What Can a Jailbroken PS3 Do?

Sony’s PlayStation 3 console can be jailbroken to add plenty of additional functionality – but what can a jailbroken PS3 do? Let’s find out! Want to feel old? Sony’s PS3 console was first released in Japan and the US at the end of 2006; that’s close to sixteen years ago now. In PAL regions, it […]

Is The PS3 Backwards Compatible?

Is the PS3 backwards compatible - Ps1, PS2, and PS3 consoles in a row

Many philosophical questions have been put to the Retro Dodo team over the years, but perhaps none as important as ‘is the PS3 backwards compatible?’ With so many epic games released for the PS1 and the PS2 over the years, there’s no surprise that readers and gamers are questioning whether they can play them up […]

3 Best PS3 Emulators Of 2024 (That Actually Work)

If you’re looking to take your PS3 collection out of the house and on the road with you, then you’ll need the best PS3 emulators on the internet! Don’t worry if you’re completely new to emulation; we’re here to help you understand more, to figure out which is the best PS3 emulator, and to discover […]