base […]

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Review

pokemon infinite fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is probably the most talked-about Pokemon fan game in the last year or so, with it exploding onto TikTok. The most curious thing about it is that it’s not actually a ROM hack, which is how most people play Pokemon fan games, but is a game designed in RPG Maker, running off […]

Pokemon Unbound Review – A Flawless ROM Hack

pokemon unbound

Pokemon Unbound is incredibly ambitious. It’s a Pokemon ROM hack that uses the Complete FireRed Upgrade, containing a Gen 8 level custom battle Engine, all Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7, most of the moves and abilities from those generations, and a lot of the gimmicks from every generation. It has a completely unique […]

10 Rarest Pokémon Burger King Toys of All Time

rarest pokemon burger king toys of all time

Get ready to burn a hole in your wallet or make some serious cash as we check out the 10 rarest Pokémon Burger King toys of all time! If you grew up in the late 1990s and early 2000s like I did, then you’ll know that visiting your favourite fast food joint came with not […]

First & Second Gen Pokemon Games Finally Ported to the SNES… Kinda

Pokemon SNES

Did you ever wish that the first generation Pokemon games for the Game Boy were available on the Super Nintendo home console? Well you would not be alone in this wish. And a clever Pokemon enthusiast Below Average Gaming has taken it upon themselves to correct this gap. But as straight forward as these new […]

More Info On Pokemon Concierge TV Show Just Dropped

Pokemon Concierge

After a few of months of impatient waiting, we have finally got more info about the upcoming Netflix series Pokemon Concierge. Including the release date! And it seems that I got my wish as requested in our original article about the show and it is going to be a 2023 release. December, in fact. Just […]

Nintendo Reveals NEW Trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

Nintendo’s huge success with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet means there’s more details on the upcoming DLC known as The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. In today’s Nintendo Direct, Pokemon revealed an all new trailer featuring a closer look at characters, areas and Pokemon! Part 1: Teal Mask You are quickly introduced to Carmine as soon […]

New Pokemon Revealed For Scarlet & Violet DLC In Pokemon Horizons Show

Pokemon Horizons

Some interesting news coming out of Japan this week. We have a brand new Pokemon that has been introduced in the Pokemon Horizons anime, which began airing April 14th. Pokémon Horizons: The Series is a brand new addition to the Pokemon television series and serves as the 26th season of the long standing anime. This […]

Pokemon Stadium Is Coming To Switch Online This Month

Pokemon Stadium

Trainers and gym leaders rejoice as it’s now official that Pokemon Stadium is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service on April 12th. The Nintendo 64 home console was added to the Nintendo Switch Online service in October of 2021. But Pokemon was sorely missed at launch. We did eventually get Pokemon Snap and Pokemon […]