Pokémon Horizons Launches On The BBC In December

British fans of Pokémon can rejoice as The Pokémon Company International have revealed that the BBC will be screening Pokémon Horizons when it launches in the UK in December. An exact date for when the series will premiere hasn’t been announced yet although Sarah Muller, the Senior Head of Commissioning for CBBC shared that she […]

Detective Pikachu 2 Could Finally Be Dropping In 2023

It has been over three years since the release of the best Pokemon film ever made. And maybe you were not even aware that a follow up, Detective Pikachu 2, was already in the works. Things have been so quiet regarding the sequel that we almost forgot about it. Or, to be more accurate, we […]

10 Best Pokemon Yellow Cheats for GameShark

It’s time to dust off your Game Boy Color and get that cheat cartridge plugged into it – as we check out the best Pokemon Yellow cheats for GameShark! What Is Pokemon Yellow? Back in the 90s, the very first Pokemon games – Red and Blue – featured Pikachu, but the electric mouse was hardly […]